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A short post on the difference between understanding and skill in sport. https://t.co/AQhhhkrF7P

A third double for Rohit. When the conditions are in his favour, he is really quite unmatched

Really do believe @CSIAMumbai and @Uber_India need to sit together and resolve issues for the benefit of customers. The current situation does neither any credit.

Probably easier to call than the standout game: Real Madrid vs PSG!! https://t.co/e9S11aj7US

What about the violence and the brawls in the news? Okay for children to believe that is how adults behave? https://t.co/i3Mq3KWfZT

Wish @imVkohli and @AnushkaSharma the very best in life together. You have been fantastic for each other and may it always be that way.

India's new FTP addresses commercial realities of our game. Limited overs cricket sits on top of the tree and the only tests that seem to matter are between the top 4-5 countries.

It is an inevitable cycle. If you want colossal rights income, you have to provide the box-office cricket that allows tv channels recovery of their investment. Playing each other makes the tougher teams stronger and more alluring for TV rights https://t.co/9eziPPD9Pe

If more people had watched, it wouldn't be so https://t.co/EEMrNm2ZUS

Normally "exclusive" is a big cheque! https://t.co/9pHqaqQqre

Books in a carton. Makes us feel proud and grateful https://t.co/nqFKmExVHE

I keep reading stories of how England can't beat Australia at the WACA. I had heard similar stories in 2008. But we saw then that Australia can indeed be beaten there.

Far from it. I am anti-giving-up-before-the-game-starts https://t.co/ruXValgAbY

A pleasant problem for @RCBTweets https://t.co/MhrKwThtmv

Thank you. Stories are a big part of our game. Will keep doing. Cheers. https://t.co/9V2dArNUJL

For the sake of the profession, I hope all the news channels get together and realise what they have unleashed and what a dangerous path they are on. We are on the brink and tipping over.

Have done a longer post here https://t.co/LU1hjyYAW9 https://t.co/tnQxaZWWU4

I cannot believe this was aired. It is a disgrace. Remember talk of self-regulation by the media? https://t.co/3z6wtSYjUZ

With Sri Lanka not picking Lasith Malinga, I fear the career of a great limited overs bowler might be drawing to a close. On @cricbuzz, we thought he was the best IPL player over its 10 years.

You are being polite. I thought it was a fake Dettol account. If this is deemed acceptable, it worries me greatly https://t.co/1u1icOgNuW

Oh dear, a second ball wicket for Australia. Nothing on hotspot, given on snicko!!

Player retention decision today. Believe whether through retention or right-to-match, there should be 5 #IPL

The #Ashes will be in Australia now.

And a system that has him batting at no 7!! https://t.co/CCBLse8Jpm

Brilliant from Jadeja. And the best slip fielder in this side, Rahane, makes a sharp chance look easy. Looking even tougher for Sri Lanka

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