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Vietnam acaba de reportar su primera muerte por coronavirus. Hay un brote en este momento en el país; es interesante ver cómo van a proceder pues hasta ahora su política ha sido extraordinariamente eficaz.

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TerasLampung ()

Teras Berita Kasus Pertama Pasien Covid-19 Meninggal, Vietnam Makin Kerja Keras…

VetWifeusa ()

@elenochle My husband Ron Wilkes just took the ’s a Vietnam ’s learning about “Q” and the ’ll get 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✝️✝️✝️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

ベトナム留学君(KOTO君)🇻🇳🇹🇼東南アジアでノマド生活 ()

【御報告】 会社を創って半年以上経ち 昨日、初めて役員報酬を頂きました😆🎉 役員報酬と言っても講師達と同じくらいの金額で Anh先生よりも私の給料は少ないですが😅 半年間無給で頑張ったので 少しだけ自分自身に御褒美を与えます✌️✨

Học Viên
Học Viên ()

Thông qua thiền định và đi theo con đường tâm linh,nhà sáng lập một công ty sáng tạo đã bắt đầu xây dựng cho mình một cuộc sống hài hòa,thoát khỏi những căng thẳng trong công việc và tính khí thất thường vốn có ... #PhápLuânCông #ViệtNam

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Rusty James
Rusty James ()

@MarshallCohen @brikeilarcnn Oh come on - Iraq, Chile, Vietnam, Panama, and crippling sanctions that kill civilians not leaders in Venezuela, Cuba. As much as I despise that Orange crook and his family of grifters, I hate to say it he is actual right on one point. The USA is far from innocent. Blood on hands

Stuart McDonald
Stuart McDonald ()

Monday week I’ll be handing the Couchfish reins over to @cindyisAWOL for a week as she takes readers through Central Vietnam, some grand caves, the DMZ and salubrious Dong Ha. So if you’re done with my whining & idiocy, sign up for a dose of Cindy’s at 🙏


ベトナム 7/31 初の死者 新型コロナウイルス感染症 患者2人死亡 70歳男性 61歳男性 感染82人/海外→渡航者26人/→計546人 関連→3カ所病院/2カ所クリニック ベトナムで初のコロナ死者、感染も急増 観光地ダナンで拡大 | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Bao Nguyen
Bao Nguyen ()

@drsimonegold Doctors in Vietnam treated Covid with HCQ about 1/3 of the patients and it’s effective! But 2/3 of the patients need to be treated differently! Doctors should tried different ways depends on the symptoms of each patient!

JeffCoopa ()

@DennisPrager Prager, if you hate the Left so much and believe Communism/Marxism/Socialism is evil why didn’t you fight Communism in Vietnam? After all, you had a very low draft number(45)that all but assured you’d be in the military. Weren’t you just a draft dodging coward hiding in college?

Học Viên
Học Viên ()

🌿Hiện nay theo như những lời tiên tri ...trong rất nhiều dự ngôn thì vào đúng thời kỳ vô vàn nguy hiểm này sẽ xuất hiện bậc Giác Giả hạ thế độ nhân, giúp con người vượt qua đại nạ #PhápLuânCông #ViệtNam

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suki’s girlfriend
Suki’s girlfriend ()

when the women at my local salon found out i was vietnamese, it was all love. they wanted to teach me vietnamese, they urged me to come visit and chat, they wanted me to visit vietnam, they had a sense of pride in me and in us that i didn’t have at home

Pete Ford
Pete Ford ()

According to the indictment, Hanh and Vang were dissatisfied with the government, always accessed negative information on social media and shared video clips on their Facebook page For every step forward in #Vietnam (EVNFTA, Covid, wildlife etc).....

Revenge at room temperature
Revenge at room temperature ()

@PhamTua34537296 @BorisJohnson Whatever Vietnam has done has worked brilliantly compared to Europe and the USA.

