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Spent many days of my 3rd year and 4th year at the stairs of Assi Ghat, enjoying Kulhar Chai. https://t.co/3tNqMJ6AQo

The guy who has to consult 10 people on stage to say 10 lines is projected as the PM. Imagine him going to international conferences to make tough decisions for India. https://t.co/zBFWhWvqCp

Beiber and Waiver https://t.co/oM0IWJZ8mE

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Another Feather on the cap of Madhya Pradesh CM: As per wikileaks, Kamal Nath leaked nuclear secrets to the US and compromised national security. https://t.co/ytfqQelEXP

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Indian team should run Monte-Carlo simulation to decide the probability of players to be chosen for the next text.

Kamal Nath gives a casual interview to Rajdeep. He is unable to recall whether Congress has won 215 seats or 114 seats. Rajdeep smartly kept reminding him of real numbers, but Kamal Nath was not able to grab that. Are these the Tough Interviews which media was talking about?

What was the best opening combination of India in Test series?

When actions were taken against P Chidambaram and his son, it was declared Vendetta politics and Court got credits. When actions were taken against Lalu Yadav, sympathy wave was created for him and it was declared Vendetta politics. BJP folks were happy in trending #HonestSarkaar

RIP Tulsi Ramsay. The generation born in 80s and 90s will always thank you for making movies like Veerana, Bandh Darwaza, Purana Mandir which taught them to watch horror movies under blanket or quilt to hide the display of erratic movements in a certain part of the body. https://t.co/b69sn7VlsW

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I wonder why Gandhi Family didn't remember such quotes when Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were chosen over dozens of senior capable leaders of their times. https://t.co/Hxg8mteCaR

The energy curve of China is shifting. https://t.co/JosKslhX1p

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Stop attacking Kamal Nath ji. He is an honest politician who has done a lot for corruption free quality education of poor students in India. His IMTs charge a small fee of 15 lakhs and are known for easy backdoor entry with few lakhs of additional donations.

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