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LoU is in the air at PNB.

Everytime I see a hot girl I'm like bet I can manage at least one mutual friend with her on Facebook.

  • mildly jealous of all the +1 and +65 nos on college whatsapp groups

    what song is this internet https://t.co/WHCky2DXUS

    . @sukhkarni sena what is this

    how many likes? https://t.co/z0LouKWjMU

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    Movie review: hey remember the time we watched Padmavati while our 6 y/o was in the ICU?

    bullet journaling is therapeutic

    not padmaworth it

    why is this place not called o god it's midnight it's in noida https://t.co/bvMw0H6DrE

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    tgif https://t.co/TvlQtZqqxZ

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    guy who coded souldcloud's audio settings: must destroy user's speakers

    nip https://t.co/0nkN9aUMgl

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    always the right answer https://t.co/8kDMbsvh2W

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    twitter remind me where i saw this image will you https://t.co/2xjR1oK4Oo

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    me irl https://t.co/FsJV3J5fIj

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    kisses https://t.co/yzXxKV1kvJ

    kinley bottle plastic is thinner than my morale

    misplaced ad https://t.co/0FQac29u7T

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    hmmm https://t.co/hAdb3X8D3j

    14 Feb is 31 Dec for couples.

    what if im retarded and ppl are just being nice to me

    mc ye kya hai https://t.co/oKQllIkie6

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