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DAVID: “And honestly my brand is loyalty—“ EVERYONE: *groans* WARDOG: “Stop stop stop right now” WANDA: 🎵 STOP RIGHT THERE 🎵 #Survivor.

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It’s official I need to change my twitter bio from 3X fishy winner to 4X fishy winner! Damn Wardog you got 4 Fishies this season? Yes, yes he does..

I respect Wardog for making a big and bold move like that BUT let’s be Kelley was not the main voice behind a lot of plans/votes this season. Voting her out solely because she’s a returner is very stupid and she wasn’t against Wardog at #Survivor.

I think I missed a good episode of #Survivor tonight. Has Wardog locked his account yet?.

I can’t blame Wentworth for thinking Wardog would never turn on her. The man has a Nets tattoo. #Survivor #SurvivorPRP.

UGHHH I hate that the best game being played this season is by a guy who calls himself The Wardog..

Wardog really is awful at these individual immunity challenges so far. Think about Did Sandra, Crystal, or Chet ever lose to a butterfly? #Survivor.

Wardog referenced Parvati, Cochran, and Boston Rob’s victories and Coach’s runner up finish in his argument in favor of voting out the last remaining returning player. It’s about time this was mentioned, and I have faith these new players could interrupt this trend #Survivor.

#Survivor Sadly, the multiple sit-outs in the first challenge and the lack of consistent linear progress in the second one (anyone could plausibly come in second) have probably robbed the Wardog of his place in the lowest individual challenge placement record books..

The Wardog during the immunity challenge: #Survivor @IAmTheWardog.

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Has the wardog gone mad with power?! My latest Survivor blog!.

Hmmmm I think The Wardog has been canceled on instagram! Teeny boppers not having it..

@IAmTheWardog Dammit wardog I’m so mad at you right now but fuck this is too good 😂.

if they don’t vote wardog out, he will win this game. he proved that by voting both David and Kelley (the two biggest threats) out of the game #survivor.

That confessional where Wardog goes (paraphrasing a bit) “I think it’s time to take out the last returning player. And that’s Wentworth”? Legitimately bad ass. #Survivor.

Winner or not, Wardog had a legitimately brilliant episode. Especially in the back half, he voted out Wentworth with an idol in her pockets. That’s no easy feat. #Survivor.

DAMN if the winner isn’t Kelley David Lauren Rick Wardog this season is a waste none of these Kama bitches deserves the win they’ve done nothing.

@robcesternino @stephenfishbach Good move for Wardog or did he just ruin his end game? He gave up a 5-4 majority and broke trust with Julie, Lauren and Gavin #RHAP.

When they ask which house do you serve? Wardog firmly responds, The Wardog doesn’t serve any house, The Wardog serves the realm. #survivor.

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I swear if wardog goes after Lauren next I’m gonna- #survivor.

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THIS! Wardog FOR THE WIN! Best player left! #Survivor #Survivor38.

@Nabia AAAAAAAA GENTE to aguardando o surto dela com o Ron hahahaha isso explica Ron/Wardog/Rick se aliando no next time porque a Julie vai ficar PUTA.

Sitting at the live KIA and contemplating the fact that Wardog just finished off all of the returning players for the first time in the #Survivor history of mixed seasons..

@survivorcbs Wardog needs to such a scoundrel, and everybody is sitting by and watching him run the game..

I am blaming Wardog for sending Kelley to the #EdgeofExtinction ---- but, I have a distinct feeling he is the one that is going to get bit. @survivorcbs.

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DAVID: “And honestly my brand is loyalty—“ EVERYONE: *groans* WARDOG: “Stop stop stop right now” WANDA: 🎵 STOP RIGHT THERE 🎵 #Survivor.

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