ashton kutcher @aplusk

This dude is playing on the wrong day of the week.

A Maryland Politician Has A Radical Idea That Could Change Parenting

love = ?

why did you turn to music down everyone is having so much fun? This is why... … #cryptocurrency

I love this game but this has to be fixed. Study: CTE Found In Nearly All Donated NFL Player Brains

I tried to kill it all away but I remember everything

"One way or another" = grit #OWOA

We have an opioid overdose crisis, but cigarettes still kill 15 times more people.

Scientists successfully used CRISPR to fix a mutation that causes disease.This is why I wanted to be a geneticist!

Congrats! Well deserved praise.

Just cause I needed to hear it

The Ranch Part 3 playlist is the perfect soundtrack for #musicmonday

My personal favorite Toby Keith picture and song 😜

Looking fwd to @Forbes' #Under30Summit & supporting entrepreneurs' efforts to make the world smarter/more efficient

"You can't have a perfect day without doing something for someone who can never repay you." -wooden

Exciting addition to @june's intelligent oven family

Moovit in Budapest is legit!

It's a good thing too cause some poorly advised people decided to remove Uber. Why are you punishing you citizens and visitors?

I no Imma hrible spelr!😜 my grammor sucks too but ya get it

We waste 1/3 of the worlds food supply due to inefficiency. 1.3 billion tons every year

Congrats @CSSEntertain

So excited to dig in with @UNLEASHlab let's manifest the future we see! #UNLEASHLAB2017

This is actually brilliant application of blockchain tech.

Reminder - you have until 9/1 to enter the #Under30Summit

Congrats, @trygigster!

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