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Which politicial party enjoys the maximum blind support by their supporters?

Found this beautiful picture on fb. Who has sketched this? https://t.co/Pr6At4P5tt

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I have given up on the belief that someone would be able to create a sudden massive change in the Indian social and political systems.

Look Trump, Mexico proved that they can be better than Germany. You couldn't do that with all your resources.

Cruel https://t.co/PUtk2VbjkI

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The electricity tariff rate for Delhi has been lowered so much that Solar doesn't make sense to the majority of population. Ask your client to explain this to you. https://t.co/b1eqeukrFP

At one side, Kejriwal is tweeting that IAS officers shouldn't be scared of PM as he will provide security to them, at other side, Kejriwal's minions are hounding IAS officers. Irony jumped from Burj Khalifa and committed suicide.

Kejriwal started his career by blaming Congress. In the last 3 years, he & his zombie supporters have blamed police, MCD, PM, HM, FM, IAS lobbies, all. When elected to find solutions, he is taking support from the same Congress & sleeping inside LG's house for dharna. https://t.co/35OusITomE

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मोदी मोदी रट रट कर, दिल्ली को बनाया उल्लू बहुमत के बदले मिल गया, बाबा जी का ठुल्लू बहुत हुआ छल प्रपंच, बहुत हुआ गीत और ताल बंद करो नौटंकी, काम शुरू करो केजरीवाल https://t.co/mJpKb1bxne

A 15-yr old girl & her mother were reportedly gang-raped in Bihar. A fact-finding team formed by Tejaswi, consisting of many RJD leaders, forced the victim to get down from a police vehicle, reveal her identity & narrate her story. Since RJD is involved, there is no outrage. https://t.co/PBrMO2DYQy

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Congratulations @sumit27saxena :) https://t.co/HJ16X7WPuj

Why is @ArvindKejriwal so scared of Press? https://t.co/g8eGhC7FjK

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I would be extremely happy if Uddhav Thackrey and Sharad Pawar also visit Delhi to meet Kejriwal.

Patanjali to enter Electric Vehicle market https://t.co/3tkvXsvTOv via @energy_log

Happy Eid to all

Terrorists would certainly have received support from locals during abduction of Aurangzeb. For Kashmiris, it is not easy to send their kids to the army, and If the government can't ensure security of soldiers who joined from Kashmir, Kashmiris won't send their kids to the army.

Gone are those days when "सुना है लोग उसे आँख भर के देखते हैं..", "जी भर के देख लीजिये हमको क़रीब से" and "देख लो आज हमको जी भर के.." were considered romantic. https://t.co/KaodPTvAvA

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The facebook partner of @AltNews is back in action. @swamv39 is digging old tweets of Atul to justify action against it. Read the tweet by Atul. He asked people to share their problems with Mamta for which he is labelled as a Muslim hater. https://t.co/MOy11amNfm

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One big difference between Left Wing and Right Wing of India is that the Right Wing advocates for restriction in freedom, and the left advocates for complete freedom, however, if you go against the Left Wing, the group will ensure that you pay heavily for your freedom.

Delhi Air is reminding me of the opening scene of Interstellar "In the mid-21st century, crop blights and dust storms threaten humanity's survival."

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