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It was totally the sipping of the water... https://t.co/YdWQjXWVr1

#CapitalOnePartner To celebrate the launch of their Savor card, @CapitalOne asked me a couple questions about 3 of my favorite things: dining, entertainment + @DavidBurtka. Savor rewards you for 2/3 of those things. #SavorMoments https://t.co/1JknPtKNmS https://t.co/AiaCVnXOKR

Always, @cavadeltequila. Your margaritas are the awesomest. https://t.co/axIY8J8XZH

Well played. Hard to miss a sharp suit. #respect https://t.co/J7W9v6jR05

I’ll try to bring my A game. Wait, it’s Disney, so my D game. D game? That doesn’t sound... I’ll do my best. 🤞🏼 https://t.co/HcWKLK5JwN

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