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I know the hot button topic today is if the Leafs should have kept McElhinney over Sparks but we’re burying the lede: Greg McKegg has 6 goals in 40 games and William Nylander has 6 in 52..

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@KellyHrudey just nailed it on the head about William Nylander. Lacks passion. Needs to be engaged. Thank you for your honesty Kelly..

Aqui a bela assistência de William Nylander para Danton Heinen. Não entendeu? #BrasilTemNHL #NHLnaESPN.

They literally said William Nylander is awful lololololol.

“William Nylander is a talented player - but he’s awful and I wouldn’t want him on my team” - @KellyHrudey with a piping hot take. I love the honesty. Kelly is one of my favs.

Kelly Hrudey just ripped William Nylander a new one. And properly so. #leafs #bruins.

Holy, @KellyHrudey just shredded William Nylander just now on the panel. Kelly was fired up and justifiably so!.

William Nylander is playing like an Edmonton Oiler that isnt named McDavid or Draisaitl..

William Nylander is just awful. Thank you @KellyHrudey for your candid honesty. This is why @hockeynight is always a treat to watch because the truth will always be told. #StanleyCup #TORvsBOS.

He scored once, fired five on goal, took and drew a penalty, won 67% of his draws, and even dished out two hits. An engaged William Nylander can be a big deal for the Leafs in the playoffs..

william nylander was created in a lab w the only goal being to increase serotonin levels in my brain.

Heading into the playoffs there were two players who needed to step up and produce in Patrik Laine and William Nylander. Both scored goals in Game One #Leafs.

#Leafs lead Bruins 3-1 after 40 minutes. Mitch Marner (2), William Nylander score for Toronto, Patrice Bergeron has the marker for Boston. SOG favour Boston 28-24. Frederik Andersen was stellar in that frame, momentum could easily have swung Bruins way without some key stops..

People who hate on William Nylander are morons who don’t deserve to be corrected because their stupid little brains don’t comprehend things that challenge their incorrect assumptions..

@statssundin @3rdPeriodSuits If the general point that people are expressing is that William Nylander is playing shitty hockey? They have a point. The rest is details..

That in my opinion is why big hits and physicality still matter in pro hockey, especially the playoffs. Connor Clifton just changed the whole game after burying William Nylander.

@MapleLeafs William Nylander has to go, Maybe get back a gritty foward and defenseman prospect for him. What a loser..

Connor Clifton, folks. He lays a big hit on William Nylander and then draws a penalty thanks to a high stick. #NHLBruins to the power play at 8:55..

Cliffy Hockey smokes William Nylander, draws penalty. Bruins will get first power-play of the series..

Conor Clifton just woke up the whole TD Garden with a bone-crusher on William Nylander.

#Leafs called for the first penalty of the game. William Nylander for high sticking. PK goes to work midway through the first period, tied 0-0..

William Nylander gets stapled by Connor Clifton, high-sticks him, penalty. Not great, Bob.

David Pastrnak and William Nylander are foes tonight, but they were teammates for two seasons in Sweden. Check out tonight’s Rockland Trust Relationship presented by @RocklandTrust Bank, Where Each Relationship Matters..

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No worries about Matthews, Tavares & Marner, but outside of William Nylander: 2 goals in his last 19 Nazem Kadri: 1 goal in his last 17 Patrick Marleau: 2 goals in his last 19 Kasperi Kapanen: 2 goals in his last 22 Andreas Johnsson: 1 goal in his last 17 #LeafsForever.

It’s time for William Nylander to silence his critics +1 TDotBot #MapleLeafs.

I know the hot button topic today is if the Leafs should have kept McElhinney over Sparks but we’re burying the lede: Greg McKegg has 6 goals in 40 games and William Nylander has 6 in 52..

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