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[Dream SMP Lore Stream].

Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan

Happy birthday to my mom, Rochelle Ryan. Thank you for believing in me when no one else did. Wilbur Wright once said that the secret to success is to choose good parents and be born in Ohio. He couldn’t have been more right. Love you, mom..

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In 2012, the photographer Matika Wilbur, who is Swinomish and Tulalip, packed her cameras, sold everything and bought her RV, she named “Big Girl.” She spent the next decade on the road attempting to photograph every federally recognized tribe in the.

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A SUMMARY OF THE LORE IN ERET’S STREAM - 05/19/22 “Wilbur… [Dream SMP Lore]” ↳ //dsmp //rp.

the odds of c!wilbur deliberately not apologising to c!tommy because he’s worried that c!tommy will do the same thing c!fundy did is low, but never 0. sweet dreams yall 😭 /dsmp /rp.


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I’m taking c!wilbur out of the dsmp. He’s leaving now. Taking his guitar and stuff. And he’s fucking gone. I can’t take it anymore.

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Remember the when a stream ends abruptly it means the character fainted Ahah c!Wilbur not looking too good right about now.

everyone: yeah i hope the server wraps up soon so we can be free wilbur and eret, running full speed with a steel chair:.

i m seeing blur i cant see past my tears wilbur soot why are you this endearing i hate you.

Wilbur putting himself above others for some grasp of control, of importance. Then him being humbled by Eret telling him a simple sorry isn’t good enough, Eret showing him what a real apology is. Then he never puts himself above Eret again because he realizes it’s not about him.

every time there’s new wilbur lore and i have to see the cwilbur bad takes i need to take a moment to look directly in the sun and try to blow everyone up with my mind.



I haven’t watched the lore streams yet… did c!wilbur really forgot his son- I’m out 🧍.

it’s like 4 am, i don’t have the mental capacity to understand what will happen in wilbur’s stream so i think this is the best time for me to watch it.

@dumbummerton wilbur could of written a netflix show but netflix could of NEVER written anything as raw as the dsmp.

kind of just upset ppl are mad at him, as a person that angst hits more than fluff, it makes sense that c!fundy wouldn’t forgive him after everything he’s gone though. annoyed at “uh wilbur were is my healing arc 🤓☝️” which would be nice but we all know we’re not getting one.

Im torn between “c!fundy not accepting the apology is more realistic bc not everyone can forgive that easily” and “this is not looking good for c!wilbur’s mental health oh god whys it getting sad again”.

@BStrookes They were Wilbur soot streams too his apologies to Fundy and Eret 😭😭 brush ignore my stand alone tweets for a bit.

@GRAVEYARDFUNK Well, on the positive side, we got a confirmation that c!Wilbur doesn’t remember exile?.

hour update on follower count, not many people out, lots of ranboo/wilbur mcc enoiyers - ❤️.

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@Rainniyer @reizensoot And with the whole the book 100% being a will to either the rights of the hotdog van or just the rights to the title of being a true lmanburg warrior… wilbur will probably end his lore around august.

I never thought of you,” Wilbur said. “Or, at least, I tried not to. It was hard. I saw you everywhere. In the paintings, in the garden, down every hallway. In Tommy’s eyes. In Techno’s words..

Thinking about c!Eret and c!Wilbur while listening to Hi Dan How R U Miss U by Crywank and dude its them.

When c!Wilbur was trying to become president again he definitely had one of those bad boys around, he was tricking people into thinking he cares about the environment by making clothes out of wasted plastic . /Rp /dreamsmp /j.

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I think its so funny how c!wilbur will mention c!quackity out of nowhere. He sees a map with a glimpse of las nevadas and he goes and makes a whole fucking essay about him /rp /dsmp.

why- why did you do that? No one fucking talk to me c!wilbur being genuinely confused and astonished at someone trying to revive him is killing me.

Erets lore stream was the perfect conclusion to 3 dream SMP arcs. Wilbur was the big one, But Eret also destroyed the original crown, finally freeing themselves from Dreams control and becoming a king of the people, whilst proving to Techno that the crown does not define them.

mfers going somebody tell c!wilbur about c!nikis plan to kill c!tommy like. what do yall think HE was trying to do on the Nov 16??? where was the TNT hm. where waas itt.

So the next person to apologize to is c!Niki, oh boy, dramatic angsty meeting in Pogtopia here we go .... And c!Eret brings up c!Fundy c!Wilbur is not fond of that.

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