Neil Patrick Harris @actuallynph

Happy birthday to @AsherMonroe, a great friend and talent. Listen to him chat with @eltonofficial on his podcast!

Talk to me live on my NPH app today. iPhone- & Android- See u there!

Happy National Gymnastics Day!

Haven't worn scrubs since '93. Now I'm back in 'em, helping @Cigna save 100K lives. Here's our #ad... Now #GoKnowTakeControl !

Great good luck to @StephenAtHome as he tackles the @TheEmmys tonight. Always a consummate pro, classy song & dance man, and hilarious host.

Kickstarter Alert: I'm a massive fan of puppets, horror, and creativity. Give this well made video a look & donate!

Bravo to @NightmareNYC for creating a next level escape room called #ThisIsReal. Theatrical, challenging, immersive, terrifying. Loved it.

Happy 49th Anniversary to my parents, Ron and Sheila. Your love and commitment to each other has…

Things I Want For My Birthday (heretofore TIWFMB): an air compressor/airbrush kit. For painting faces, puppets or things from a 3D printer.

If you're reading this, you're not watching @InandOfItself in NYC right now. It's playing for a limited time. I can't recommend it enough.

THIWFMB: the latest high tech 3D printer. So I can make masks, or puppets, or parts to make another 3D printer.

TIWFMB: Just a small thing - the original conceptual map of Disneyland, as seen here:

Best of luck to all the nominees, performers, and host @KevinSpacey at tonight's @tonyawards2017. So much talent on one stage! #inspiring

TIWFMB: Sweet-Pants, my favorite brand of sweats. I'd order online, but the website's in French. @sweetpants1982

TIWFMB: to be fluent in French. Also, for my new nickname to be Sweet-Pants.

TIWFMB: To be friends with Elon Musk. And loose lipped Disney Imagineers. I really want to know tech secrets of the future.

TIWFMB: a small, new TV for the guest room.

TIWFMB: for everyone to buy tickets to the amazing @InandOfItself, playing at the Daryl Roth Theatre. #shamelessplug

Today's my birthday! Yippee! All I ask is this: please, please no presents. Your twitterness is gift enough. #ish

TIWFMB (last one (probably not)): Harry Houdini's Historic House in Harlem. #alliteration #magic

So sweeeeet! Thanks, @TheEllenShow!

This is fantastic! Thanks so much, @KermitTheFrog! You're an idol of mine!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, all. And for those yet to find gifts, time is running out. Are those @amazon drones still workin'?

Happy Fathers' Day from Daddy, Harper, Gideon and Papa. Being a parent is the single most…

I believe that love is magic. Join me this Pride Month and get my exclusive shirt that supports the amazing @EJAF.

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