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Brock Lesnar a l’air d’un high flyer à côté d’Omos. Et il sait courir 😭 #WWERaw.

18 years ago today: @hemmepowered defeated @trishstratuscom in an arm wrestling contest on #WWERaw.

What kinda father hits his own son? What kinda mother sits there and does nothing!? - @DomMysterio35 #WWERaw    #WWE.

#WWERaw Photo,#WWERaw Photo by Vinay Uteriya,Vinay Uteriya on twitter tweets #WWERaw Photo

Resumidamente y nada nuevo: antes de la lucha Dominik hace una promo quejándose porque Rey Mysterio lo golpeó, que su familia es una cagada y que hubiese deseado que Eddie Guerrero sea su verdadero padre y que Rey nunca hubiese existido en su vida #WWERaw.

Will Brock Lesnar have to adjust his #WrestleMania strategy against The Giant Omos? #WWERaw.

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لازم تكون نظرتك متفاوته على حسب المصارع يعني تشوف برومو لسينا مثلا يكون البار عندك مرتفع لكن لما يكون نجم شاب لا ترفع حد الإنتقاد. حرفيا تطور و نضج أمامنا وهو باقي في مقتبل عمره. تعابيره من طفولته ممتازه. أخيرا ذكر الأسطورة الراحل ايدي جيريرو في القصه #WWERaw.

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Starting your morning with some frames from our sold-out night at #WWERaw 🔥.

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The time Stone Cold Steve Austin turned every WWE star back into a fan. #WrestleMania #WWERaw.

#WWE #WWERAW March 27 2023 averaged 1,843,000 viewers on USA Network. Hour 1: 1,908,000 ( 18-49); Hour 2: 1,921,000 (); Hour 3: 1,701,000 ()..

The build to the majority of the WrestleMania matches has been pretty meh at best: Brock/Omos DCTRL vs Becky/Trish/Lita Bianca/Asuka Charlotte/Rhea The showcases Cena/Theory #WWERaw #WrestleMania.

Lindas sensaciones para #WrestleMania / Opinando del #WWERaw 27 de Marzo.

Street Profits wearing @okcthunder inspired look in @Suns territory is something #WWERaw.

Otro segmento zzz entre Brock Lesnar y Omos en dónde Brock Lesnar se ve débil #WWERAW.

#WWERaw Photo,#WWERaw Photo by El Rey del Botch 23 🤠,El Rey del Botch 23 🤠 on twitter tweets #WWERaw Photo

Brock only had about 9 seconds of speed in him 🤣🤣🤣 #WWERaw.

Just to get outta that office! @ScrapDaddyAP #WrestleMania #WWERAW.

Never woulda guessed it but I’m kinda most excited for Omos / Brock #WrestleMania #WWERaw.

Typically, yes. Brock Lesnar is familiar with the weigh-in process. 😉 #WWERaw.

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Braun strowman and ricochet and the street profits vs alpha academy and the Viking raiders #WWERaw.

The following contest is an 8 man tag team match schedule for one fall introducing first, The Street Profits, Braun Strowman and Ricochet vs Alpha Academy and The Viking Raiders live next #WWERaw.

I never said this out loud, but I wish Eddie was my real father #WWERaw.

#WWERaw Photo,#WWERaw Photo by infowrestling,infowrestling on twitter tweets #WWERaw Photo

@DomMysterio35 saying he wished that Eddie was his real dad just sent me😂😭😂 #WWERaw.

Great promo by Austin Theory 👏🏽 probably his best so far! #WWERaw.

Nah Dominic channeling something . This heel turn was perfect for him . Promo in Spanish was 🔥 #WWERaw.

Not I wish Eddie was my real father 😂😂😂😂 now I gotta go watch that after Raw ends my oldest is 27 and she remembers it lol #WWERaw.

#WWERAW: Paul Heyman envía un duro mensaje a Cody Rhodes antes de #WrestleMania..

Don’t worry about crowd reaction for Mia or Candice yet. It’ll come, they are fantastic wrestlers and once they get a story it’ll work. Bring Nikki into it and itll be fire 🔥. #WWERaw.

Is Rey Mysterio the most famous lucha of all time? As Rey surpassed the likes of Mil Mascaras and El Santo, or not? #WWERaw.

Dominick Mysterio - this whole thing just doesn’t work for me. They’re going to put Rey in the HOF and then have him job out to his talentless kid. #WWERaw.

Can we put in a request to have both @AustinMRomero & @SamanthaTheBomb do the introductions for the Mania main event? Because the way Rome introduces Cody & Samantha introduces Roman both need to be heard Sunday! #WWERaw #WrestleMania.

@HeymanHustle has is phone really close to him. Was he talking to @WWERomanReigns on the phone? #WWERaw.

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