izzy @abcdefu

aaj upwas kiya. sar phat gya.

Meet one of the main characters from It. 🎈

Sequel to "It" should come out before 31 Jul 2018 cuz that's the deadline for IT returns.

lol wut https://t.co/kThBDwh0BL

* hugs all blind cats *

rakshabowndhan https://t.co/IuUOGlQgS3

good car 🚗 https://t.co/uPRchRQsT3

when(1=1) Tip_tip_barsa_paani () ; * hypothermia sets in *

The Welcome Aboard sign should switch to read Welcome Abroad as the flight crosses borders.

omg this https://t.co/7oQHay7PRb

Coughed and sneezed at the same time while having a hiccup. There's my total solar eclipse.

only in sydney https://t.co/cML0wChOFx

Vishal Khota Sikka.

Did you read Vishal Sikka's cover letter? https://t.co/zfqSEYbzKn

#BlackHivesMatter - a campaign to save Africanized bees

Golf Course should be called GolfKhors to remind everyone they're in Noida.

[Arranged marriage intro call] Hi. We keep this short? "Why?" Longer we talk the more likely you find out I'm an asshole. "What?" What

y'all in 2017, nh7 lineup in 2007.

Mene coffee pi, fir me costa raha.

Why does McGregor's t shirt have his name on the front. Oh wait https://t.co/3RKjeOgIzi

Debt note 😌

v r hu v r

Khaini Sebastián.

nu campaign hu dis https://t.co/B5adIyK86C

Willing to run a 2500 Rs campaign to promote ZoomCar's competition. ugh https://t.co/7YVbPpJu8E

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