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ps… On a totally unrelated note… People who are mean and/or cruel to animals should have their life functions terminated immediately. ✌🏽

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Norbu🎆 ()

@glimpsedseason @reputationdave_ that my soul* someone k word my autocorrect because it literally corrected soul to two different and unrelated words…

Ryan Brown #E32021 🎮
Ryan Brown #E32021 🎮 ()

@GameLuster Heya, sorry for unrelated reply but you popped up in my timeline - are you on the @SuperRareGames press list yet? Is there an email address I should add to it if not?

all too stef
All too stef ()

i just looked at one too many @zolitaofficial pictures on a TOTALLY UNRELATED NOTE should i bleach my hair?

Punky Brewster
Punky Brewster ()

@TPRSTL Normal person things. Unrelated but new content on the reddit up today btw 🤣🤣🤪

Jacob Dawson
Jacob Dawson ()

If you were to conclude that I remain incredibly salty about having to go back to an office so I can continue to collaborate with clients in DC and Florida and colleagues in Maryland and Austria, all while filtering out my local colleagues unrelated calls, you would be correct.

🖤 lesbian princess alice🤍 replaying origami king
🖤 lesbian princess alice🤍 replaying origami king ()

@Cassapphic hey cassie ur cute nd cool and also unrelated to that i just think u have good taste in things like pink hair girls

karen. ✨
Karen. ✨ ()

🥵🔥🔞 ksh x syj brainrot 🔞🔥🥵 two completely unrelated pictures put together but you could still FEEL the sexual tension

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Michael Breadlove 🍞❤️
Michael Breadlove 🍞❤️ ()

I’m still confused because their business model was “we produce OFAC-compliant clean blocks” so they just dropped it like that over an unrelated issue: taproot signalling? Or are they still doing it and simply removed messaging from the coinbase data?

WhenRightIsWrong ()

@DineshDSouza What’s sad, Dinesh, is you don’t even realize how ridiculous the one person said something as a defense for something totally unrelated sounds. You’re a hack.

Your Online Boyfriend 😎🙃🇺🇸🇬🇭
Your Online Boyfriend 😎🙃🇺🇸🇬🇭 ()

Unrelated but this kolaq alagbo doesn’t work for me 🌚😒

Profit Prophet
Profit Prophet ()

@HannahCox7 Why do you care about the creepy neighbor who cares about what they care about what is happening on hypothetical properties unrelated to your life? 🤔

Venezuelan Pleb
Venezuelan Pleb ()

@clancyRbtb this is unrelated but just wanted to point out that a more accurate translation of your nickname would be `LaPutaTetona` ... not simping tho

Jourdan ()

@clandestinetav unrelated but i think of you when i hear hygtg idk why i think you just give off the same vibes as that song

🌺rosy?? ()

jakes class would be the class that never gets below a C because he’s always there to go through the problems thoroughly and the kids aren’t afraid to ask him questions! And he’s also answer unrelated questions about interesting science stuff🥺

ruby 🦖🦇 DAN DAY!!!
Ruby 🦖🦇 DAN DAY!!! ()

happy birthday @danielhowell ! this year i am celebrating by going to a completely unrelated house party love you x

Hisaya Rosier | Horror Vtuber
Hisaya Rosier | Horror Vtuber ()

@ashe_wrathpaw i forgot the way more interesting bit of my day! soundproofing my room for reasons entirely unrelated to sex!

George Elliott
George Elliott ()

Also, totally unrelated but is Edinburgh Rock still a thing? I’ve not seen it since I visited there in 1990 but it was tasty. Chalky, but tasty!! I may have a Google.

Moosamma! ()

#10yearsofAaranyaKaandam hits diff and small if you watched it before Super Deluxe. Hugely influenced by graphic style violence seen in Traffic & Pulp fiction, its an experiment to bring number of apparently unrelated threads to form the climax. An unpleasant watch altogether.

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WITF news
WITF news ()

At the same time, lawmakers voted to amend an unrelated bill to allow regulatory waivers still in place under the disaster order to remain until Sept. 30. @SpotlightPA

Colin ⚡️
Colin ⚡️ ()

@KarWaiPogo @machamparmy Not necessarily, lots of people live on a pokestop and get house spawns. On top of that, you can have it on while doing different things outside unrelated to PoGo.

Bully Ray
Bully Ray ()

ps… On a totally unrelated note… People who are mean and/or cruel to animals should have their life functions terminated immediately. ✌🏽

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