Sondem ()

52 yaşına geldiğinde Kore Savaşı başlar. 64 yaşına geldiğinde Vietnam Savaşı başlar ve 75 yaşındayken biter. 1985 doğumlu bir çocuk büyüklerinin hayatın ne kadar zor olduğu hakkında hiçbir fikri olmadığını düşünür, ancak birçok savaş ve felaketten kurtulmuşlardır. Bugün yeni+

Học Viên
Học Viên ()

✨Học viên Pháp Luân Công thành phố Düsseldorf (Đức) thắp nến tưởng niệm và kêu gọi ĐCS Trung Quốc chấm dứt bức hại người tu luyện. 21 giờ, ngày #PhápLuânCông #ViệtNam

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Nhật ()

@bis23 Hi! I am Bui Long Nhat in Vietnam Can you please JOIN ME IN the next Test version of Wild Rift to share video to our YouTube community in Vietnam? My email: [email protected] Thank you very much !

Andrie ()

@girlgrouparea ini baru 7 Grup perform bareng di 1 panggung yg sma pke 7 bhasa yg berbeda. Bahasa jepang AKB Bahasa Indonesia JKT Bahasa Thailand BNK Bahasa Tagalog MNL Bahasa Vietnam SGO Bahasa Mandarin (simplified) AKB Team SH Bahasa Mandarin (Tradisional) AKB Team TP

𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒍 ()

Ese Vietnam flashback de cuando yo propuse el nombre de Cevansrangers y solo 4 personas me dijeron sí sjsksjsjj

Jcdoblea ()

@matuk @jgodoym Es mejor invertir en protección respiratoria, nadie puede vivir sin trabajar así le den bonos. Vietnam y Taiwan lo único q aplican es mascarillas certificadas y llevan meses sanos. Acá no se como se ocurrió eso de mascarillas comunitarias es un crimen y hasta ahora creen q sirve.

SamChun ()

@MaxWinebach $256 for the 41mm and $342 for the 46mm in Vietnam Launching today and on sale in 1-2 weeks more but you can pre order it now

Carlos Cuellar
Carlos Cuellar ()

Vietnam ejemplo para el mundo en el manejo contra el COVID-19, debimos hacer lo mismo y no seríamos tercer lugar en muertos.

Antifa redhead - no fascists 🏳️‍🌈🐈⛩ ⚔️
Antifa redhead - no fascists 🏳️‍🌈🐈⛩ ⚔️ ()

@ChezShay2 @NaturesPoisons I was introduced to dipping fresh pineapple into salt & chilli when in Vietnam many years ago, so good. Just like this pizza.


basta aq proud to be neighbor country of Thailand and Vietnam 🤩 go sweetie give us actual competent leaders 😍✨🧚🏻

WiraIsMyName ()

@Marchfoward @yasszauji Betul tu, ambil pengajaran Perang Vietnam. Ego Amerika penyebab mereka kalah, walaupun mereka punya teknologi ketenteraan lebih baik dari gerila Vietnam

🇺🇸 Amy Joy 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Amy Joy 🇺🇸 ()

@JohnGalipeau1 My daddy was a Vietnam Vet. He was Marine and fought in Hue during the Tet Offensive. He was buried alive when the citadal collapsed. His Delta 1/5 platoon went back to find him and saved his life. Thank God for the Marines!!!

BolaBanget Indonesia
BolaBanget Indonesia ()

Bayern Muenchen Akan Gelar Uji Coba di Vietnam

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Kevin K
Kevin K ()

@NodSquadPodcast @SplinteredSpace Pretty much any “commune” known to the public through public education is a manufactured story and only taught one way. The hippy movement was infiltrated and used to make an example during the Vietnam war. Communes do and can exist and have nothing to do with cults.

Eledora ()

While I suppose a lot of Vietnam refugees flew after the Vietnam War, Wikipedia statics shows that there are more Filipino immigrants in the US compared to Vietnamese, but then most Philippine artists using the tag are still

Alejandro Macias
Alejandro Macias ()

Vietnam acaba de reportar su primera muerte por coronavirus. Hay un brote en este momento en el país; es interesante ver cómo van a proceder pues hasta ahora su política ha sido extraordinariamente eficaz.

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez
Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez ()

Agradecen Vietnam y Cuba la colaboración mutua en el combate a la Covid-19 #SomosCuba #SomosContinuidad Via @Granma_Digital

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