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That is good. Keep Rahul Gandhi winning the 💓 s like this for next 20yrs. https://t.co/2hJXB2rM4g

This is called Art of writing. When your analysis of Elections went wrong then blame Election Commissioner & EVMs. #GujaratElection2017 https://t.co/7nmSuBo6eS

There is a little difference between Sycophancy and Respect. But Ex PM ignores tht difference & becomes Sycophant again. https://t.co/KWqGdfxVhJ

Today in 1971, 93000 Pakistan Soldiers surrendered to Indian Army. This is not the first time. They have been doing this since: 1948: Kashmir 1965: Akhnoor & Samba 1992: Sydney 1996: Bangalore 1999: Kargil & Manchester 2003: Centurion 2007: Twice in South Africa 2011: Mohali Etc

अगर धरती पर स्वर्ग है तो यहां है यहां है ! गुलमर्ग। #Gulmarg https://t.co/ExtaSoZkel

[email protected] who has been living in exile since 1994 & staying in India temporarily because of fear of Bangladeshi Muslims is preaching us about India. Irony dies ! https://t.co/NqJhzQM6bH

Kids: We will score 200 in Ranji. Adult: We will score 200 in International Test Matches. Legend: We will score 200s in ODI. #RohitSharma

Chanting 'Bam Bam Bhole' & 'Jai Mata Di' during Amarnath & Vaishno Devi Yatra will hurt our environment. But chanting "Allah o Akbar" will help in planting more Trees. https://t.co/4AErecv5cR

Brilliant expose by @TimesNow https://t.co/cRxA4q56kA

[email protected]_ , the Congress Spokesperson of J&K at his best. He supported Terrorist Afzal Guru. Now he is campaigning in Gujarat. https://t.co/ggK4DIon2x

Yesterday. Ran again. 21 km. Time for Aloo Paratha. https://t.co/HyQtULJ5El

7 Christians preachers jailed for "Forcible" Conversion. @myogiadityanath MUST give them Nobel peace award & Jail those who are doing Ghar Wapasi. https://t.co/6ZsgnVQNEi

Cc @ShashiTharoor https://t.co/ICpf9pyhqM

Yes, Nehru was absolutely right when Kashmir was attacked by Islamic forces he took the fight to UN instead of following his own Gyaan. @Ram_Guha https://t.co/fpnBCG4E6S

The way @thewire_in is writing articles, soon they will write World MUST be thanks to Osama bin Laden for his achievements. https://t.co/KSBLopTEAG

BREAKING: If you press a button on EVM during #GujaratElection2017 it will automatically vote against minority candidate, Arshi Khan, of Big Boss ~ @sagarikaGhose

After every weekend https://t.co/1q9lV9vvK7

Demonetization : It is NOT to curb the corruption and Black Money. PM Modi did for his personal gain. 1000s of Jobs finished. Worst Step [email protected] cancelled the Max Hospital's license. It is to curb corruption in Hospitals. 1000s of Jobs generated. BOLD Step #LiberalLogic

[email protected] is circulating fake survey but so called "Fake Busters" is silent on this. https://t.co/zzmfYIMhHb

So called "Women Activists" : Sagarika, Barkha & Rana etc. will NOT cry for safety as Punjab ruled by their Party. https://t.co/aXxyHlQ7Ew

[email protected]_Guha & @prakashraaj were beating their chest when Gauri Lankesh shot dead & a Muslim bruatlly killed in Rajasthan. Now they are enjoying whiskey. https://t.co/3wwXoQHYrC

BREAKING: If you will not share #VirushkaWEDDING pics on WhatsApp, FB & Twitter your Aadhar Card will be revoked ~ Supreme Court.

Cc @PiyushGoyal .. Is it possible in India? https://t.co/rrgsUoLKIk

13 Dec, 2001 Afzal Guru gave shelter to Terrorists who attacked Parliament. Afzal Guru had made the entire plan of #ParliamentAttack. Afzal Guru got support from @pbhushan1 & Kanhaiya Kumar. Never forget this.

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