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Updated: September 14th, 2021 11:42 PM IST

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#WWERaw Twitter

Je sors de ma trê #WWERAW RECAP ▶️ RDV à 20h30 ! PUIS ! à 21H sur pour une soirée Quiz !

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JQ and the gang was LIT to see @JEFFHARDYBRAND last night! #WWERaw

Looks like we could get WWE Champion Big E vs Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Survivor Series this year. That could be A LOT of fun. But, who wins that match? #WWE #WWERAW

#WWERaw Photo,#WWERaw Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Energy in the opening segment was great. Crowd was hot #RKBro is gold. @The305MVP is a godsend with a mic. @WWEBigE was Big E. Set a great tone. #WWERaw

The one time I fall asleep early last night @WWEBigE becomes #WWE Champion holy shit this is a great surprise to wake up to Congratulations @WWEBigE you deserve #WWERaw 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

#WWE in 2021 -Bobby Lashley becomes the longest black WWE Champion in history. -Two Black women main event Wrestlemania for the first time in history. -Big E becomes the first black man to win & successfully cash in MITB Representation matters 💪 #WWERaw

Da hat sich ordentlich etwas getan bei #WWERAW - und darüber müssen wir sprechen! Machen wir auch ✌️ 👉Schreibt uns gern schon eure Meinung zur Show! ❗️Vormerken🔴Premiere der Review heute Abend HIER:

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The amount of love @WWEBigE is getting from wrestlers all over the place is amazing! Congratulations E @fightbobby huge respect on the reign and career rejuvenation Wrestling is really heating up I enjoyed #WWERaw 💪🏻

Roman Reigns, sobre Big E y su canjeo del maletín en #WWERaw: Decisión inteligente

مثل ماتوقعت في العرض الاخير Big E يصرف الحقيبة على بوبي كـ افضل طريقه ليتبع صديقه كوفي بتحقيق لقب الـWWE بداية مسيرة Big E باللقب في #WWERaw 

#WWERaw Photo,#WWERaw Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Fact: nobody beats #WWERaw at social engineering and building bankable stars!! Once they made @reymysterio a world heavyweight champion when nobody thought he could be, and now finally deserving @WWEBigE is the new world champion. Truly deserving!!#onon

If Kofi and Woods gains the tag titles again this would suit a badass Survivor series match between New Day and Bloodline #WWERaw vs #Smackdown

WWE is so afraid of #AEW that they needed to emergency book a title change on #WWERAW. Nice!!

Kofi became champion at WM35 Big E became champion tonight Now all we need is Xavier to get the push and become WWE Champion! #WWERaw

So glad they never had the New Day turn on each other. A true wrestling brotherhood that should never be broken onscreen. #WWERaw

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Dolph Ziggler and Big E were together as a stable for a little bit with E witness Ziggler cash in and winning the title and now he done the same thing.#WWERaw

Maybe #WWERAW will be more entertaining with Big E as the champ and The New Day back together on the same show.



They run @WWE like a Scandinavian country. Nobody can share a name. So now that they no longer have @CharlyOnTV, they can now name a toy Charly. Another haunted magic doll on #WWERaw


Honestly a really fun episode of #WWERaw tonight! Every wrestling show will have it’s questionable moments, but I think overall tonight has been good.

I’m not even mad at Raw this week. Besides that slip up in the women’s match Raw has once again been decent maybe even better then decent. #WWERaw

Ainda estamos EXTRAINDO o melhor do #WWERAW ao vivo na Twitch

Are we really gonna ignore that code red delivered by @AlexaBliss_WWE ? Come on @wwe ?? #WWERaw Let’s go Lexi!!!

This is trash we all know a title isn’t getting changed during the week anymore this isn’t 2008 #WWERAW

vince needs to give jeff another world title run. the crowd is still so behind him after all these years. send him out the right way #WWERaw

@JEFFHARDYBRAND on #WWERaw in a belt match for the first time in ages! you know damn well it’s just to shut the fans up from moaning about chasing for the 24/7 belt (which he should never have been put to do!)

I have hope that @JEFFHARDYBRAND will win this. I know he probably won’t, but listen to that whole crowd rallying behind Hardy!! #WWERaw

Like i don’t fucking get it man #WWERaw @VinceMcMahon @bruceprichard you deserve what you once everybody go to aew you have nobody at allll i am done with the bullshit y’all Can’t even put on a half decent fucking show every goddamn week why tf am I even watching

What’s that, @VinceMcMahon? Oh, it’s the fans chanting for @JEFFHARDYBRAND? Oh I wonder why? Maybe because HE DESERVES A GODDAMN TITLE, OLD MAN. Listen to your fans, otherwise your corrupt ass wouldn’t be able to do the shady stuff you do on the daily. #WWERaw

The closed captioning person with Sheamus on commentary: #WWERaw

#WWERaw Photo,#WWERaw Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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