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Vince Carter + Shaq = Legendary We see you @hamidoudiallo 🏆.

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Imagine being able to see your percentage without opening your control center in 2019💀💀💀.

@HeelWillMahoney @DougTurrington My friend vaguely knows who these guys are, because he never watches NXT. But the problem is, Vince thrusts these guys out there (ala, The Ascension), and if the crowd doesn’t blow the first time they see them, Vince buries them and blames the talent..

if vince doesn’t accept my follow request i’m going to hang him from the tallest oak tree in teh west.

Players: Tom Brady, Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice, and Peyton Manning Coaches: Bill Belicheck, Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh, and Don Shula.

@HOVAAA Nah man they don’t beat you over the head with the WM sign without a reason. It’s so nicely framed over Kofi’s reason I don’t buy Brock throwing the title at Vince was a shoot..

it’s so strange seeing Vince McMahon being genuinely emotional like an average human being.

@FrankieJ_Suckaa @Cervantes1127 Hmmmm. If vince was smarter Aliester black, Mustafo ali, Joe, etc. New talents from NXT..

Vince Carter + Shaq = Legendary We see you @hamidoudiallo 🏆.

Hamidou Diallo not only channeled Vince Carter, but dunked over Shaq too 😱.

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@Mick_Bailey I hated the inconsistency of the storyline, first Becky never apologises, then she does, then Vince suspends her for nothing..

charlotte flair is the only woman besides ronda who looks like a legit superstar. becky is like a bad sheamus. good call by vince !.

Carissimi 5stelle prendetevi lo stipendio intero da domani e non aiutate più nel paese sbagliato. A l’italiano medio piace essere preso per il culo DELLA SERIE IN ABRUZZO RITORNA IL BUNGA BUNGA .... I FORZISTI I PIÙ ELETTI NELLE LISTE DELLA LEGA IL NANO VINCE !.

Dokładnie 19 lat temu Vince zdominował All-Star Slam Dunk Contest. ❤🔥.

In which Vince Cable ends up respectably married to a broad-minded local farmer, and ⁦@caitlinmoran⁩ gets her head round supporting the ⁦@LibDems⁩. Now is the time! I highly recommend it 🔶.

@Vince___Lsl Moi j’ai rêvé que tu gagnais à EuroMillions et que tu m’en donnais un peu 😉😋.

It’s upsetting how EC3 was brought onto Raw, because it just turned the fans Vince is going to bury him forever.

@cocofinn4 Yes he is no wonder ratings are in the toilet. Cody Rhodes maybe able to beat Vince if he keeps this up AEW is getting some big names.

@WrestlingSheet I’m always gonna be upset about them putting Charlotte in this match but the way they went about it doesn’t make me so upset (yet). They literally did what we think of the ppl in management backstage. “She’s Vince’s golden girl, of course he wants her in” and that’s what he did.

@KateeForbis It will make for a good match but the way we got here was not good writing. Becky wasnt suppose to be in the rumble so Charlottee was technically the last women in we didnt need Vince to come in and hand pick someone out of no where.

@JustinLaBar It is great company I agree but the old screw how long before Becky tries to disarm Vince.

@Idunnosomeguy @IndieWire I was simply pointing out that what you were saying is inaccurate as there are 8 credited producers on Captain Marvel 4 of whom are women, 6 writers credited with the script, 3 of whom are women. The phrase brought to the screen implies the entire production process..

Becky Ronda Vince Charlotte triple H Stephanie all in th break room reading y’all tweets 😂😭.

FULL-TIME Triplice fischio a Reggio Emilia! La Juve vince 0-3! ⚽️⚽️⚽️ #SassuoloJuve.

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If the standard is if they all retired today, zero more accomplishments, here are the absolute locks for HOF amongst active players: LeBron Steph KD Harden Russ CP3 Dirk Wade Vince Melo Dwight Parker Pau.

Si, mi suona “il festival della canzone italiana e vince un albanese?” 😂😂 #poracci.

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