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Wow! My book @TheMagicMisfits is ten weeks on the @nytimes bestseller list! Thanks to those who bought it, and for those who haven’t: what the what?!?

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So proud of @derek_del and this outstanding show. If you haven’t secured your tickets to @InandOfItself, you’d best do so quick, like.

  • Kickstarter: I just pledged for this cool version of Gin Rummy, but with a twist! Who doesn’t love a good card game?

    Thanks for coming, @BillyCrystal! It’s a truly special show. Awesome that you got to see @InandOfItself before it, well, disappears. @derek_del

    I’m inspired by young people following their passions and beyond grateful to be a part of #Doodle4Google as a judge. So, show me what you got, K-12 artists! Find out how to enter here:

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