Rahul Raj @bhak_sala

389.31 crore canal project collapsed 24 hours before the inaugural. Why should people suffer and contractors, engineers and ministers enjoy? https://t.co/99pjPTBNVb

It pains so much to realize that our hard earned money is wasted by engineers, babus, contractors and politicians. When will this stop? https://t.co/oydrpbJ2I6

Rahul Gandhi is discussing politics of India in US. He must also discuss how his family changed Rae Bareli and Amethi into development hubs.

Sir please plan visits to Kishanganj, Katihar, Araria, Purnia, Muzaffarnagar, Mahim, Azad Nagar...mentioned places are inside India only. https://t.co/qS4ywQ8HQx

Swap the religions of victim and attackers. It will become a BREAKING NEWS. https://t.co/gfUFugvNKi

I would recommend Sanjiv Bhatt if you are looking for a script writer. He has faced everything -- love, hatred, deceit, lust, sabotage, loss

3 years back back when Modi said that India will be a solar super destination, people laughed. Today the solar world is flocking to India

What would be the ratio of number of Chinese stalls to number number of other stalls. Any guess? https://t.co/OBhgg2B6Gz

In a parallel world Trump to Kim Jong Un: Send Nukes <2 minutes later> Trump: Damn Auto correct

Another powerful earthquake in Mexico.

I think Manish Tewari ji was appreciating the concept of quality time spent in holidays. That is why he is talking about Chuttiyan & Waqt. https://t.co/S9XLG89BOi

MODI = Mastered One Day International #OkSorry

Permutation & Combination 101 -- If there are 3 people and 3 positions, in how many ways can you arrange them. https://t.co/1t0qrdlY4U

Whenever someone writes political posts, anti groups be like: Bol na anti aaun kya

If The Quint keeps promoting people like Suprateek Chatterjee, very soon it will be known as The Cunt

Bitter experiences of life teach you why to become practical.

In my metro, two toddlers, who don't know each other, are talking to each other in unrecognizable random language with passion & conviction.

Word should be fought with words. Sacking someone for abusing PM or wishing bad for PM will set wrong examples. https://t.co/76ljQsgN2F

We can certainly debate on this. But I have been on the receiving end, so I know that it's irrational to decide someone's future for 1 tweet https://t.co/HRWWNPq5Wn

Yes. It would be foolish to blame RW. My only point is that the decision by Quint (including, taking down his articles) is irrational. https://t.co/IMSODXCha8

No. But had PM said that whatever you wish Suprateek, I as a PM would still care for you as my citizens might have been interesting. https://t.co/hXqKXSstsa

Valar Morghulis

The biggest conference of renewables in India will start tomorrow in Greater Noida. The facility is freaking huge. https://t.co/Myh9adwqpf

Aaj hi humne badle hain kapde, Aaj hi hum nahaye huye hain. Is kavita me kavi ka tatparya kya hai?

Give a topic to Scroll and it will create the best shit for you from it https://t.co/v2Lw1doWvL

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