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In March 2021, he assaulted a VPD officer who was attempting to arrest him for breaching his bail. In that incident, he tried to escape by running through the front doors of VANDU, locking a door behind him, then fleeing out the back..

Earlier today, our officers were patrolling in the Downtown Eastside when they saw him again, standing near the entrance to VANDU, on East Hastings Street. The officers were familiar with him and had been looking for him so they could arrest him for an unrelated crime..


@VANDUpeople @VancouverPD Vandu needs to be dismantled. Absolute joke of an organization..

@DeputyChow Great to see VPD push back on the misinformation put out by VANDU. Your folks did some excellent work here..

Yen thevdiya Amma ipdi daily kuluchitu vandu than towel ah avutu pothu yen ookanum nu solli vena thanukulu molai um pundaium kaati mood yethuva thevdiya munda 💋💋🤤🤤 maari Nan naal puram yen Amma pundaiya oothukithu irupain Ava molai ya kasuki paal kudipain💦💦.

VANDU Photo,VANDU Photo by Mom Lover,Mom Lover on twitter tweets VANDU Photo

@VancouverPD Thank you VPD. Time to shut down Vandu. Clearly they’re working with criminals like this guy..

என்னடா ஒரு ஊரே இருக்கும் போல....

@VancouverPD Though not a surprise he is supported by VANDU and their travellng band of Minstrels..

@VANDUpeople Hey VANDU, how do you respond to the allegations that your were harbouring this violent offender? You were there to film it because he was leaving your office? Why are you contributing to violence and harm against the community you claim to protect?.


@jsam10983741 @Dave_Eby That VANDU group are real POSs just read their tweet claiming that Van police shot a violent bean bags. There are some real facilitators of the status quo madness in Vancouver. I would say what a joke but its anything but funny..

Anda Queency tan aaya vituku vandu thinutu thoongitu ayya madri oorvvambu pesitu iruka yellatkum kelambu #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil6.

Van Police share why use of beanbag shotgun justified against this man in DTES despite protests by @VANDUpeople suggesting otherwise. Given new facts I hope VANDU will redouble efforts to present fewer conclusions while emotions run high, to prevent loss of credibility. #bcpoli.

@BobsYou82437555 @DeputyChow You’re wrong, the public needs confidence in the police. These poverty pimps and grifters (vandu etc) need to be called on their bs and their lies confronted. This was expertly done and the majority appreciate it..

@VANDUpeople @VancouverPD You have to remember that most members of Vandu are intellectually, emotionally and socio-politically stunted and damaged due to the personal development detours of trauma, addiction and shallow, narrow minded childish 21st C. Activist education..

First of all the entire system of release conditions has become an excuse for Police to systematically harass vulnerable and marginalized populations. Second of all, fleeing into VANDU in such circumstances is reminiscent of claiming the ancient rite of sanctuary in a cathedral..

Maybe calm yourselves VANDU. Unless you’ve missed something nothing about this arrest makes this guy a victim..

@radhaiuv Enna eppadi pakira Milk 2litte vandu Tha amount tharana Summa vendama.

VANDU Photo,VANDU Photo by Kathiresan.S,Kathiresan.S on twitter tweets VANDU Photo

@sumanthraman Saidai Siddique arrest panradhuku DMK naadaris ku thuppu inga comment la vandu avalungukku therinja orae manthiram .. abuse and filth. Vekkamae illadha jenmanga dhan DMK #TNSaabakaeduDMK.

@justath82806851 @mmeenaakshii She sees herself on the news she doesn’t need a mirror. Probably snagged a Sony 100 inch 8k with some of that Pivot and VANDU government funding that didn’t get spent on the marginalized people it was supposed to.

Biten la rèd biten la tendu an tann di zô sé dé vandu ban ba zôt on ti aperçu sé bal an tèt ou byen bal perdu !.

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