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Charging £9,250 tuition fees for university by zoom or microsoft teams is daylight robbery

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Megan Murphy
Megan Murphy ()

That ceremony was many things, but it was also a reminder that no one needs a one-hour work Zoom call. They fit in J-Lo, Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks plus all the other stuff in 30 minutes. Keep it tight folks.

Annie Agar
Annie Agar ()

If the #NFL had a zoom call to wait, Cleveland are you wearing a robe?

MrHumanity ()

To the FANGIRL who had the courage to call me good looking and say she’d cream her pants if I replied to her on Twitter, right to my face, in front of 20 people in a zoom *silence*...............I have the zoom call lmao

Destiny Lugardo
Destiny Lugardo ()

I’ll believe it when I see it but judging by today’s Zoom conference, the Phillies seem poised to spend more money than we thought they would this offseason.

Dianna Russini
Dianna Russini ()

The Bills media availability with all their coaches over zoom are always the most polite press conferences of any team I’ve covered. Everyone says hi how are you doing. Coaches know everyone’s name and ask what’s going on. Tough questions ARE asked but it’s such a kind vibe

ıɔɔnɓ ⁶𓅓
ıɔɔnɓ ⁶𓅓 ()

@JefferyxBball can’t believe mfs was making fun of seniors last year for graduating on zoom for them to do the same thing 😭

k²⁸ is listening
K²⁸ is listening ()

there’s someone trying to get into our maths zoom and sir is debating letting them in and making them turn on their camera 😭

Kittina ()

Contemplating online bullying my classmate on zoom because she forgot to mute herself and she breathes louder than my professor talks .......

ハンバーガー ()


| allie/mab⁵⁰¹ | ☾
| allie/mab⁵⁰¹ | ☾ ()

i’ll full on admit i have a crush to a stranger on the internet but i’d rather eat soap then have to turn my camera on during zoom class

CA.Rudramurthy BV
CA.Rudramurthy BV ()

Now this remains just a See the words There was no ifs and Sheer conviction on my rudraology and But now I see markets recovering and select stocks will Bears

Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom ()

STOP using Zoom for video calls. Zoom is not secure. I highly recommend , no account needed, p2p encryption, not based in the US, they store no video or audio data. I use them all the time. Read how they do things here: @whereby

くわてつ ()

@nishinonimono 伝説のガチ罪だからなあれは まぁzoomだけで留めておくよ

いなまた君。 ()


tatiely **** ******
Tatiely **** ****** ()

queria ter aqueles programas que da zoom com qualidade pra ver que lugar foi esse que o mc livinho parou pra comer e os caras ficaram medindo ele🔍

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🏳️‍🌈Lisa Talmadge
🏳️‍🌈Lisa Talmadge ()

Hey @JoeBiden take the oath on zoom. We are doing everything else on zoom. Zoomguaration.

dilf jos
Dilf jos ()

i understand saying it’s rude to smoke if someone right next to him doesn’t want him to, but in a zoom interview where he’s at his own place? who taught tw stans interview etiquette?

Expandify ()

@johncutlefish Take the formality out of Zoom / Teams meetings. Think a lot of companies (and people) have gone into the mindset that all online meetings need to be agenda driven and time boxed. Sometimes it’s nice to have a call open for an hour with people going about their working day!

مصراوي ()

لما بتعيش مع حد بتشوفه على حقيقته.. #دينا_الشربيني تعلن رأيها في الزواج (فيديو)

Gözdee¹⁹⁰⁷🐣〽️ ()

Görsellere bakı 🧿 Görselleri zoom yapın detaylara bakı🧿 Uçağın içine bi bakın 🧿 OLAN VAR OLMAYAN VAR KISKANIRLAAAARRRR 🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿💛💙 FENERBAHÇELİ MESUT ÖZİL GELİYOR🔥

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The Rad DudeCast
The Rad DudeCast ()

Latest $10 Patreon ep is up! We welcome comedian @ReallySamEvans to talk Zoom etiquette, the mistakes that come with this new way of life, a discount personal trainer, and the intentions of board games! Listen by joining our Patreon, gets ya 3 bonus eps per week. Link in bio.

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Maria Florencia Freijo
Maria Florencia Freijo ()

A esta altura el ministerio tendría que saber cuál es la mejor forma de aprender de los pibes por Internet. Hubo colegios con siete horas por zoom por día y otros de contenidos dos por semana. Dudo de las dos circunstancias. No es solo la presencialidad el problema.

Nnenna Onuoha
Nnenna Onuoha ()

Two gorgeous hikes this weekend. Hoping I can continue to spend time outside and don’t get sucked into another endless Zoom hole this semester.

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WhoHats ()

.@ManningOfficial joining me in the kitchen as I cook thanks to the Zoom call hosted by @fantomfilms!

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あの ()

ZOOM打ち合わせと制作しかなかったのに髪やってみたのきょう 撮った 唇血出てるから 隠した

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Martin Tetaz
Martin Tetaz ()

Hay una enorme confusión en el debate por volver a abrir las escuelas. 1- Nadie duda del trabajo y enorme esfuerzo de los docentes 2- El zoom no reemplaza el aula 3- En la educación inicial, directamente no funciona 4- La escuela es un espacio social y millones perdieron contacto

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Chloe ()

decided to make a tiktok about the drag race uk zoom cause im so excited for s2 airing today 🥺🥺🥺

Fernando pda♧♧
Fernando pda♧♧ ()

Podemos ofrecerte una oportunidad para desarrollarte profesional y economicamente . si podes darte un ratito mañana a las te invitamos al zoom con parte del equipo para compartirte lo que hacemos y veas que es ALGO SERIO !! CON MUCHO AVISAME POR MP

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Claudia Webbe MP
Claudia Webbe MP ()

Charging £9,250 tuition fees for university by zoom or microsoft teams is daylight robbery

Jake Sherman
Jake Sherman ()

Zoom out for: the reason members of congress are upset they have to go through metal detectors is because they think of themselves as royalty. They don’t go thru mags when they enter the Capitol. They have special license plates. They have staff that does everything for them

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