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Being Human autumn/winter collection coming v @bebeinghuman

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Nasir Khattak
Nasir Khattak ()

Listening to flute being played in the distance is perhaps one of the most soothing and beautiful things on a winter night.

Mark Espinola 🇺🇸
Mark Espinola 🇺🇸 ()

@JaggerMickOZ Another point, what happened to the seasonal winter flu. The lying leftist mass media acts as though the winter flu just disappeared.

Bristy 𓆗
Bristy 𓆗 ()

Showering in winter is such a hard task wtf lemme just sleep the entire day in bed imagine showering in cold water tf - 😭

阿部静華@17live配信、昼夜毎日お届け中♪ ()

喉休めの為に始めたトランペット🎺 昨晩の配信より、オリジナル曲『Hot winter』☃️ 音源は、私が音楽学校に通っていた時代に作ったもの。まさか、こんな形で生きるとは😆🎵 人生、無駄な事は何一つないってこと✌️ まだまだ上手く吹けないけど、ピンチをチャンスに変えて、これからも進み続けます🐾

y’all don’t read 🥴
Y’all don’t read 🥴 ()

some plants stop growing in the winter, some animals hibernate, and we all get less sunlight. but we’re expected to going. Ionlikedet.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan ()

Aur jaisay mainay bola tha, le kar aye hain aapke liye, Being Human Clothing ki Autumn Winter Collection. Hope you guys like it. Available in-stores & at  @bebeinghuman Stay fit, stay safe.

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The Varsity
The Varsity ()

On November 20, U of T President Meric Gertler announced that first-entry undergraduate courses will resume one week later than originally planned on Monday, January 11.

Loish ()

Sometimes I wish I could just hibernate through the winter and wake up again when it’s over.

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グランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス
グランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス ()

多くの皆様にご愛顧いただき、GBVSは全世界45万本セールスを突破いたしました!ありがとうございます! 11/29には「RAGE Winter GRAND FINALS」開催予定!ぜひご覧ください! ※パッケージ版の出荷数とDL版の販売数の合計となります #GBVS #グラブルVS

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Isabelle ()

[Announcement] The #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons free Winter Update is now available! Enjoy a slew of upcoming seasonal events, plus additions like the ability to expand your home storage, the option to visit random islands in dreams, new Reactions and hairstyles, and more!

#WINTER Photo,#WINTER Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Salman Khan
Salman Khan ()

Being Human autumn/winter collection coming v @bebeinghuman

#WINTER Photo,#WINTER Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Fortnite News
Fortnite News ()

The #FrostyFortnite Community Event is back next Tuesday (Most likely). Epic wants Winter themed maps, submissions must be completely original or they wont be accepted. Make sure to submit to the official form under seasonal event to be considered! (Via @FNCreativeNews)

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Dr.Susana Bejar MD
Dr.Susana Bejar MD ()

You can’t beat a pandemic by relying mainly on individuals. See cholera, polio, and every other public health crisis in the last 2 centuries. We need a coherent, cohesive federal plan now. TODAY. The winter surge was predictable & predicted. We cannot let our hospitals implode.

Jazzmanahn ()

#SimonAndGarfunkel: (« Look Around, Leaves Are Brown, And The Sky Is ») « A Hazy Shade of Winter » (#LegendsLive @MadisonSquareGarden, New York, NY - Enjoy, have a nice day everyone! via @youtubemusic

주상젠하의 밥숟가락
주상젠하의 밥숟가락 ()

@winter_7moon 달씨 진정하새오 워워- 상대는 스엠임니도.... 더 엄청난걸 준비하거 잌ㅅ을지도...

Ray Archie
Ray Archie ()

@DavidGMcGreevy Get a dog. But - if you choose a cat, I have a stray cat (here in BK) that I feed that might be a good match and needs a home before winter. Let me know.

Deby⁹⁸ ()

@Jenndeuk02 Winter sama karina sama aja njir wajahnya bentukannya juga, yg paling beda itu ning2 sama gisel

Gaz Sharples
Gaz Sharples ()

The winter hideout is coming along nicely Should be Reay for winter 2027

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Anne Nelson
Anne Nelson ()

Dear @HBO we’re ready for #Succession Season 3 already. Have mercy it’s going to be a long winter.

开 ()

karina gon have that dark hair for the rest of her career while giselle, winter and ningning already sacrificing their scalps😢

the british wildlife rambler
The british wildlife rambler ()

@FinleyHutchins2 @ArjunDutta230 Yeah thought it was weird to see it outside of Winter-thanks Finely!😁👍

Ohhhmygiddyaunt ()

I liked them. Actually I would not be surprised if they got in touch this winter, too. Grandparents retired up on Moosehead Lake so it’s a crazy long drive on snowy roads. I went and got them and brought them back, too.

Jenny watson
Jenny watson ()

@MercersWood xmas lanterns and our autumn fire display has been changed to winter.

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Anum ()

@tetecatz and it wont work too cuz skorea likes winter more she already charted than all of them on brand rep

Yam ()


Viv Gottlieb
Viv Gottlieb ()

@rahulthondan All those months wasted could have been getting peoples levels up ready for winter months. NICE really need to step up re dose as they’ve failed really badly so far here.

ᴶᵒʸᵉ ᵇᵉᵃʳ 🐻 ° LOVESICK GIRL💓
ᴶᵒʸᵉ ᵇᵉᵃʳ 🐻 ° LOVESICK GIRL💓 ()

Winter in the thumbnail tho, and Karina dance movement 😭✋

The Buddhas Socks
The Buddhas Socks ()

@funder He should just leave to the winter white house and golf the rest of the way. I am sure Biden Harris wouldn t mind

Paul van Meekeren
Paul van Meekeren ()

Should’ve been playing cricket today 😏😢 now I’m delivering Uber eats to get through the winter months!! Funny how things change hahaha keep smiling people 😁

Steve Cortes
Steve Cortes ()

The chorus on the left grows louder calling for lockdowns — which don’t stop virus spread. Lockdowns smash the economy while harming citizens’ physical and mental health. Let’s count every legal vote and retire “Dark Winter” Biden and his cronies

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