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Sridevi was Bollywood's very finest. I'll always remember if a movie I saw had Sridevi in it, and I'll most likely forget who her male co-star was.

Self-Aggrandu (noun.) - A person who makes a habit of posting twitter threads with their rubbish opinions on current events

  • Now waiting for him to upload an apology video titled 'Papon ka praischit'

    Schools should be full of guns. What could possibly go wrong?

    I'm not as shocked by what Papon did, as I am by the number of people saying they found nothing objectionable in what he did. Asshats.

    Geez this single tweet crashed Snapchat's valuation by $1.7 billion

    Yogi bought some lauki but the lauki was local, so he bought some low-key lauki to make the local lauki low-key

    When people sit up in bed like the Undertaker after waking up from a nightmare

    Justin Trudeau tried doing a Bharat Yatra, but his outfits made it more like a Baraat Yatra.

    Anyone who has doubts about Hardik Pandya's talent just needs to watch Black Panther once, he has answered all his critics.

    Talking about chips, I've veered off into the classic potato thin wafers variety entirely and can't be bothered with the rest anymore

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    Even I don't own as many pairs of sherwanis and kurta pajamas as Justin Trudeau does ffs

    If you're not excited to see Black Panther, wakanda person are you?

    Is it ok to atleast tell dogs "You should smile more"? No?

    They've finally given up on English, completely.

    Someone call an ambulance, we have a third degree burn over here

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    Great strategy by South Africa to not take Manish Pandey's wicket, this could win them the game.

    First de Kock, now Smuts. South Africa, we really need to talk about your last names.

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