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A very happy birthday to the very funny, talented, amazing and super friendly guy @AksharPathak. Love you brother.

My new peom is about how the sense of trust is bedrock, and when it's lacking, the ground of your existence is shaky. Hope you guys like it. https://t.co/km7FsriEf0

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I hope you guys are enjoying my peoms. I've never written anything so personal before in my life. They portray my deepest emotions. My latest peom is on microwave popcorn. Hope you guys like it. ☺️ https://t.co/5T6t1oCTO8

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Father's Day is on the 3rd Sunday of June but I couldn't wait till then bohot zor se poem aa rahi thi. https://t.co/U48stqi1ss

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Doctor [open heart surgery]: "Can't proceed till you stop singing." Daler Mehndi: "Fine" Doctor: "Don't care how apt the lyrics are" Daler: Doctor: Daler: Doctor: Daler [under his breath]: "Sadde dil te chhuriyan chalaiya–" Doctor [throwing scalpel on the floor]: "BHO–

*opens Instagram* "Whoa that's a damn cool picture, where is thi–" Instagram: "Arre aise kaise, ruk main content refresh karega. Okay done. Ab aadhe ghante dhoond usse."

#BharatBandh 2025 https://t.co/VYClzK75oq

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Finally watched Stree. It's reeeeally good. Buying red paint and a brush on my way back to write "O Mama Mami Chacha Chachi Mausa Mausi Bua Phoopha Adosi Padosi Kal Aana" on the wall outside our place. 👍👍

Today is Roald Dahl's birthday. My childhood and imagination has much to thank Roald Dahl for. I've written a peom for this special day. https://t.co/TgjxiIlquN

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