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The hate for Wrexham I don’t get really We all complain that too many clubs aren’t run well by fit and proper owners Now a club has been fortunate of being ran by ambitious owners that backs it and the community there’s a problem Do these people want clubs in limbo forever?.

Former Man United & Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster has come out of retirement to join @Wrexham_AFC 🤩🧤.

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FULL TIME | Wrexham 3-0 York City 🔴 Wrexham claim all three points and reach 100 goals in the league! 🔴⚪️ #WxmAFC.

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✨️ UNIK ✨️ Ben Foster (39), kembali merumput setelah 9 bulan mengumumkan pensiun sebagai pemain sepak bola. Mantan punggawa Manchester United itu kini membela Wrexham AFC, tim non-league Inggris untuk pertama kalinya sejak 2005..

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Wasn’t sure what response this would get when we broke it but it has really resonated. Cutting sick pay for injured players, & making it easier to sack them, isn’t fair. Feels like this tale is bigger than non-league footie (& I think non-league is huge)..

Love it when the match sponsors get the ‘player of the match’ spot on. Ryan Barnett put on a wingers master class today. A solid debut for Foster to - brings a notable sense of ‘aura’ to the team. 3 more points in the bag with another game ticked off UTT 🔴⚪️⚽️🔥 @Wrexham_AFC.

Andy Scott from ⁦@SweetOfficial⁩ and Phil Parkinson who’s “taking Wrexham to the Football League!”.

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Have interviewed Ben Foster a few times since his 1st spell @Wrexham_AFC. 18 years on he still speaks highly of the club that gave him his big chance and says he will be “giving his all” during his spell back at The Racecourse 🔴⚪️.

Ben Foster to Wrexham has so many positives for that club. The experience he adds into the changing room is valuable. He’s not going to be number one but that type of player is always good to have in and around the place. And if needed for that level he’s more than capable..

I don’t ever recalling any Wrexham fan calling our story, “underdog story” it’s been other clubs, rattled by us. Love it tbf.

Wouldn’t it be great if the majority of the tier 3 clubs from Wrexham area dropped to tier 3 and revived local football? The format at the minute is not working and players losing interest due to travel etc, attendances have hit rock bottom and costs spiralled. #WNL #Bringitback.


I actually want to block this guy he is honestly so deluded. Wrexham ain’t making the prem for another 10 years minimum and not saying Spurs are deffo gonna win the prem but have 100% got a better chance than a national league side. So stupid.

Would love Notts country to win the league, proper club doing things the right way I know it must be fun for Wrexham but it’s genuinely a joke for other clubs in this league.

@NottsCountyZone It’s more to do with Notts fans grilling Wrexham about there “fake fan base” but you sell out 2 or 3 times a season and there not fake fans?.

Ben foster’s podcast today, after signing for the reds @wrexham #WxmAFC.

Hey #Fozcast fans, Ben Foster is coming out of retirement to sign a short-term deal with none other than ... @Wrexham_AFC! Check out the full announcement on the latest #Fozcast on @spotifypodcasts here:.

Steaming the night before, hungover to hell on the day of, throwing up on the oldest bus in Wrexham, throwing up when the bus stopped, nursing a couple of pints down there and then winning made it all go away. rocking all over the world.

@samh__15 @Wrexham_AFC Lol. Man City, Chelsea, United, Liverpool? Did they also ruin it?.

@FinneyBlake I went and looked, with Wrexham signing foster this morning, i forgot the big boys were on international break or I would’ve been certain about your tweet.

@Kerry_Evans_Pro I hope so COME ON WREXHAM! Can they sign john terry too and anyone else who would like to come out of retirement and play for Wrexham. Get the lads back in the league..

@twiteringgoose You watching? No interest till tournament football begins. Will enjoy the Wrexham game tomorrow more.

@S0uthernGe0rdie @Wrexham_AFC Why would he go be a 3rd choice at newcastle where he can get a game at Wrexham to help promote his own brand for when he retires again in a year or 2.

WELCOME TO WREXHAM BILLY WATERS | HIGHLIGHTS via @YouTube ….and at the other end, Billy knows where the goal is!! Both ends covered 👍⚽️🏃🏻‍♂️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🙏🇦🇺🦘.

Deg mlynadd ers Wembley @Wrexham_AFC! Diwrnod hollol amazing. Best day ever ten years ago winning the FA Trophy on penalties but I don’t want to see Wembley this season! #automaticpromotion.

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@BenKentish Rarely disagree w you but is it any different from Man City or Chelsea spending millions & millions while others barely have 1000s NL has had this before with some owners spending silly cash while others have barely anything Even at Wrexham’s level you have a few semi pro teams.


Don’t get obsession with the whole Wrexham thing. I know they owned by Ryan Reynolds. But fair play to them there marketing is great in terms for a national league side..

Salah satu misi Ben adalah membawa Wrexham promosi ke League Two musim depan. Saat ini, Wrexham berada di posisi puncak klasemen non-league dengan 94 poin dari 38 laga..

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If Wrexham win 2 more games, they break the record for most wins in a Conference season (current record is 31). If Wrexham win 3 more games, they break the record for most points in a Conference season (current record is 105pts)..

@markjones_welsh @Wrexham_AFC The only extra Hayden brings is he scores goals. Tough call though. Great dilemma to have..

@Wrexham_AFC @BenFoster Nobody enjoys life more than Ben Foster. Helluva guy! 🙂 Cheers from Texas..

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