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Thanks Labour… for stuffing up the economy with your profligate spending, your added costs on businesses, your focus on your personal vanity, and your inability to understand even rudimentary economics. New Zealand families will pay for your failings..

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Kate Moss was 17 when she did this shoot. Mark Wahlberg in his 20s. She told Vanity Fair in 2012 she didn’t get out of bed for 2 weeks from anxiety & was prescribed Valium. I don’t know why we pretend the world was something it wasn’t..

The data could not be more clear. Londoners reject #ULEZExpansion. #LabourMayorofLondon ignores their views for this expensive vanity project. Londoners now reject him..

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Australians need to know how much the Suburban Rail Loop vanity project will cost..

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It’s not diabetics vs people who suffer from obesity. It’s pharmaceutical companies who charge more for the exact same drug when used for weight loss. Only 3% of Americans are on medication, which can be life changing. Obesity isn’ ‘vanity’..

Only 12 hours until this year’s vanity fair yearly interview is released! What questions/themes are you hoping to see?.

Thank you @animefestasia & @PRISMproj for the opportunity in AFA SG 2022! More photos: #AFASG22.

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Raising seed funds to develop a vanity weighing scale -- it will show you as weighing at least 30 kgs less and also sing about how slim and handsome (or beautiful if any lady wants to use it) you 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑.

my vanity fair ranking before tomorrow (stole from @BilsPortrait) 1. 2019 2. 2018 3. 2021 4. 2020.

People may think that I used to do all my shoots out of vanity - all the photos. Looking back on it now, and having played around with makeup more recently, I realize that it feels like a ritual. It feels like a way I can express myself safely..

@sapphicpov @hawkesryderdie we’re the backbone of the kty-alba vanity fair lie detector test interview committee its true.

@tanita_tikaram Ugh. How totally pitiful the whole sorry saga has been. What vanity. What self-indulgence in a time of crisis. What indignity..

Wtf was that episode? Was telling Vanessa her way or saying she’s still in love? Why did they allow this. I hate this show. I want vanity back 😭😭 #emmerdale.

@AVindman In America, right still matters even if it doesn’t on Melon Eusk’s vanity project platform..

@emprssofemerald @hawkesryderdie vanity fair better give this to us.

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“Demons work though manipulating emotional Energy. Physical, emotional, mental, sexual abuse. Break you down mentally. Make you feel ashamed of yourself. Make you feel worthless. Make you feel weak. A flawed & broken social society rooted in vanity finishes you off.

I still believe we’re getting vanity back one and tonight all I can seem to do is picture their first kiss back like really desperate grabbing, open mouthed and pushed against a please.

A CBC Marketplace investigation reveals that waist size labelling on popular denim brands is rarely accurate. Sizing experts say misleading marketing — called vanity sizing — is to blame..

星乃瑞波(VanitY BunnY) 配信中!! 4割脳みそが溶ける配信です。いぇいいぇい 始めました!相変わらず緊張で震えてるのでおはなししにきてな!.

@JasperIsNotCool Nothing more special than coming across another cool head on birdapp 💞.

@SVPhillimore Plus every time these clowns launch yet another frivolous claim, the taxpayer has to pay to defend it. And yet @DominicRaab sits on his hands and does nothing. No money for heating & a looming recession but we should all continue to pay for the fox batterer’s vanity project..

@jimgetz I also love how that article basically says “This will make some Christians feel good. It won’t make nonbelievers change anything “ 100 million dollar vanity project. If Jesus was still dead he’d be rolling in his grave.


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@slayycoulee I said this. Victoria should’ve been safe and Vanity should’ve been high. The two lows were unnecessary and Spice was hilarious!.


I anticipated Kim K’s acknowledgment of the Balenciaga scandal to be more powerful than it was. If she continues to wear the brand this is truly a reflection of her vanity..

@telmudic ... because the ones within tolerance were binned under the people willing to pay more brand Alt. explanation: vanity sizing strikes weight lifting!.

Everything pursued outside of Christ, is vanity. Everything pursued in Christ, is wonderful..

#AlbumOpeningSongs Day 28 (unranked): The Charlatans - Oh! Vanity | You Cross My Path My favourite Charlatans song this century from their best album this century. Banger 🔥 @thecharlatans.

@Qhawe___L Where else can it go? nobody is willing to serve the ones closest to all kings now, including our queens demand to be addressed as racing to the top of cares to listen for a moment, the crys of Nomkhubulwane ecos even in the music they pay🙊🙈🙉.


@ManAbass_vanity あらまぁ🤩 お話が合いそうだわ(*ФωФ)フフフ… 魔王と悪魔って筋金入りねꉂ🤣𐤔 (自分もだけどw.

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