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Next level balloon animal badassery. https://t.co/va3d42qTBc

Spent a day last week with @DavidBurtka celebrating the new @CapitalOne Savor card. It rewards you on dining and entertainment - two things we love. So we celebrated by… doing two things we love. Meta? Awesome? Both. #SavorMoments #CapitalOnePartner https://t.co/1JknPtKNmS https://t.co/VT5mAjaLBU

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Awesometown! Welcome to the club! Glad he’s reading the first - Book Two comes out soon! https://t.co/bsQacrngLV

Excited to partner with @CapitalOne for the awesome new Savor card launch – it rewards you for two things we dig – food and entertainment! #SavorMoments #CapitalOnePartner https://t.co/dxJOVVjuSh https://t.co/4aIyuJQKRQ

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Come to Wigstock on Saturday! Let’s dance, mingle and flirt! I wanna sell this bitch out so there’s a SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER on general admission tickets: enter promo code WIGS for over 50% OFF! Limited Supply! https://t.co/hE4IoQY2xk

I’m working with #JifPowerUps to find a new solution to the after-school snack time struggle. When Harper and Gideon get picked up after class, they’ll be hangry and’ll need to eat something quick. Thankfully, I always have Jif Power Ups on hand. Kaboom, chomp! Problem solved! https://t.co/eCZ5DKMGd1

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Flying home to NYC. Unidentifiable mist seeping out from the cabin vents. Very James Bond. I’m equal parts concerned and delighted... https://t.co/XgL6FCY9p0

Seventeen years. I pay my respects to those lost in the Twin Towers collapse, and I pay respect to all those heroes who came to the rescue. #NeverForget #NYC

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