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Bottas - DNF Zhou - P13 A disappointing way to end the first half of the season for Alfa Romeo #HungarianGP #F1.

Zhou Fengsuo was among the first protestors to enter Tiananmen Square in 1989. He sees Badiucao keeping his colleagues’ ideals alive. “It’s important for the next generation to carry the torch on,” Fengsuo said..

WILLIAMS RICH TEAM ERA Chinese and other Asian investors? sign Zhou in my humble opinion, full Asian line up would be niceee.

@ikaro_46 En la próxima temporada dedicarán capítulos a Ricciardo, Zhou, Tsunoda, Stroll y al temporadón de Mercedes y tan tan, jaja, ya lo verás..

Okay, so who will go to alpine then? Daniel and oscar switch? Doohan maybe? Zhou used to be alpine! Is this micks next move after dropping out of fda? IS THAT GLOCK?? IS THAT GLOCK GOING.

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by ✨️Timo⁶³✨️ GEORGE POLE,✨️Timo⁶³✨️ GEORGE POLE on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

E comunque gli ho dato un giro e 4 secondi di distacco a Guanyu Zhou, con tanto di sorpasso in chicane ai limiti dello scibile. E 71esimo tempo su 2500 che hanno girato sul circuito questo mese e credo a occhio e croce non portino appresso il mio stesso peso.

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by Tancredi Palmeri,Tancredi Palmeri on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

2023 Driver Line Up Prediction RB: Verstappen-Perez Mercedes: Hamilton-Russell Ferrari: Leclerc-Sainz McL: Norris-Piastri Midpine: Mojon-Ricciardo Aston Martin: El Nano-Stroll Alpha Tauri: Tsunoda-Lawson Alfa Romeo: Bottas-Zhou Haas: Magnussen-Schumacher Williams: Albon-GOATtifi.

Driver lineup prediction for 2023: Redbull: Verstappen Checo Mercedes: Hamilton Russell Ferrari: Leclerc Sainz Mclaren: Norris Piastri Alpine: Gasly Ocon Alpha Romero: Bottas Zhou Aston Martin: Alonso Stroll Alpha Tauri: Tsunoda Vips (??) Williams: Albon De vries Haas: Same.

Ok, quem fica com a vaga da Alpine? Alonso? Foi pra Aston Vettel? Aposentou Albon? De acordo com a Mariana Becker, renovou Gasly? Odeia o Ocon, não seriam dupla Schumacher? Deve ficar na Haas Zhou? Não é mais da academia, mas é possível Kvyat? Não é mais piloto reserva.

Ok so : MER : Hamilton/Russell RBR : Verstappen/Perez FER : Leclerc/Sainz McL : Norris/Piastri ALP : Ricciardo/Ocon AM : Alonso/Stroll WIL : Albon/Sargeant HAA : Magnussen/Schumacher : Bottas/Zhou : Gasly/Tsunoda.

@shepherd015 @_Langaman One of the best F2 drivers I’ve ever seen was ahead of Zhou , Tsunoda and Schumacher.

@Albonthegoat @hollandsflicker no brainer, would create a huge fanbase which = money in east asia, i can see it being a possibility, Zhou is good enough for F1 aswell imo.

@WilliamsF1arg @ElReyGuiri Fuera de bromas, Zhou para ser un novato está haciéndolo bastante bien Ojalá y su auto dejase de romperse cada 2 carreras.

Drivers for the 2023 Season Mercedes: Russel - Hamilton RedBull: Verstappen - Perez Ferrari: Leclerc - Sainz McLaren: Norris - Piastri Alpine: Ocon - Mick Alpha Tauri: Gasly - Tsunoda Alfa Romeo: Bottas - Zhou Haas: Magnussen - Riccardo Williams: Albon - Latifi.

@Hamiltonspor Hasstir böyle düşünmemiştim ama olmaması lazım bence mazepin’de bahane oldu adam maldı zaten de zhou başarılı.

Tengo ganas d verle en la f1 a ver que tal,porque que estén zhou y compañía antes que.

Twelve Views of Tiger Hill, Suzhou: Distant View of Tiger Hill from the Canal Mooring- Shen Zhou (Chinese, 1427-1509); album leaf, ink on paper or ink and slight color on paper, after 1490 |.

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by Cleveland Art Museum Bot,Cleveland Art Museum Bot on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

@burtonbonifay @TomRichtrF1 Len aby ešte mal kde jazdiť lebo ak bude Ricci out tak McLaren sa bude ohliadat v Amerike Alfe bud ostane platiť Zhou alebo príde Theo P aj keď neviem ci ma toľko bodov superlicencie Alpha Tauri si ešte rok ponechá Jukiho čiže ešte možno Williams aj keď 🤔.

2日,美國眾議長佩洛西搭乘C-40C行政專機,從馬來西亞飛往台灣。當晚飛機安全降落在台北松山機場,台外長吳釗燮到場接機。共軍宣布將於4日到7日在... via @YouTube.

After the switch from Alonso to @AstonMartinF1, this would be my suggestion for the @F1 grid in season 23: Alpine Ocon-Piastri Alpha Gasly-Tsunoda Mclaren Norris-Drugovich Alfa Bottas-Zhou Haas Mag-Schumacher Williams Albon-De Vries It would be awesome to have a brazuca back..

@_emmabianchi Oui oui j’suis bien d’accord, j’aime beaucoup ce que fais Zhou cette année, c’est pour ça que Pourchaire si il doit rouler en 2023, c’est je pense ailleurs que chez AR.

@ElReyGuiri Mercedes: Hamilton Russel Red Bull: Verstappen Pérez Ferrari: Leclerc Sainz Aston Martin:Stroll Fernando Mclaren: Norris Piastri Alpine: Ocon Ricciardo Williams: Albon De Vries Alpha Tauri: Gasly Tsunouda Hass: Magnussen Schumacher Alfa Romeo: Bottas Zhou.

@paddock_inside Si on oublie le nom, piquer pourchaire peut être assez intéressant pour alpine aussi (ou récupérer Zhou).

Zhou Enlai called Zhu De, He Long, Ye Ting, Liu Bocheng, commanded the insurrectionary army to launch strikes on the Kuomintang army in Nanchang at 2 , August 1st, 1927. Through more than four hours of fierce battle, Nanchang city was occupied..

He Long led the National Revolutionary Army to Nanchang from Jiujiang and set up the headquarters here. Other armies led by Zhou Enlai, Ye Ting, and Zhu De arrived afterwards..

My wild F1 prediction from here is that Theo Pourchaire goes straight into the 2nd Alpine seat. French driver in a French team with a French teammate. If not, he might still replace Zhou in the Alfa (which I would be sad about admittedly)..

Mi propuesta para la parrilla 2023 sería: Mclaren: Lando-Piastri Alpine: Ocon-Zhou Alfa: Bottas-Algún Jr de Ferrari Ricciardo a los Tiburones de La Guaira..

With the insane F1 #SillySeason ,here is a momentary prediction. Alpine lose Piastri to McLaren, Alpine then contract Zhou after an impressive season, Mick replaces Zhou at Alfa and Danny Ric takes that Haas seat. Oh and Sargeant to Williams for Latifi..


@alfaromeoorlen My guy, announce Zhou before Alpine admin discovers he has no guaranteed seat next season 😬.

Ahora Alpine necesita encontrar a un piloto. Recordar que el piloto chino Guanyu Zhou pertenecía a la academia de jovenes pilotos del equipo francés. Este fichaje podría ocurrir debido a que Alfa Romeo Sauber dispone en su academia de un talentazo como es Theo Pourchaire. 3/4.

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