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Eastern finals, here we come! Congratulations @Raptors. #WeTheNorth.

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Kawhi Leonard tallied 36 PTS (19 coming in the 4th Q and OT), 9 REB, 5 AST, 2 STL & 1 BLK in the @Raptors WIN! #WeTheNorth | #NBAPlayoffs.

🏀 Toronto Raptors 118 – 112 Milwaukee Bucks: dois prolongamentos e luta acesa pela final. ➡ #NBAPlayoffs || #WeTheNorth.

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#WeTheNorth le ganó un duelo electrizante a #FearTheDeer y quedó a uno de empatar la serie (1-2).

ملخص | كواي ليونارد في المباراة الثالثة. 36 نقطة 9 ريباوند 5 اسيست 2 ستيل #WeTheNorth.

🌶@pskills43, kaydettiği 25 sayı ve yaptığı kritik blokla @Raptors’un ikinci uzatmaya giden Doğu Konferansı Finalleri 3. maçını kazanmasında pay sahibi oldu! #WeTheNorth #NBAPlayoffs.

תנו לקוואי את כל הקרדיט שהוא ראוי לו על הניצחון, אבל רק שתכירו - זו רשימת השחקנים מכל תולדות הליגה שסיימו משחק עם 12 ריבאונדים, 7 אסיסטים, 5 חסימות ו-4 שלשות: - מארק גאסול במשחק 3 הלילה וזהו. #WeTheNorth.

Garbage time or not, Jeremy Lin is doing his PG thing, dished 2 assists in 3 mins. But no idea why the Bucks double-teamed a bench warmer. @Jlin7 #WeTheNorth.

“First game was just this way the other way around” says Nick Nurse during this past timeout. Are you buying it, Raps fans? #WeTheNorth.

@Raptors #WeTheNorth #NBAPlayoffs what is the coach doing wow is the coaching team useless. Play your both big not ur point guards FVV is useless against a team like this they 2 big. Play Ibaka n Gasol together.

Not in position , looked like a foot was on the restricted line. No chance a charge. #wethenorth.

Great @metromorning interview with @frankgunnphoto on photographing the winning shot - and more importantly the reaction! #WeTheNorth.

Still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it @RaptorsFansUK @NBA_UKfans #WeTheNorth #NBAPlayoffs.

GAME. SERIES. TORONTO HAS WON. 🎶: “You Shoulda Been There” by @thompsonsquare #WeTheNorth #NBAPlayoffs.

Long overdue moment of joy for #raptors nation. #wethenorth.

Amazing job by @bruce_arthur and @TSN_Sports for this 🎥. #WeTheNorth.

🇨🇦is still abuzz about #theshot , love it let’s keep it going. 🇨🇦Basketball #WeTheNorth.

@Wit____ @Murphys_law85 I gotta go with Giannis just cause I love his personal story. And the fact that #FearTheDeer is way better than #WeTheNorth 😉.

Doufám, že místní NBA fanatici ocení tuhle titulku! 😁 #NBAPlayoffs #WeTheNorth.

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Kawhi’s jumper at the buzzer was a shot of a lifetime, but pushing Philly to the end of their shot clock on four straight possessions in the last 3 minutes needs more attention. Amazing! #WeTheNorth #Raptors.

🖐️ @kawhileonard hits the game-winner to send @Raptors into the Eastern Conference Finals! #WeTheNorth #NBAPlayoffs.

Let’s soak it all in tonight, Toronto fans 😌 let’s bask in this historical moment til Wednesday #WeTheNorth.

Eastern finals, here we come! Congratulations @Raptors. #WeTheNorth.

#WeTheNorth @Raptors 🍁🏀Canadian Basketball, eh? lol!.

The nerves are starting to set #wethenorth @timandsid.

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#Raptors will lose if they continue to try the three ball over and over and over again. #WeTheNorth.

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