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Nikita Zadorov did not get a penalty for this hit on Luke Glendening. Was this a clean hit or dirty play? 🤔 #Flames #TexasHockey.

#Flames head coach Darryl Sutter on Nikita Zadorov’s hit on Luke Glendening and potential supplemental discipline: “It was a hockey play. I totally disagree there should be a hearing considering there’s been slew-foots in this series.”.

Wow, that should have been 5 and a game for Zadorov. No doubt @NHLPlayerSafety will have the final word there..

Feels like a hit that will garner Zadorov scrutiny from Player Safety. Bowness said on the broadcast that Glendening was in concussion protocol and was critical of the hit, called it a “head shot.”.

Luke Glendening caught up high by Nikita Zadorov and he goes straight down the tunnel..

Sutter on Zadorov hit: “it was a hockey hit. I totally disagree there should be a hearing when there has been slew foots in this series.” #Flames.

Based on the amount of outrage being expressed over the Zadorov ruling, hockey twitter in the 80s would have been insufferable..

Maybe having Zadorov out there when Connor and Leon are on the ice isn’t a good idea. Zadorov can’t catch Leon on one good leg..

Oh you call that but not the interference on Klingberg by Coleman? Or the check to the head by Zadorov? Fucking biased much refs?.

Good news for #Flames — no supplemental discipline for D Nikita Zadorov. He’s available for Game 7..

Watching Calgary meatheads go after Dallas non-fighters in the final seconds of Game 6 demonstrates, just like cowardly Maroon of the Bolt attacking Rielly, how the “code,” if it ever existed, is gone. These types of players - Lucic, Zadorov, Maroon - know no honour whatsoever..

“To me, he won’t be playing in Game 7, nor should he be…” @CraigJButton on the Stars’ new and effective offensive strategy in their Game 6 win and if #Flames’ Nikita Zadorov will face supplemental discipline for his hit on Luke Glendening: #TSNHockey.

Zadorov Photo,Zadorov Photo by TSN Hockey,TSN Hockey on twitter tweets Zadorov Photo

Darryl Sutter on the Zadorov hit “It was a hockey play. I Totally disagree that there should be a hearing.”.

Zadorov hearing is this afternoon. Tanev was not in a walking boot or noticeably limping today; will get medical treatments. Status TBD. #Flames.

Good morning Stars fans! Nikita Zadorov will be joining us in the stands tomorrow night..

Zadorov avoids any discipline on this hit as @NHLPlayerSafety determined head contact was “unavoidable”. Agree or disagree? 🤔 #Flames.

Dirty Zadorov head check on Glendening should see him suspended for G7. But you never know with George the Goon’s NHL clown show, do you? Parros loves the meaningless fine. And how do two referees completely miss that obvious head check? Oh yeah, they work for the NHL..

Any news on Glendening this morning, @DallasStars? Any news on Zadorov this morning, @NHLPlayerSafety?.

Wow. Zadorov literally hit him in the head before he hit anything else. NHL doesn’t care about concussions..

Nikita Zadorov will have a hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety on Saturday. The Flames defenseman is facing discipline for an illegal check to the head against Stars forward Luke Glendening..

Calgary Flames defenceman Nikita Zadorov will have a hearing with the NHL department of player safety on Saturday.

Flames defenceman Nikita Zadorov will not receive supplemental discipline from the NHL for his hit on Dallas Stars forward Luke Glendening, the league announced Saturday.

Head contact on Luke Glendening was determined to be unavoidable after review. Nikita Zadorov is cleared to play Game 7 tomorrow night. Glendening is a game time decision..

From @salimvalji: #Flames to potentially be without Tanev, Zadorov for Game 7 - #TSNHockey.

Zadorov Photo,Zadorov Photo by TSN Hockey,TSN Hockey on twitter tweets Zadorov Photo

Zadorov is literally one of the most random players to have beef with but here I am 😭 This man is such a dirty player, I truly despise him.

No hearing for Zadorov? I guess I wouldn’t be shocked that DPOS remains inconsistent but this one seems pretty easy to give a 1-2 game suspension..

2 slewfoots by Benn, stick poke to the face to Mangiapane and just Zadorov gets a hearing for hitting a guy 8inches smaller Makes sense #Flames.

NHL: fines Jamie Benn for spaying water bottle Also NHL: Zadorov lays a dangerous elbow to Glendening’s head. Knocking him out for the game and potentially the series. No fine or suspension..

@timandfriends Glendening’s head — which is obviously the principal point of contact — does not materially move, and Zadorov explodes through the hit… Zadorov should expect a call from George Parros in the morning. Yikes. (Tagging @NHLPlayerSafety just in case this one got missed at HQ.).

@ToughCallPod Glendenning doesn’t change his body position at all, he’s positioned in a way that makes head contact unavoidable, Zadorov needs to give this hit up if he can’t avoid the head. This is a clear cut suspension for me.

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