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The best trolling is often, quite unintentional

Don't dispel every rumor about yourself. Make some come true.

Waiting on most diehard desi Apple fans to suddenly discover the joys of Android now that a Rs. 1 Lakh + iPhone is well and truly out of reach

Daenerys was just a Padmavati who was unsuccessful at Jauhar

Waiting for the inevitable, and that is Padmavati will never make it to the theatres but will be leaked online.

Ed Sheeran after Bollywood was done with him ....

Justice League is a very enjoyable watch if you aren't hellbent on finding flaws in the movie like your life depended on it.

Pretty sure my phone is soon going to have low self-esteem issues, thanks to all the bezelshaming.

I've seen some crazy movie promotions, but George Takei being accused of sexual assault just a week before Tumhari Sulu hits theatres is by far the best

Dhoni haters are getting poetic

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