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💬 “It’s always good when you score and it’s always good when you can help the team.” - Granit Xhaka #ARSLEI.


📲 Calling all $AFC Fan Token holders! 🗳 Vote for your favourite assist from pre-season with @Socios 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Saka v Orlando City 🇵🇹 Cedric v Chelsea 🇨🇭 Xhaka v Chelsea 🇧🇷 Jesus v Everton.


Xhaka wasn’t diving. He was displaying the modern person’s inability to thrive under the pressures of late capitalism..

Granit Xhaka on Instagram: “Heading into the weekend like… 😄 Have a good one Gunners 😎” [IG: granitxhaka] #afc.

Xhaka Photo,Xhaka Photo by afcstuff,afcstuff on twitter tweets Xhaka Photo

ジャカ: 自分は上がり下がりについて自由が与えられてる。監督やチームメイトから自由にしていいと言われてる。今のチーム状況は本当に嬉しい。これを続けてシーズン最後にはもっとハッピーでいたい。(アーセナル公式).

Imagine you’re Xhaka…you’ve just seen Eze literally fall to the ground to try and get a free kick with zero contact…you break forward and think you’re about to be held so you also go down to try and get a free kick. Why would you possibly think you’re going to be booked?.

Memang Xhaka di banyak momen punya kans buat lari ke belakang lini. Tp betul, bukan tipenya..

The midfield against Palace was an open midfield and so a big amount of the space was afforded to Granit Xhaka but the level of his creativity were not as great but Granit, a soldier as he is, went about his business well! Arsenal really do need another CM to strengthen the team!.

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This is basically how arsenal lined up with the ball last night Zinchenko Partey Xhaka Gabriel Saliba White Obviously Zinchenko is someone to keep an eye on But I really liked Eze was on free kicks and corners for mid and basically created every Palace chance #FPL.

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@AFC_Carys He’s involved in all our goals even keeping it and finding xhaka for Jesus’ first was very impressive.

Not sure but they aren’t getting anyone better than Xhaka at this stage..

Rotasi posisinya menggunakan Zinchenko yg inverted. Namun kita lihat, Xhaka tetap melebar. Ini digunakan utk masuk ke ruang antar lini. Masuknya tetap pakai Martinelli yg cut inside..

💬 “Siempre es bueno cuando anotas y siempre es bueno cuando puedes ayudar al equipo”. - Granit Xhaka #ARSLEI.

Ramsdale White 7 Saliba 10 Gabriel 7 Zinchenko 7 Partey Saka 7 Ødegaard 7 Xhaka 7 Martinelli 7 Jesus 8.

Life would be so much better if Ramsdale, White, Xhaka and Odegaard werent at my football club.

Player Rating cuz why not Ramsdale - 7 White - 7 Saliba - 10 👑 Gabriel - 7 Zinny - 🅰️ ————— Xhaka - 5 Ødegaard- 4 Martinelli - 7 ⚽️ Saka - Jesus -.

You can see how #Arsenal are playing much more how Arteta wants this season, very similar to Man City with the 2-3-5 in possession. Xhaka & Ødegaard push forward, White & Zinchenko tuck in to form a midfield 3 leaving Gabriel & Saliba alone in the back line. #CRYARS.

Xhaka Photo,Xhaka Photo by Gateway Gunner,Gateway Gunner on twitter tweets Xhaka Photo

arsenal player ratings jesus: saka: 7 martinelli: 9 odegaard: 8 xhaka: partey: zinchenko: 8 gabriel: 7 saliba: 7 white: ramsdale: 7 - tomiyasu: tierney: esr: n/a eddie: n/a.

@neonly___ Bisa dirotasi memang, tergantung lawan juga. Tp opini pribadi Xhaka tetep bakal punya porsi lebih banyak.

Görselde de göründüğü gibi Robertson ilerdeyken geride boşalttığı alana Milner geçmiş. Dünde Zinchenko’nun boşalttığı alana sürekli Xhaka geçiyordu. Ben bu iki ismi rol olarak benzettim açıkçası. #CRYARS.

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You always think he’s going to let you down at some #AFC.

Literally every single Prem midfielder people suggest we replace Xhaka with he has dropped a monster class on their head at least once 😂😂.

Whole United squad (17 players) = 28 points Josh Dasilva and Granit Xhaka = 28 points.

Player ratings Ramsdale 8/10 White 4/10 Saliba 10/10 Gabriel 8/10 Zinchenko 8/10 Partey 9/10 Xhaka 8/10 Odegaard 6/10 Saka 6/10 Martinelli 6/10 Jesus 9/10.

Xhaka - Slightly more integral than Thomas on the day if you ask me. Couple of real solid defensive cover moments, generally good with the ball..

Xhaka Photo,Xhaka Photo by LW_Pat #AFC,LW_Pat #AFC on twitter tweets Xhaka Photo

@ruangtaktik kalo di liat semalem xhaka sama zinchenko sering tuker zinchenko kayaknya bakal di posisi xhaka, tierney yang bakal ngisi lb, keduanya juga kaki kiri.

Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal Player ratings Ramsdale - 6 Zinchenko - 7 Saliba - 9 Gabriel - 7 White - 7 Partey - 8 Xhaka - 8 Saka - 7 Odegaard - 6 Martinelli - 7 Jesus - 8 Subs Nketiah - 6 Tierney - 5.

Saliba got the MOTM but I think almost whole team played well. Party, Ramsdale, White, Jesus, Zinchenko, Xhaka, Gabriel.

I thought Partey was brilliant last night. I know we probably aren’t even allowed to say that, but it’s a fact. We have nobody else that can do what he does, and need to address this. Regardless of his off the field issues, he like Xhaka will miss games anyway through suspension.

I have a good friend who might have a few choice words to say to Gay Neville after reading this from him , Eh @GunnerLoulou.

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