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The Argentina goalkeeper is having a horrendous night. Second such mistake, and this time it's a goal.

I hope Nigeria thrashes Argentina as well. Poor, pathetic play.

Stretched too far while doing yoga, and now I'm yog-hurt

Ronaldo has got Portugal ahead, but Morocco is looking the better side so far. Damn good game.

I'd usually never use these words for a woman, but I'll make an exception here. What an asshole! https://t.co/aVuVY9QzzU

The only reason that flag went up was to save England the embarrassment.

Audio lag during the goal? Ref whistle went off late when ball was already in play, hella confusing what was going on.

This entire match is such an ugly scrap. Just piss poor quality football from both sides.

The Handmaid's Tale - Season 3 https://t.co/SQUXm8G8Fl

Germany as defending champions look to be going the same way that Spain went as defending champions in 2014. Bracing for a first round exit.

My call is that Brazil isn't winning tonight. Either a draw, or even a shock loss to Switzerland.

Kohli should be the last person instructing anyone how to behave in public, in any manner whatsoever, what with his own on-field behavior. That's my take on it.

According to Bollywood, there are only 2 ways of dealing with trash... 1. Dispose of properly in a garbage bin 2. Produce it and make people watch it on a big screen to rake in over Rs 100 crores

3-3 is a fine result. Neither team deserves to lose this.

The older Indian restaurants have a 'Family A/C section'. That's the amount of pressure they'd put on you to get married back then, no A/C for you if you're single.

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