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Very important article. Coastal Gas Link does *not* have all permits. #WetsuwenStrong #GPC

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Jane shi | 皮爬高 ()

Let it be known that we in the Asian diaspora, who are settlers, who are refugees, who are filled with ancestral rage, are multigenerational, multilingual, extremely gay, and ready to fight for #WetsuwenStrong.

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Prosperity Canada 🇨🇦 ()

The @NDP need to be held accountable for this. They’ve ratcheted up the rhetoric to a point where ppl are becoming violent “If murder wasn’t illegal, she would be dead by now. Because I would kill her,” Reid said #onpoli #WetsuwenStrong

Gabrielle Peters she/her♿️ ()

@kwardvancouver It demonstrates that Disability Alliance has zero knowledge about and/or respect for disability history and less than zero understanding and/or respect for disability justice for them to engage in concern trolling #WetsuwenStrong #NotMyAlliance

Share The Cities - Laura ()

I’m so moved by the bravery of people blocking trains and showing solidarity. Direct action work is essential. Thank you to everyone with the courage to take the risk to make essential changes to how we fight climate change & for indigenous sovereignty. #WetsuwenStrong

William McGinn ()

To see #WetsuwenStrong trending, to see it taking off and being as successful as it has been, bringing people together to protect land from despicable privilege hypocrites like @AndrewScheer and those who have nothing better to do than attack them, is something amazing to witness

Dr. Jonathon Herriot ()

My Via Rail trip got cancelled and now I am stuck on a bus for 7 am being inconvenienced by: a̶̷c̶̷t̶̷i̶̷v̶̷i̶̷s̶̷t̶̷s̶̷ p̶̷r̶̷o̶̷t̶̷e̶̷s̶̷t̶̷o̶̷r̶̷s̶̷ I̶̷n̶̷d̶̷i̶̷g̶̷e̶̷n̶̷o̶̷u̶̷s̶̷ ̶̷p̶̷e̶̷o̶̷p̶̷l̶̷e̶̷ RCMP violence and the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline. #WetsuwenStrong

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The Serfs ()

Under your goddamn watch you coward. #WetsuwenStrong

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Nick Eagland ()

Another #WetsuwenStrong rail blockade, this time right beside the @VancouverSun’s office, at Renfrew and Grandview by the SkyTrain station.

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Elizabeth May ()

Very important article. Coastal Gas Link does *not* have all permits. #WetsuwenStrong #GPC

Joshua Ostroff ()

Some historical context re: #WetsuwenStrong police raids and rail blockades is that Canada created the paramilitary RCMP (then North-West Mounted Police) to ethnically cleanse First Nations off the plains to make way for the railroad. The past is always prologue.

Giorgia Ricciardi ()

Please note I share these thoughts as a non-Indigenous settler on Lekwungen territory. I am not the voice you should listen to, but I woke up to more misinformation and hate from prominent Canadian public figures and I feel I want to share food for thought. #WetsuwenStrong

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Hannah Hamilton ()

@WBrettWilson If that was your land someone was trying to takeover, guarantee you’d react the same way. #WetsuwenStrong

John Epler ()

Super weird how many people that supported the United We Roll protest which essentially amounted to ‘the world works differently than we’d like and it makes us mad’ are suggesting we call in the army over the #WetsuwenStrong protests, which are about actual injustice.

The Eyeopener ()

The Eyeopener stands in solidarity with #WetsuwenStrong and @CanUniPress’ statement. What’s happening in Wet’suwet’en must not pass in the shadows. #AllEyesOnWetsuweten

Climate Justice Toronto ()

Going strong at the 2nd largest rail yard in Canada — blocking US-bound CN rail trains for #WetsuwenStrong ✊🏽✨🔥

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Kieran Maingot ()

Power and anti-oppression education would do him wonders. It’s protests like these that force people to confront their privilege - YOU are on stolen land as a settler in this country. These protests are necessary and a fight for a right to existence. #WetsuwenStrong

ProgressiveNobody ()

Everytime trains stop for more than 3 days parts of the country are facing a propane shortages. Instead of attacking workers’ and threatening genocide, we should see this as a sign that O&G isn’t that reliable and we should fine cleaner alternatives #WetsuwenStrong #Cdnpoli

For great social justice ()

When justice fails, block the rails #Wetsuwenten #WetsuwenStrong

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Madeleine Molly ()

I know twitter is vile but I am absolutely disgusted by the anti-Indigenous and racist comments against Indigenous land protectors right now. Canada isn’t the nice and polite country that the world thinks it is. #WetsuwenStrong #AllEyesOnWetsuweten

Deena Ladd ()

Happening now! Standing up for #Wetsuwenten Railway lines shut down near Pioneer Village Station #WetsuwenStrong

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Amanda Fenton ()

British Columbia’s biggest public-sector unions slam RCMP action in Wet’suwet’en standoff | The Star #WetsuwenStrong


Fact: #WetsuwenStrong The Wetsuwen people ABSOLUTELY LEGALLY OWN THEIR LAND! They NEVER GAVE IT UP OR SIGNED ANY DOCUMENT EVER GIVING IT UP! A few rich oil executives have tricked the Liberal government into sending RCMP children playing commando troops to steal sovereign land😡

Socialist Ninja ()

I find it interesting that some of the same people who are losing their minds over #WetsuwenStrong were massive cheerleaders of the industry funded and riddled with racism United we roll. One is about indigenous people protecting their rights and the other was protecting money.

JanineAnnT ()

The bahlat, or potlatch in English, is the seat of their ancient government. That it exists today is a credit to the Wet’suwet’en resisters who were jailed for protecting it during the potlatch ban that lasted from 1884 to 1951 #WetsuwenStrong

Jewel ()

As an indigenous female I am more likely to be raped or assaulted than to graduate high school. I am more likely to be murdered than to graduate college or university. Tell me why @AndrewScheer is telling us to check our privilege? #WetsuwenStrong

NDN Grandma ()

@drovics @Terrilltf Wow! First Nations have stopped rail traffic in #Canada #WetsuwenStrong

Leo Yu | 于華 ()

To all conservatives, liberals, centrists -- and settlers like myself -- on Turtle Island: CHECK YOUR DAMN PRIVILEGE. Get out and #ShutCanadaDown. #WetsuwenStrong Revolution is alive. ❤️ Thread ⬇️

Anne-Marie Longpre ()

I’m sorry, what?? This is the height of absurdity. Indigenous people fighting for their rights need to “check their privilege”??? This guy is a dangerous moron. I stand with #WetsuwenStrong

Brett Batten ()

@MrRaceBannon Watching @AndrewScheer act like a leader is quite like watching an 18 month old try to hit its mouth with a fist spoon. #cdnpoli #WetsuwenStrong

No gods, no masters, no scrubs ()

It’s absolutely fucking rich that @CBCToronto reports the eastern blockade is stopping chlorine, used for clean water, from heading to Ontario municipalities when indigenous communities haven’t had clean drinking water for years. #WetsuwenStrong

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