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@Some_Eventful We can help with food for your next adventure. Food only outfitting. #WeGetOutside #AlgonquinPark.

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@Some_Eventful A10. I attempted to make beaver tails while camping and they actually turned out really well! #WeGetOutside.

@algonquinoutfit When you guys outfitted my trip with Emma, we learned a few things from you. There were foods in our pack we would not have thought to bring, and have now become backcountry staples. #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A10: Couldn’t join in until now: I tried out an instant pot morrocan stew I dehydrated and then ate on a canoe trip. Turned out great! #wegetoutside.

A10: love campfire nachos, have been trying a few variations w/ pulled pork soo good! #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A10. Oh yeah, last weekend I made aglo olio with morels and shrimp. (roasted garlic)with fettuccine and a bit of shredded cheese on top. TO DIE FOR! YUM! #WeGetOutside.

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@Some_Eventful We can help with food for your next adventure. Food only outfitting. #WeGetOutside #AlgonquinPark.

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A10. Well we took the stick stove out for the first time and it worked great! Taking the amount of dehydrated meals into Killarney was new for us. Long portage = reduce weight any way we can. #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A10: I tried Taco in a Bag this summer and it was great! So easy and delicious! The kiddos enjoyed it as well. #WeGetOutside.

A10 taco bowls we really liked them at home so we took the on the trail too. #WeGetOutside.

Q10. Did you try any new recipes or cooking techniques this year? Tell us about it! #WeGetOutside.

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@Some_Eventful A9. I hate cleaning up. So, I try to minimize plates, etc. #WeGetOutside.

Q8. What is the most imporant item in your outdoor cooking kit? #WeGetOutside.

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@Some_Eventful A7: Wash, chop and prepare some items in advance. Make your meals tasty and simple. #WeGetOutside 😋.

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@Some_Eventful A7. We label what is for each meal, include the bos directions flap in the zip lock bag and pack our food in the order of the meals so you don’t have to dig through the food bag. #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A7 . Preheat or precook most meals for winter camping. err, just one. OK. that’s it then. LOL. #WegetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A7. I decant most things into Zip Lock bags. (I reuse them). #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A7. Learn to identify a moss covered cedar log. Just under the missy layer is dry wood that will give you a quick hot flame in wet conditions. #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful Oh yes! #WeGetOutside there’s an infinite list of pie iron possibilities. I once forgot all mypits and pans and only had my pie iron to cook in..

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one camp cooking tip or trick that makes food prep easier when you get outside. #WeGetOutside.

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@Some_Eventful A6: On the campfire of course. It makes the camping experience more authentic, in my opinion. We are Alberta Beef girls🤤 #WeGetOutside.

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@Some_Eventful A5. No, but I usually have more of the foods I love. Could eat trail mix all day! Hello #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A5: Smoor’s, hobo pies, roasted marshmallows, home made beef jerky, BBQ the list is long. #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A5 Not hot whisky sours are usually consumed only on camping trips! #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A5: marshmallows. Tuna noodle casserole. 3-in-1 coffee. Breakfast pita. Peppermint tea. #WeGetOutside.

@Some_Eventful A4: I have a one burner stove that I bought for $20 at Canadian Tire. I love it. It’s light and packable. I also have a two burner Coleman stove. I’d love to get a Jetboil sometime😁 #WeGetOutside.

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