Neil Patrick Harris @actuallynph

Looking for a great summer album? Try my good bud @AsherMonroe's awesome new Inner Circle!

What the what?!? There's no @Heineken Light distribution in Canada?? It has won awards!! I'm both shocked and offended. And now thirsty.

I'm so impressed and enamored with Chip & Joanna Gaines that I wanna move to Waco, Texas just to redo a house. @chippergaines @joannagaines

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I applaud the Mexican Army's victory at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 but I'm just not sure how mayonnaise got involved.

Happy birthday, @derek_del. You're currently dropping jaws on the NY stage in @InandOfItself. I'm beyond proud and so glad to know you.

Excited to announce that @InandOfItself is extending thru 9/3! More chances to bask in the glory of @derek_del. Tix:

Take a screenshot. Get the gold card and tweet a pic to @inandofitself. U never know what will happen. #inandofitself is EXTENDED thru 9/3.

Join me Sunday morning May 21st at the #VultureFestival for an enticing conversation. Brunch that week can wait...

You never know who you'll run into at @inandofitself... Don't miss out:

Always happy to support anything related to sideshows: The Curiosity Micro Museum and Sideshow at Pandora's Box

I still can't seem to master this iPhone touchsvreen keyboard. My hamds DO look like this for work right now, bit still... #autoincorrext

Getting excited about my Vulture Festival discussion on Sunday. What should we talk about?

10 of you were messaged at random to be sent a prize. No message? Follow @inandofitself on Twitter and Instagram for something special...

Lovers of magic, vaudeville, and all things awesome: get thee to Beyond Brookledge! It's happening this weekend!

Let's go Yankees! And if you wouldn't mind, Gideon would love to catch a foul ball. Thanks. @…

Watching @HelloDollyBway tonight was a joy. Perfect escapist hilarity. Rare to see an audience love something so much, deservedly so. Bravo!

On this Memorial Day, try to spend a few minutes in reflection, honoring those who lost their lives protecting our country. #heroes #respect

Happy Birthday, David. You're the most glorious husband/father/person I've ever had the pleasure…

Given the stunning and tragic circumstances, it seems important to be kind, not cruel. Stay strong, London. Don't let random hate overwhelm.

I want one of these so badly! Crazy cool ingenuity with old yet modern innovation. Dig it:

Given all the political discourse today I think it important to note that my birthday is in one week. That's all. Shipping info's in my bio.

Happy 49th Anniversary to my parents, Ron and Sheila. Your love and commitment to each other has…

Things I Want For My Birthday (heretofore TIWFMB): an air compressor/airbrush kit. For painting faces, puppets or things from a 3D printer.

If you're reading this, you're not watching @InandOfItself in NYC right now. It's playing for a limited time. I can't recommend it enough.

THIWFMB: the latest high tech 3D printer. So I can make masks, or puppets, or parts to make another 3D printer.

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