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Some movie channel decided to telecast Ki & Ka last night. And now this morning.... https://t.co/wMfzC6wYPh

Never seen Rohit Sharma's technique being dissected as much as it's been done today.

Pakistan, say hello to the real Rohit Sharma

Sochta hoon ki Kya se kya wo kitne ho gaya masoom the dekhte dekhte https://t.co/sCoELJJHTR

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For once, I would like to join Pakistanis in the chorus "Bhoutni kay!" https://t.co/mRGZ4puZVC

One proper look at Indian cricket and you just know the players save their best for the IPL these days, and take international cricket lightly.

India looking as clueless about Hong Kong as https://t.co/QlmVwJs6hy

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Hong Kong against Pakistan : 116 all out Hong Kong against India : 100/0

India minus Kohli equals second string side.

Bade hi Nietzsche kism ke log hain https://t.co/h9ZJ6kncC9

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That one super embarrassing thing about India you see everyday? Here is today's quota https://t.co/hbfeeBED1m

If #Emmys had award categories like we have saas-bahu awards in India, the categories would be Favorite District Attorney Favorite Prosecutor Favorite FBI agent Favorite Reporter Favorite President

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu first met when he was called to sing at her birthday party when she turned 3 years old

Utterly fed up of seeing people romanticize depression and anxiety just cuz the new season of Bojack is out.

So SRK decided to post a picture of the Ganpati idol they've brought home https://t.co/UlJXclFSSO

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Oh goody. So when the next Asaram is found, the Shankaracharyas will come together to investigate and pronounce the verdict. https://t.co/iJ8esnkiQX

A painful watch like Westworld Season 2 has 10 hour-long episodes, meanwhile an absolute delight like Yeh Meri Family has only 7 :-(

In case you thought David Warner would make a comeback to the Australian side anytime soon https://t.co/bAToWA9Aag

To arrest one sub-inspector's rowdy kid, literally no less than the Home Minister of India has to step in https://t.co/PRITMv2bys

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