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English commentators for the IPL 2023 on Star Sports: Sunil Gavaskar, Jacques Kallis, Kevin Pietersen, Matthew Hayden, Aaron Finch, Tom Moody, Paul Collingwood, Daniel Vettori, Danny Morrison and David Hussey..

Marvin Vettori was not a proud bet at -275. Looked utterly shot and won via robbery. Done as a top contender..

Fun betting fact: The optimal time to bet the Marvin Vettori ML and get the best line was 5 minutes before the fight. Don’t be discouraged by “pro bettors” that claim you have to bet early or you can’t beat the lines. It’s ok to wait. As long you need to. Your money is at risk.….


Welp, lost the main event but the rest of the night was great😁 ❌Kamaru Usman ML ✅Justin Gaethje ML ✅Marvin Vettori ML ✅Parlay: Gunnar Nelson ML/Jack Shore ML ✅Joanne Wood ML @ufc @UFCFightPass #OnTheLine.

#UFC268 Recap ✖️ Usman -225 ✖️ Morales -120 ✅ Wood -170 ✅ Nelson -140 ✅ Hadley +130 ✖️ Miller -105 ✅ Vettori/Maia -120 on the night. Usman the backbreaker for a near 6u swing. Back next week..

2/3 Vettori LIVE -115 ✅ +160 1u ✅ Casey O’Neill +400 LIVE 1u ❌ Leon Edwards +210 1u✅ Decision Parlay +13620 ☠️ Christian Duncan Dec Ashmoz Dec Fiziev Dec Finish Parlay +6460 ☠️ Carolina ITD Nelson ITD Edwards ITD.

+ units on #UFC286 Big hit on Leon. Should’ve risked more. Fiziev cost us. I thought he won, but Gaethje looked phenomenal. Bad bet. May have got lucky with Vettori? But got unlucky with Santos. Jack Mac’s Flying Knee Parlay is now 6-0, +!!! Move to + 🤝.

@KaktycSlatt @AlexPereiraUFC He ducked Costa, Nate and Vettori, he fought Holland who has no name and no ranking 🤣.

- non so bene che pensare. Non mi è piaciuto come match, non ha suscitato grandi emozioni è stato abbastanza noioso almeno per me. Apprezzo vettori perché si è notato un certo cambiamento nello striking,andare in Thailandia lo ha decisamente aiutato btw poteva andare meglio [4/?].

Marvin Vettori vince per 30-27 su Dolidze e riprende la corsa al titolo. Ieri sera è stata premiata la varietà dei colpi soprattutto legata ai calci..

Vettori Photo,Vettori Photo by Tuttosport,Tuttosport on twitter tweets Vettori Photo

Was mir heute nach dem Kampf von Vettori in Erinnerung bleibt? Das offizielle UFC Shooting, wobei Vettori die Hose falsch herum trug und keiner ihm Bescheid sagte #daznfightclub #UFC286.

Vettori Photo,Vettori Photo by schimpfsergej,schimpfsergej on twitter tweets Vettori Photo

@burner_khamzat @AlexPereiraUFC Gourmet chenchen ducked Costa, Nate and Vettori, he fought Holland who has no name and no ranking 🤣.

Who is the least skilled fighter in the top five of their division, and why is it Marvin Vettori?.

@notdan_hooker Whole card was Banger 🔥 Murphy fight was dope 💪 Wood was amazing 😍 Mokaeve had his knee on his thighs still won lol Vettori on W column Gaethje absolute Boxing 🥊 Leon with Kicks 🔥.

Round 4 e 5 assolutamente di edwards, round 3 minuto 1:41, la ginocchiata di edwards mi ha fatta sbrodolare assai. Usman mi sembra abbastanza calato soprattutto a terra, sta arrivando al capo linea secondo me Vettori Vs Dolidze Ho pensieri contrastanti sincera- [3/?].

1* Vettori by dec -125✅️ .5* J. Gaethje +195✅️ .5* D. Todorovic❌️ .5* O. Morales❌️ .5* L. Carolina❌️ .5* Klein ITD❌️ .5* Usman/ Murphy❌️ .5* Murphy/ Patterson fight starts 2nd❌️ 2* Makhachev/ Usman -135❌️ UFC YTD: 15-22, units #GamblingTwitter #UFC286.

my thoughts on 286 @muhammadmokaev has the dog in him Ashmouz got an insane ko of the night there Vettori is mid Nelson is a beast Gaethje and Fiziev were just amazing Leon Edwards is a king. Never doubted him.

@martyrmade Vettori is just solid. You’re gonna have to be really good, like Whitaker, in order to put him away..

speaking of disappointments… marvin vettori’s whole career is just baffling to me… i feel this visceral disappointment every single time he fights. tonight’s performance was uninspired horseshit as usual….

@BCTheTruthl I saw you say this earlier. “Close” is fair… controversial not so much. The only controversial thing that happened on the card was someone scoring the first round for Marvin Vettori. That judge had to have been asleep or confused on who was who. Lol.

The main event just felt like a rematch of Adesanya vs Vettori wih Vettori doing absolutely nothing with his wrestling and champion doing the clinical striking. Usman is washed up now it seems. Leon is too fast for him. He could barely land a punch from the top. #usman #UFC286.

Fights to make after #UFC286 Leon vs Masvidal/Burns winner Colby vs Shavkat Belal vs Usman Gaethje vs Poirier 2 Vettori vs Cannonier.

@SWR_Betting judging was to the point where its hard for me to justify tallying my hits/misses this time. Example I had Vettori by decision, and Roman clearly dominated him. I also had Santos, who suffered a pretty clear robbery by the judges. F the London Judges, for realz.


Went down to 0 then hit the survival mode back to neutral. jesus man i got shit on today fuck the bias euro judges for gifting vettori a decision he did not earn. Woulda made bread.

@DanTomMMA Edwards decision was a good shout. Didn’t have it in me to do it just did him to win doubled up with Vettori decision. Also another with Jack Shore sub r2 or r3.

@userlook2 @renatorebelo06 Mano, ele vai enfrentar caras MUITO maiores e mais pesados. Se o cara teve dificuldade pra quedar o Edwards na mesma faixa de peso, imagina ele tentando quedar um Vettori? E um Adesanya?.


Don’t have much of an opinion on the rest of the fights. Gunni with an easy SUB, Vettori retains his gatekeeper role, Shore continues to impress, Mokaev gets a late sub but gets his knee torn up in the process, late stoppage w/ Patterson and hope we see CLD again soon #UFC286.

@bet365 Al have ta watch vettori fight back but a might of been a bit lucky on that one coukd of went either way.

Vettori Photo,Vettori Photo by Stuart,Stuart on twitter tweets Vettori Photo

@JRPGConnoisseur @AlexBehunin Did I say they wouldn’t? There’s nothing left for him at 70 lmfao, he’s talked about moving up regardless, you act like he wouldn’t change his style of fight for Vettori or Rob, most of 85 he could wrestlefuck to victory, especially Alex lol.

Fights to make after #UFC286 results -Colby vs Belal winner gets title shot and loser faces Usman -Gaethje against loser of Olviera vs Dariush -Fiziev vs Gamrot -Maia vs Ribas -Vettori vs Cannonier or khamzat -Shore vs Nathaniel Wood or JSP depending on the Bryce fight.

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