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Happy Diwali to everyone and special wishes to those who are forwarding "Happy Diwali" messages without changing others name.

Child died because of Malaria but @Nidhi is such talented that she linked it with Aadhaar card. Propaganda uncha rahe humara. https://t.co/uq4AlkSAix

#HappyDiwali to all :) https://t.co/hVwfHU3hSO https://t.co/BBeIzEmzc8

[email protected]_in says Diwali is Islamic. Soon they'll proof that originally Lord Ram was Mohammad & was forced to convert to Hindu by Modi. https://t.co/9cY8STk0jD

Can we consider this trolling 😂😂 https://t.co/rCSf8O9nhJ

BREAKING: Bursting of crackers in Bangalore gets delayed because Lord Ram got struck in Traffic near Silk Board.

If you burst rocket in reverse direction and without bottle support that means You have enjoyed Diwali.

[email protected] one of the fearless batsman in Cricket history. #HappyBirthdayViru https://t.co/BSnwqLvPt4

Just after Diwali, PM Modi reaches Kedarnath. Rahul Gandhi is still in hangover and waiting for Nimbu Paani.

Top Maoist Sandeep Yadav is living luxurious & his son having sport bike. 13lakh in three bank accounts. https://t.co/DdAPQRhUhn

AAP govt used 29cr for Ads outside Delhi ~ CAG report. Two minutes silence for U.C. Bhartiya https://t.co/gu3jbVVdTK

Happy Dhanteras to all. People are buying Gold on this auspicious day & I am requesting wine shop wala to give me free chips & chakna.

Two minutes of silence for Supreme Court. #HappyDiwali https://t.co/qE589jpjKx

RT if you want to port your Airtel number to @reliancejio https://t.co/KvTJCOVy5m

BJP back to agression mode of 2012-2013. I hope soon BJP will take action against Vadra once BJP form govt. https://t.co/3ZwsiBpm9Q

RSS leader Ravinder Gosai shot dead in Ludhiana & last year in Jalandhar. @waglenikhil will beat his chest ONLY for Pansare & Gauri Lankesh

SenGupta MUST apologize to 'Unbiased' @AltNews for NOT taking consent for this fake story. https://t.co/VnlAbCynfm

[email protected] is right that Mosquitoes fly from BJP ruled states to West Bengal to spread Dengue. https://t.co/gFjENvN7Tl

He has been doing Propaganda since 2002. He kicked out from News Channel because of NO TRP. Now he is preaching. @waglenikhil https://t.co/KpK2nHQlEF

[email protected] ban Durga idol immersion. Riots in Basirhat because of FB post. Now she is preaching in the name of Taj Mahal.

Liberals: Arnab Goswami is BJP man He is debating against BJP. He MUST learn from NDTV, TheWire & JKR that NEVER goes against your party.

It would be difficult for Pakistan Media to convert it into Urdu for Pakistanis. https://t.co/iVWAdROBOi

Soon Supreme court will ban Air. https://t.co/DKZsszO9ya

The 2nd most difficult job in the world is to become PR agent of Rahul Gandhi & first one is to catch early morning flight.

Beef Ban: Lakhs of people will lost their jobs. Stop Beef Ban. Crackers Ban: Lakhs of people will "GET new" jobs. Continue Crackers ban.

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