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The deadly assault of an elderly Asian American man in San Francisco is being blamed on white nationalism by left-wing activists. Antoine Watson, the suspect arrested over the homicide, is black.

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100yardas ()

🚨EL PUZLE LOCO DE LOS QBs‼️ 🎙️Nuevo programa en el que abordamos la actualidad de la NFL y el caso Sam Darnold, Brees y Big Ben: ¿acabados?, Panthers a por Watson y las acciones ‘Tua’, que parece que siguen bajando ▶️¡PLAY! 🏈 🏈

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Ps_Drew/Drizzle. ()

@PatMcAfeeShow @deshaunwatson Why would watson leave the texans to go to the jets this list ass and know way its true. I could see the panthers and dolphins but the Jets??.

Alex Blakemore
Alex Blakemore ()

@Phil_F_Watson @MichelleAKline Engaging with audience ...big yes, and this includes adopting a pleasant open manner (despite personal circs.). However, not sure that student comments would be framed in terms of “smiling more” if the feedback was to a male.

John ()

Let Watson go to the Pantgers so Jets can get that draft bread. I love Watson an if this was all in for him but it takes a whole team. Just ask Andrew Luck.

Xavier Lloyd
Xavier Lloyd ()

@zachhill142 @Almightycole24 It work with Watson instead of teddy tbh but they still giving a lot with them picks

Rodney McCollum
Rodney McCollum ()

@PalantirTech and IBM are joining forces! Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data integrates siloed data and empowers business users to easily deploy #AI applications – no technical skills required.

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Erick ()

@mccauley713 yup and that’s why I been saying Watson and his camp overplaying their hand especially with 4 fucking years left on buddy contract

Get Watson You Cowards 9ers
Get Watson You Cowards 9ers ()

@SSF_Fog32 @Tweeeety86 It’s comical. I hope and wish. Jimmy gets traded to Texans. I’d love to see what numbers he does with that disfunction. Cause not even close b but Watson is a loser and only garbage time stats. Ahhh love it

Daniel ()

@PetBlun @watson_news USA und Europa geben sich seit Jahren (erfolgreich) Mühe, die Demokratie im Rest der Welt als chaotisches, volksspaltendes und völlig handlungsunfähiges Regierungssystem zu diffamieren. Die Schweiz versucht im Moment, die direkte Demokratie in den USA und Europa zu diffamieren

Kevin Kissner
Kevin Kissner ()

Here’s why the #Broncos need to follow the #Rams model to get Deshaun Watson.

Nic ()

Doesn’t sound like Deshaun Watson’s desired destinations include the Chicago Bears. Leaving two levers to pull: -Get Sam Darnold for a fair value -Trade into the top 10 and land a QB Ryan Pace needs to become more aggressive now that options are low. Thoughts? #DaBears

Maria ϟ 9¾⚯͛
Maria ϟ 9¾⚯͛ ()

Passando pra lembrar q até a Emma Watson já fez a parte dela hj e vcs? #ForaKobra

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Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

The deadly assault of an elderly Asian American man in San Francisco is being blamed on white nationalism by left-wing activists. Antoine Watson, the suspect arrested over the homicide, is black.

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Garret Payne
Garret Payne ()

@LaurenceWHolmes Mitch was drafted ahead of Mahomes and Watson which hurts the perception on him. Line up his numbers next to Darnold’s. If we trade away a draft pick for Darnold I’m rooting for a new team.

@OrganicNegrow ()

@espn @JohnWall Harris County has been so blessed with sporting stars and role models. Too many to begin to name. JJ Watt. Deshaun Watson. Carlos Correa. James Harden (RIP) et al to name just a few. But I can not remember anyone with such an instant liking as John Wall who fills both roles.

DhUnTeRSZN✈️jones is🐐
DhUnTeRSZN✈️jones is🐐 ()

@BeanElite @MySportsUpdate I don’t think they will go for Watson. I think the dolphins will get him. I mean the have tons of picks to give for him and I would take Watson over Tua. The dolphins could draft All offense and give Watson plenty to work with. The 🐬 defense is 🔥 Watson+🐬 could =💍💍💍💍

YAS ()

@Bklyn929 Yep just like if Watson did it next year the Jets probably would just stick with who we get at 2 for QB

watson News
Watson News ()

Jetzt ist es offiziell: Kim Kardashian lässt sich von Rapper Kanye West scheiden

T.J. Bradford, Ph.D.
T.J. Bradford, Ph.D. ()

@HailState_CO If they get Watson, it’ll be the equivalent to the Bucs getting Brady

Nextale ()

Holmes e Watson, 2018: Essa comédia traz uma versão atrapalhada da dupla de detetives, que precisam resolver um mistério para salvar a vida da Rainha Victória.

Justo ()

@HogWhisperER501 @_ShawnCombs Huh? Watson last season was didn’t get to Clemson until 2018.

Malachi Robertson
Malachi Robertson ()

@DNewtonespn Panthes Recive: Deshaun Watson Texans Recive: Teddy Bridgewater 2021,2022 and 2023 1st round picks and a 2024 2nd round pick.

Lieutenant Dan
Lieutenant Dan ()

@masapequaparkng @Dutch1968 For what it’s worth Wentz can’t even shine Watson’s shoes.

Brian Raymond
Brian Raymond ()

@MikeReiss @SiriusXMNFL Do you think perceived urgency makes it harder for Pats to try to trade for Jimmy G? Seeming like less and less of a possibility unless 49ers come out of nowhere and get Watson or some other comparable QB to replace Jimmy

Zach Morrison
Zach Morrison ()

@PFF It’s gonna be nick. The bears don’t have the cap(or the picks) for carr and Watson and the bears need an o line man in the draft

YAS ()

@Bklyn929 I really can’t see JD offering more the 3 first round picks for him. We and Watson have all the leverage if he actually wants to come here and Texans need the 2nd or 3rd pick.

Nextale ()

Elementar, 2012, série: Essa série traz Sherlock Holmes para os dias atuais. Após um período de reabilitação, o detetive se muda para Nova York, onde divide o apartamento com Watson, que (surpresa!!) nessa série é uma mulher. E bônus: a personagem é interpretada por Lucy Liu.

Sack_exchange ()

Let this be a lesson to you all how sometimes it really doesn’t matter how many lotto tickets you own. (Draft Picks) This is Miami’s Draft. 3 first rounders and two 2’s Show me one player taken that is as good or even almost as good as Deshaun Watson. @beanthejetsfan grade that

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pau!//muyy inac no unf 🤎
Pau!//muyy inac no unf 🤎 ()

@luu_watson JAJSAJSJA SORRY ya te active las notis acá para volver a interactuar como antes 😭

The Lead CNN
The Lead CNN ()

Traumatized women describe gang rapes and beatings at Chinese government internment camps @IvanCNN reports

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