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Love is in the air 💞 For #ValetinesDay grab tickets as low as $20 to see @PrinceRoyce on May 8th -

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سييّن . ()

#عيد_الفالنتين #ValetinesDay مالي مع اهل الهواء ورده ولا باقه مابي بساتين ورد ٍ غاااب ساقيها

Erin Landy ()

Certainly felt the #McDfamily love yesterday! So lucky! #ValetinesDay @McDBulldogsCSD

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Sergeant Schultz ()

Happy #ValetinesDay to my lovely wife @ACEE104 !!!💘💞 Seems like just yesterday we were heading down to Vegas to tie the Thanks for sticking by me through thick & thin. I know in my heart, the best is yet to come.💯 I love you now more than EVER!😘

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Shangaan prince👑 ()

Last night was just 🥰 we had an agreement that we dont celebrate #VALENTINES #ValetinesDay but I walked into these beautiful flowers from bae 😍😍😍

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Can ISIN ()

30 years ago on February 14th, Voyager I took a picture of our world from 6 billion kilometers away. In that photo the Earth appears as a tiny speck of dust caught in a ray of sunlight. The photo has come to be known as the Pale Blue Dot. #ValetinesDay #PaleBlueDot

Caro Alvarez ()

Mi #ValetinesDay termina aquí. No es lo más elegante, ni la cena más romantica, pero sí de lo más rico en la ciudad. 😋

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Gregory “Being Held Captive In Iowa” Christensen ()

Gregory’s Guide To #ValetinesDay Organizing: ✅Plan A 1:1 (FaceTime Meeting) ✅Send Invite ✅Receive RSVP ✅Confirm Shift ✅Double Confirm Shift ✅FaceTime Meeting w/@LynseyHart ✅Re-Shift ✅Mark As Completed In @NGPVAN ✅Follow Up/Thank You (Optional - Send A Postcard)

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Dyejo ()

Sorry. You all came in 2nd place this Valentine’s Day. @formerlyphread #ValentinesDay #ValetinesDay

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Antonio ()

Toda la semana me la he pasado llorando por un romance que ya no entiendo. #ValetinesDay

Jojó ()

Eu hoje vendo todo mundo postar fotos e frases com a pessoa que ama #ValetinesDay #bbb20

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Rhi⁷ | santa clara 71 days ()

Happy #ValetinesDay to all the single people out there! I appreciate you my dudes, dudettes, and lovers.

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Friendly Gayborhood Daddyman ()

Tonight’s pasta dish has a lot to do with love - ladies of the evening To find out why watch the replay! @CafeMutant #DaddymanLoves #ValetinesDay

Josie 💋 ()

my boyfriend is so sweet 😍❤ #ValetinesDay #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Kassandra101 ()

Happy #ValetinesDay to my one and only, @59Trent!! I love you and thank you for the beautiful necklace and earrings!! 😚

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Coach Kincaid ()

Made one of the best decision of my life November 2nd. Blessed to have my Valentine in my life for forever. #ValetinesDay

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Cowboys Coffee Chew ()

What a Beautiful Midwest Morning #FridayVibes 👉🥶👈 #ValetinesDay ❤️🤠👍

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Thecrowdview ()

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Stephanie Hickman ()

All set up on #ValetinesDay and ready for #BookSpeedDating @_clayr_ Even have our cheesy love song track playing

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Craig Yates ()

Lovely afternoon singing to the ladies on the wards in B6 at #HeathHospital for @WNOtweet #ValetinesDay @CV_UHB lots of love songs of course! ♥️ 🎵

Mikey “keep on keepin on” the [email protected] ()

Please let people enjoy #ValetinesDay with their loved ones, whether that be friends, family, or significant others. Stop whining about singles awareness day and other such things.

͏ ()

Me, “I’m super excited to go to the Dollar Store & buy a ton of stuff for you for #ValetinesDay!” Ebony: “Their stuff is small. Go to @Walmart”. Ebony thinks Valentines Day is about her because it’s about love & she loves herself. She’s learned: want more than demand more.

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KBH Chartered Professional Accountants ()

Indulge a little extra today, you deserve it! With love, KBH Chartered Professional Accountants 💜 #ValetinesDay

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Katie Couric ()

For #ValetinesDay, I let my husband @johnmolner write an op-ed in my newsletter about his number one pet peeve - zombie texting. Romantic, huh? 🥰💞

AA Arena ()

Love is in the air 💞 For #ValetinesDay grab tickets as low as $20 to see @PrinceRoyce on May 8th -

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Afterschool Alliance ()

#IHeartAfterschool because I get to explore the outdoors and feed my curiosity! To celebrate #ValetinesDay, the Afterschool Alliance staff is sharing what they love about afterschool! 💗

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Avocados From Mexico ()

Nothing says, “I love you” like looking out for your significant other’s health. Make a tasty meal with always-worth it avocados for #ValetinesDay. ✨Avocados are one of the few fruits with both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats aka #GoodFats!

Dr. Ahad 🌱 ()

Love is beautiful. It stimulates primal brain circuits; flooding our systems with feel good chemicals creating a state of euphoria. First & foremost, tap into your own unique frequency of self love; then be vulnerable enough to share with the outside world. #ValetinesDay ❤️

GotMousies ()

Here’s a Queen of Hearts to wish you a happy #ValetinesDay !💋♥️

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Wajd Bouabdallah ()

حين يخطب خطيب الجمعة عن الحُب. يحدث هذا في تونس #عيد_الحب #ValetinesDay cc ⁦@taadudiya⁩

☚ #JeffBezos #happybirthdayjhope ☛
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