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30+ - Liverpool have six players aged 30+ in their starting XI today, the first time they have done so in a Premier League match since February 1994 vs Southampton. Mature. Firmino, Henderson, Matip, Salah, Thiago, van Dijk | Barnes, Grobbelaar, Nicol, Rush, Whelan, Wright..

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On this day in 2006: The New York @Mets signed 23-year-old David Wright to a 6-year/$55M contract extension. The extension came just three days after the club inked fellow 23-year old José Reyes to a 4-year extension. #LGM.

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Kris Wright will drive the Brandonbilt Motorsports No. 68 Xfinity car for nine of the remaining 12 races this year. First race will be next week at Watkins Glen..

When Kyle Wright learned the Braves sent down Ian Anderson, he sought out Anderson to talk. Wright: He’s already kind of shifted his mindset to, ‘OK, I’m going to get down there, I’m going to figure this thing out and come back better.’.

Gomis şu golünden sonra gider mi kalır mı bilemem ama bence bir santrafora daha ihtiyaç var her türlü,Haji Wright çok etkileyiciydi..


lineker shearer wright has to be the hall of fame punditry team.

Good afternoon everyone. Onto the 1st chqracters for today for Female Mecha and Pilot 08 Aug 2022. R. Dorothy Wayne Wright. Suggested by @JuliusSeizure30.

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Tight ends - Green(18), The Swede(86), Johnson(19), Smith(11)…and Garza(82) and Wright(42) are down the line. It’s the deepest I’ve seen the TE position in years..

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para qué someterse a toda esta decadencia? me quedo anclado en el alto modernismo del siglo xx: jazz, frank lloyd wright, ts eliot, segunda guerra mundial, faulkner. quédense ustedes con el trap, los edificios de cartón de larreta, elon musk, los influencers.

Şu Hacı Wright ı Antalya 1 küsüre aldı, bizdeki hangi hücumcudan kötü soruyorum??.

The only thing that could keep @dennyhamlin from a championship is his pit crew. #NASCAR.

@ExtinctionR “You could either mine #Bitcoin on one small landfill for a year, or you could plant 5 million trees and let them grow for 10 years - both of those are going to have the same environmental impact.” — Adam Wright = @Digital_Ore 7/ end.

OKAY okay im stopping i apologize i am so far in my ace attorney and specifically phoenix wright feels bridge to turnabout has fucked me up.

Hadji Wright ben @USMNT milli takimi ile Qatar lupasina gidecegim diyor… gecen sezondan beri dikkat cekmeye baslamisti zaten….

BOT 4 | OTT 5, SC 0 Wright triples, and Tyrus Greene brings him in! ⚾ #HereToStay.

@sakaIsizmessi @cucitinni Wright çok iyi forvet ayağıda kötü değil aslında karar mekanizması karışık sadece.

Wright bütün hava toplarındada aynısını yaptı Abdülkerim zor tuttu kendini artık yeter diye diye.

@A_Pons_Asinorum Maybe i am simple in this 😅 Buy i think the first Better to all agree to one truth it seems Some say scamming me Scammers say earning money ... Is there no wrong and wright here ? Do we respect the people who according to their truth have done nothing wrong ? 🐸.

@JegErAlan I do like NT Wright. I’ll give this a read before we do the show. Thank you..

Agreed. Looks like Bell was trying to block but Chastain had too much momentum..

Craig Wright ผู้ประกาศตัวเองว่าเป็น “ซาโตชิ” เชื่อว่า ผู้คนสามารถพิสูจน์ได้ว่าเขาเป็นคนสร้าง Bitcoin.

Misaki Ohata, Kotoka, Atsushi Aoki, MORISHIMA, Elix Skipper, Alex Wright, and the big one for me is Akira Taue. I appreciate him way more now then when I started watched older Puro..

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Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright Claims People Can Prove He Created Bitcoin.

Según Nick Wright estos son los mejores 50 jugadores en la Historia de la NBA. Cambiarias algunos lugares?? #NBA.

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@Rager_metal This team feels like 2006 to me actually. Dominant. 2015 we just rode Daniel Murphy. Shame Wright never got to play in more big games while healthy..

@AK93HSS @colegoalfield Yeah for sure. Even though guys like Dvorsky, Fantilli, Yager and Benson (for example) project to be considerably better than Slafkovsky, Bedard is so good its still much more of a consensus #1 than Wright.

@AcaCelaya Ese no fue un concierto de Pink Floyd, fue sólo Roger Waters e invitados interpretando el The Wall, estuvo bueno, pero no tan Bueno como uno de Pink Floyd (largo tema el de Waters vs Gilmour, Mason, Wright y aunque admiro mucho a Waters, yo soy partidario de los otros 3).

📈💴$1,062,273 #bitcoin LONGED @$ [08/08/22 06:05:14] 🏭 bybit | $BTCUSD 🗣️We are all Satoshi, except for Craig Wright. - _zorn.

Scott Wright urges team-mates to block out distractions ahead of PSV clash.

Stardew Valley, Hyrule Warriors, God of War 2018, Syberia, Life is Strange, Pokémon, Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright: Ace.

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