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Modi to make major announcement on Monday. Dunno if I should take cash from home & put in bank, or take out cash from bank & keep at home

.... and the truth will set you free! 😄

The only people who don't get fired in our country for hatemongering are politicians. They get promoted.

Congo has elections this year. Fully expecting 'Congo Bhai Party' to win all seats.

Aaaand we come full circle to Saif's genetics argument. This is all of Bollywood for you.


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All Nicolas Cage really wanted was to get into John Travolta's phone #FaceID

With the current spate of train derailments in India, ofcourse ppl are looking forward to sit in a bullet train going at 350 kmph. Right?

Can't believe Petroleum Minister is lying about fuel hike due to increased prices, when it's due to increase in excise duty

Never have noodles at an elder person's house. "It's nice na? You like it, na? Nice no? It's Patanjali hahahahaha"

Hallmark cards in Pakistan be like ....

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