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Sorry, Vancouver, those were our stunt doubles. We would never turn on @Canucks #WWEVancouver

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Alexa Bliss FC ()

How beautiful she is! 😍🔥 Follow @alexablissguys for regular Alexa Bliss photos and #AlexaBliss #WWEVancouver

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Kristopher Rettew ()

@WWEVancouver Omg that was so funny when @BraunStrowman throw that security guy into the group of security outside the ring made my night

Josh ()

#WWEVancouver was awesome!!! First time seeing @TheRealMorrison live in action and needless to say, he did not disappoint! #GOAT

Singh Brothers ()

Sorry, Vancouver, those were our stunt doubles. We would never turn on @Canucks #WWEVancouver

Chris ()

@sportsfaucet @WWEVancouver That segment was good. They’re both excellent talkers. I still remember Elias dissing the SuperSonics in Seattle and he got nuclear heat for 7-10 minutes. Just sitting in the ring getting booed. Those guys are talented. Just wish they’d unleash them a bit more.

Rosario #thankYouSedins ()

Hot crowd at #WWEVancouver tonight we killed it, one of the loudest tv events I’ve attended

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Arash Memarzadeh ()

My brother went to the #WWEVancouver show today with his girlfriend and did not take me, which I consider to be the biggest betrayal in history since the Ides of March.

Amanda! ()

I don’t know which one, but I could have sworn that I had seen one of the @VorosTwins in the background of the last shot of Mandy Rose! Definitely marked out either way! #WWEVancouver

Tenacious P ()

Only us Canadian fans can be this loud and riled up during such a nothing happening, boring #SmackDown #WWEVancouver

#Daytona500 & #NXTTakeOver: Portland THIS SUNDAY ()

SOLD OUT! 14,382 have PACKED @RogersArena in Vancouver for Friday Night #SmackDown! #WWEVancouver

C.J. Harding ()

Fun dark match at #WWEVancouver as Lucha House Party go over Gulak/Maverick. Now for #SDLive

Tara ()

We made it with 5 minutes to spare! #WWEVancouver #FridayNightSmackdown

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Ben James ()

My view for the next few #WWEVancouver #SmackDownOnFox

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Leah King ()

@SimonMiller316 representing at #WWEVancouver #SmackDownLIVE @Bking103

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Tenacious P ()

FINALLY her 1st pro wrestling show (on her birthday!) and his 14th show. My wife is just #SmackDown #WWEVancouver

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Joy ()

Some day @DominatorWWE @WWEVancouver #WWEVancouver #WrestleMania36

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Maria🏳️‍⚧️ #softgang ()

#WWEVancouver Im gonna gonna im gonna im im gonna go do im gonma im gonna say the n word :)

Josh ()

We have arrived!!!! #WWEVancouver @WWE @WWERomanReigns you still looking for a partner? #signmeup

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ShaneDogg ()

#WWEVancouver #Smackdown @wwe ..doors about to about to get a new belt!!!

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David Corda ()

@WWE As someone who is going to their first televised @WWE event, THANK YOU! #WWEVancouver #SmackDown

Ryan Puri ()

Can’t wait to see my first live televised #WWEVancouver long time for this life long fan

Randy Dhillon ()

Seriously. This could have not have been announced when ticket went on sale. #WWEVancouver

Andrew Ngo | #ThankYouSedins ()

It’ll be interesting to see him live in Vancouver tonight, but most likely it’ll be via satellite from his home just like Goldberg last week #WWEVancouver

Jake Wilkins ()

Can anyone confirm that @HulkHogan will be live in #Vancouver tonight for #SmackDown ?! @WWEVancouver

BCNewsAddict ()

Hey Fella!!! Sheamus is on @GlobalBC right now! #WWEVancouver NICE!

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Owen ()

@WWEVancouver So next year Royal Rumble is going to be in Seattle I could see the go home Raw or SD here again

Rosario #thankYouSedins ()

excited for tonight #wwevancouver , finally i get to attend a TV event in my hometown

Rahul Patel ()

Best way to spend valentines day - go to a @WWESmackdownL show in #vancouver #WWEVancouver

Rahul Patel ()

@WWEVancouver So excited for tonight. We really need them to keep coming back often. Not just for house shows but for tv and ppv

Jaskirat Shergill ()

@HEELZiggler @Hooters Love to see you again ♥️ Wave at me if you spot I will be in second row just behind you if you cut a promo #WWEVancouver #SmackDownLive

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