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Zion puts on a show in his return 💪 29 PTS 14 REB 5 STL 1 BLK 13-13 FG.

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Zion is so good that I have literally no faith or passing thought that the Suns will end up with the #1 pick..

if yall ever see zion out on the streets or sumn please please PLEASE beat him up.

UNC vs Dook tomorrow. Zion back, still going to be the same results 🤷‍♂️.

Whatever he want to be 🤣😭 Zion is a monster ‼️.

@damemorris95 See we debated that at the office and in theory I agree except for ppl hated young lebron alot also remember. Like ppl pretend it was the whole Miami thing but anybody over 22 will tell you they hated him in Cleveland. Ppl seems genuinely happy for Zion though.

Zion puts on a show in his return 💪 29 PTS 14 REB 5 STL 1 BLK 13-13 FG.

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Is that 8 or 9 missed FTs for Zion (if there is ANYTHING negative about him) that;s it.

Zions great I agree but you can’t possibly say Duke losing twice to UNC was because Zion didn’t play.

@_Hov_Goat Cam doesn’t get calls most the time for whatever reason IMO. RJ doesn’t either, it’s just Zion. IDK if it’s his game style or what but he sure is seen differently..

At this point, I’m just waiting for ESPN to somehow incorporate Zion’s name in their logo #dook.

@marchmadness so are we just going to call a foul anytime Zion touches the ball.

@DrouthDPT @gracedepietro68 Why don’t you take your “Hot Takes” elsewhere, because if anything they’re just irrelevant takes. I don’t think zion gives a shit..

@SyracuseOn247 Zion was nowhere near that shot. He was not worried about him.

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Zion is 12 for 12 from the field with 27 points and 12 rebounds in his first game back.

@TomFornelli @BarstoolBigCat Tom Brady might play until 65, why not Zion #senior.

@NyCoolin I think he fits just fine minus Zion or RJ or both. But not as no stand in the corner and wait to maybe get a shot dude. When he gets going it gets ugly (FSU, Louisville) but it’s hard to get going when when few shots.

Zion is one rebound shy of the same stat line that Luke Maye had in the first lol.

Updated bracketology from ESPN: The 1 seeds are Virginia (East), Gonzaga (West), Duke (South) and Zion (Midwest)..

This game is hysterical. Zion has about 6 dunks, and we’re not out of the first half yet..

Zion is worth every penny Coach K is paying him. Zion is so good Duke should openly admit to paying him. #CUSEvsDUKE.

@espn Fix your shit, I’m not about to die of an epileptic seizure trying to watch Zion murder a team 😂.

Frank Howard literally went out of his way to try and trip Zion and their won’t be a fucking word whispered of it. If that was Grayson it would be on CNN, ESPN, ABC, your local channel, weather channel, QVC, discovery and maybe even BET..

Zion is outscoring Syracuse by himself. Can you possibly bet on another team win the NCAA Tournament now?.

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@BuffaloAdam How bout this. UB draws them. Perk on Zion and Dantay on Barrett. Legggo..

Zion will have the most votes for the all star game next year. Remember I said it.

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