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Tribal woman is gang-raped in West Bengal. As per police, an iron rod was inserted into her private parts. It may sound repetitive now, but the fact is: Just because it is not from a BJP ruled state, there will not be outrage, morcha or dharna. It may fade as a normal news.

Blessed are those AAP supporters who believe that Center Government, MCD, LG, Police Commissioner, Chief Secretary, Police, Hospital....all are wrong, and AAP and Kejriwal are completely innocent.

  • Tagore wanted to Industrialize Delhi...therefore Okhla chalo re. https://t.co/Vcyoz4ryOw

    YG https://t.co/xV06WlEYQx

    Har kisi Ko nahi milta hai pyaar zindagi me https://t.co/cWdwWX6J6A

    A smart Principal would have replied: Exams doesn't necessarily mean academic papers. And Modi topped the exam in which lakhs of powerful, biased and dynasty lovers tried to do everything to stop him from becoming the PM https://t.co/P5uKbTqV7L

    Ankit Jain had hosted biggest Twitter meet-up of India. https://t.co/bYKmb0lWGj

    Why do audit agencies always get an easy exit during scams? Everyone is focused on PNB officials, but why are those agencies and those officials not highlighted who were in charge of Bank Audits?

    Kohli is a brand ambassador for PNB Kohli is a brand ambassador for RCB Kohli, Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi all are running well outside India.

    A hero can shape a generation, but a false hero can ruin many generations.

    What happens to the money which is looted during scams. Does it ever come back to systems or die as a tool by politicians to entertain people? For example, what happened to the money which Kalmadi looted or Lalu looted?

    Got this SMS from PNB. Scared now https://t.co/5n3G77dZSI

    Rahul Raj top tweets

    Don't be upset with the PNBscam. Middle-class salaried people will compensate for such losses through taxes.

    Good news: @nitin_gadkari inaugurates EV charging station at NITI Aayog https://t.co/fOSMXA7AUH

    Communists like Sb (Atomic number 51), because they are Antimony

    दिल्ली, मुंबई, हैदराबाद के लोकल मार्केट में एक चक्कर लगा कर आइये| हज़ारों नीरव मोदी चैन की सांस ले रहे हैं

    With @AstroKPJ. He is discussing heavy topics of Physics. I am kinda clueless. https://t.co/kywYn6Cf2j

    Rahul Raj top tweets

    Genuine question: Why was Raghuram Rajan not able to identify scamster like Nirav Modi?

    I feel really bad for @Shehla_Rashid. She had to deactivate her Facebook account because Islamists were abusing her and threatening her. But unlike other similar cases, JNUites or Bollywood or Left liberals neither outraged for her nor ran any campaigns.

    Kunal Kamra deactivated his Twitter account because RW was abusing him: Became a national news Shehla deactivated her FB account because Islamists were bullying her: No one gives a shit! https://t.co/tGs8IvxkGV

    So after hours of brainstorming, our intelligentsia could come out with the theory that Nirav Modi and Narendra Modi could be correlated because both have Modi in their surname. I feel so relieved that Pablo Neruda, Pablo Escobar and Pablo Picasso were not born in India.

    Indian celebs are attacking Nirav Modi. Few months back they could have done anything to be a part of parties hosted by Lalit Modi or Mallya or Nirav Modi. Would be a joke to assume that they didn't know that these parties were organized by plundering tax money of common people

    Stop blaming Nehru for everything. Who was heading the government in 2013. Who was heading RBI in 2013. It was not Nehru, of course. https://t.co/nFkGajlXD0

    Has the BJP government done enough to contain corruption? No. Are corrupt politicians of BJP finding ways to mint money? Yes. Is there a hope that corruption will reduce and BJP will tighten the noose Yes. I certainly hope that BJP will soon tighten the noose.

    UP budget has put lots of focus on primary education. Yogi has prioritized furniture for primary schools over free laptops to students. This is very impressive.

    A friend of mine has developed this amazing kids math app which asks maths questions to kids every few minutes when the play games or watch videos on mobile. Try this. Share this https://t.co/LsOmGUjQOW

    I am still sceptical. I will still be a critic. I am not yet a Yogi fan. But when he does something commendable, he must be appreciated. https://t.co/Yzd6C0Zo7K

    Superlatives https://t.co/jR76oiI26H

    Rahul Raj top tweets

    Kohli has taken the revenge of Mahatma Gandhi on South African soil in this series.

    The year has just started and Kohli has crossed 500 runs in ODIs. This guy is an alien.

    When Kohli faces camera, he hears: "Say Chase"

    When Tendulkar was in 90s, he used to get nervous. When Kohli gets into 90s, 90s get nervous.

    We are lucky to be born during the time when one of the best cricketers is playing for India. A player who is rare, a player who born once in centuries, a player who is unparallel. Thank you, Rohit Sharma for all your contributions.

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