Farrago Abdullah @abdullah_0mar

Will nation apologise to #ColPurohit who have spent ten years in jail on terror charges #NoTweetFromHer. https://t.co/GnHshIlb1l

Swarajya MUST learn from Scroll, NDTV, Janta Ka Reporter etc. that NEVER EVER apologies for the error or fake news. https://t.co/WlvDWfrPNw

Liberals' reaction: If SC's decision is in the favor of #TripleTalaq , Democracy wins. If against #TripleTalaq , SC is Modi's court.

Nehru-Indira-Rajiv-Sonia-Rahul, the Messiah of Muslims. Noone dares to fight for Muslim women rights. PM Modi does it. #TripleTalaq

Liberals who were fighting for Muslims in the name of "Lynching" & "Intolerance" are SILENT on #TripleTalaq .

BREAKING: Sagarika Ghose declares Fatwa against Supreme Court. #TripleTalaq

After #TripleTalaq the biggest challenge is to form the law against those girls who keep their boyfriends waiting for irrelevant shopping.

Core Sanghi guy has been fighting for the Muslim Women rights. Moral: RSS is regressive & Dangerous of the universe. #TripleTalaq

Slap on those faces who are keep saying that @ArvindKejriwal is working silently. https://t.co/nqaUeYj25Y

Rajiv Gandhi was awarded Bharat Ratna in 1991 just after1 month of his death Sardar Patel died in 1950 & awarded after 41yrs of his death.

The best thing about Vishal Sikka's resignation is that there is NO 3 months notice period for him.

ISIS: We have taken responsibility for #BarcelonaAttack NDTV: No. You can't because it is an "Incident" https://t.co/GLoEXr0iIb

The number of people came to meet @SunnyLeone exceeds the population of entire Australia and New Zealand. https://t.co/lS6q0YjEx9

Article 370 & 35 were introduced in the Constitution by Nehru ji. https://t.co/3dRe3v14Hs

Sir, I studied in J&K board. Kashmiri was NEVER compulsory subject. https://t.co/uEBuGAKfMg

[email protected] did fake survey. Time for NDTV, Scroll & Wire to give her employment.

Srinagar NGO & others helping Rohingya Muslim in getting mobile SIM card without address proof @BJP4JnK is sleeping. https://t.co/kaTaCw9GlK

They way BJP is inducting those whom they opposed throughout the years .. Soon Digvijay will join BJP. Hypocrisy https://t.co/X229UDP7XD

He was Shiva Sena leader. Left Shiva Sena. https://t.co/9yy6dm744M

When your code got failed in Production. https://t.co/WSd9d3eXv5

Rajkumar Rao will get best Supporting actor in #BareillyKiBarfi . Brilliant movie.

So gye?

Why? India is country & not refugee camp. https://t.co/GofHQU42Zj

Arundhati Roy & @SitaramYechury MUST protest against Israel for NOT Supporting peace loving Islam country. https://t.co/cBaZkFtYbj

Last Year, Pak's Independence-Day celebrated in entire Kashmir region. This year no such celebration anywhere for Aug 14, 2017. #NewIndia

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