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Strong health systems promote strong economic growth. Nigeria’s investments in its communities will yield benefits for years to come. #ImagineNigeria

I’m hopeful we can alter the course of Alzheimer's if we invest in research to better understand how the disease unfolds. #ShareTheOrange is a promising new campaign to support Alzheimer’s research. @ARUKnews

  • I often meet with educators who have creative ideas about how to make school systems work for every child. Recently, I chatted with Superintendent Jorge Aguilar about how his district is improving outcomes for students.

    I feel lucky to have known Stephen Hawking. His work is an inspiring reminder of what human minds are capable of.

    Developing affordable, clean energy for all is one of the smartest public investments our country can make. We need lots of innovation to get there, and @ARPAE is leading the way: #ARPAE18

    Superintendent Jorge Aguilar uses data to make a difference in the lives of students in Sacramento. We talked about how his own experiences have played a big role in shaping his approach:

    Advances in agriculture can have a big impact on the lives of the world’s poorest. I’m particularly excited about new research from the @RIPEproject.

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