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If Bhagat Singh were alive today, he would have thrown the bomb at this rally. #ShaheedDiwas https://t.co/Q8uNiqiBZp

Two 🔥 brand women who always believe in hitting back at their opponents are sharing their birthday. Self Made Women. No Dynasty jugaad. Smriti Irani and Kangana Ranaut

  • India Army may overlook this Anti-National activity. PM Modi will not act against these fringe elements. But NO ONE will save them from Arnab Goswami 😀 😀 https://t.co/Q8uNiqiBZp

    I can decode any algorithm but his code words cannot be decoded https://t.co/FOLFDG36pR

    Soon @svaradarajan will write that Kashmir Pandits were forced to leave the valley in 1990 because of heavy Snow fall. https://t.co/TchXLlmGiS

    Farrago Abdullah top tweets

    Communist party at its best. Democracy mein sab chalta hai except the vandalization of Lenin Statue. https://t.co/ed6hwkkTIk

    No doubt she is from NDTV and she wants to know the death of people even before the confirmation. And she is "Journalist" also @GargiRawat https://t.co/q0aFqxPdA9

    Farrago Abdullah top tweets

    If any ABVP member were there instead of @Shehla_Rashid , NDTV/Scroll/ TheWire/ JKR would have declared fatwa against ABVP. https://t.co/d8miALecMh

    Farrago Abdullah top tweets

    Look who is talking .. The man who has been providing false news about his wife death is preaching to others. @ShashiTharoor https://t.co/Eba02wLrMh

    Farrago Abdullah top tweets

    [email protected] taking blessing of Dynasty. This Sardar is no more "Asardar". https://t.co/7UmW8ISHDl

    Farrago Abdullah top tweets

    This guy believes that drinking water will cure the Cancer as Miracle did by Mother Teresa. Verified @ashoswai https://t.co/coHW82ao0p

    Time for @htTweets to spew their venom against PVSindhu https://t.co/pFIrQzaLE4

    Farrago Abdullah top tweets

    A Lenin Statue vandalized, entire brigade of Liberals had beaten their chest & broken their bangles, cried for Fascism in India. Man beheaded by RJD supporters for naming Town Square after PM Modi in Bihar's Darbhanga is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

    [email protected] changes to @RahulGandhi

    Yeah, when a Pvt. Company vandalized Lenin statue at that time he & his friends were spewing the venom & doing Propaganda @tjoseph0010 https://t.co/9SODfdfHdR

    Sanskar of Islamic girl who follows Communist party. https://t.co/woJsXlswg6

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