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चलो अच्छा है केवल एक घर तोड़ने की बात कर रहे हैं। अपनी बेटी की शादी में लालू जी ने पूरा पटना तोड़ दिया था। https://t.co/QWNC4lqpkn

I had written about the chaos in EV charger Tender. Here are some latest developments. Exicom Tele-systems won the tender. Unrelated trivia: Exicon, where Jhunjhunwala was once a board of director, won it. https://t.co/iskt7h43Z4

Renewable energy expected to generate over 330,000 jobs in five years https://t.co/Cl4c3RSsPE via @energy_log

Which is the worst tele-spamming company in India? My experience with Bajaj Finance has been the most terrible. Even after requesting their caller not to call me, I keep getting calls.

Andhera tera maine le liya. Mera ujla sitara tere naam kiya.  What is the technical error in the song?

😂😂😂 https://t.co/MbUvoPsjBi

This is how we encourage those individuals who try to contribute. https://t.co/z2ei8masVB

After attacking @rahulroushan, fact checker @free_thinker is attacking me for the Tom Moody's incident. Funny thing is that I posted those screenshot after it was published by media. Dear Pratik, work on your research skill. Let me help you 1/n https://t.co/ILWy15Q8Ld

So @free_thinker and his facebook partner are so rattled that they are posting my screenshots and doing whataboutery. FYI, after blocking me on fb, RoflGandhi was boasting that I blocked him on twitter. I just shared that link. And thanks for these kind words. https://t.co/Y9ucPuQpkx

15 sparrows visited today for breakfast https://t.co/2J0ORx2ei2

Sum total of Justice in the Universe is 0 India wins International Court of Justice Pakistan frees Hafiz Saeed

Log value of any positive number is less than its own value https://t.co/lp6gX9PGgK

Timeline of Padmavati Controversy Day 0: Very few are outraging. Nothing to panic Day 10: Few are doing silent protest. Police should take care Day 20: I don't support vandalism, BUT Day 30: Bollywood must be taught lessons Day 40: Those who are questioning Karni Sena are salves

Aap Bihar me Lakkhisarai jaaiye. Wahan light jaane par jab generator chalta Hai to uska awaz aap ke jaisa lagta hai https://t.co/T9H1DYEf4Y

People are gathering masses, inviting press and declaring rewards to those who will behead Bhansali. There is no action against them. There is not a single word from the government on this. If this sounds normal to us, then we are not normal.

Dear @AzmiShabana declare that you will make a hard-hitting movie on Islam and shut your critics for ever. https://t.co/vir25g1Tjd

Interviewer: What have you studied? Me: Engineering Interviewer: Explain your https://t.co/qY5RjJqxw8 final year project in 4 steps Me: https://t.co/MJlEYd0GMz

What a great player Kohli is

Shivraj Singh Chauhan has proudly announced that Padmavati will be banned in Madhya Pradesh. He says "Rashtra ke apmaan ko desh kabhi swikaar nahi karega"

Tips for filmmakers in India: 1. Start with National Anthem 2. First 60 minutes should tell why our past was glorious 3. 15 minutes of break for Ramdev's Swadesi products 4. Next 60 minutes focus on moral conduct and sanskaar 5. End with National Anthem

1. I am not supporting Padmavati. I am opposing vandalism and goondagardi 2. I have opposed the same kind of behavior against Kamlesh Tiwari, Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen or Da Vinci Code https://t.co/8HeORZnyLO

Assi Ghat (Banaras) par bhi bahut badhiya Kulhad Chai milta hai. Shaam ko baith kar Ganga Aarti aur Chai ka alag hi anand hai https://t.co/YoHdJeOYjm

2 minutes of silence for Rahul Raj https://t.co/ghrTDyW2OY

Shashi Tharoor will never forgive you for this https://t.co/HOKdRq6ybM

All I could get was: Tewari bacchalan lage raho.. par ab ud mat. Agla station par bablu har cheez sil dega. Sanghi agent tumhara naam tick kar dia hai. Ab tum achar aur kanghu ban gaye ho jis se garm hawa nikalta hai. Rickshaw nahi milega. aage badho https://t.co/HOKdRq6ybM

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