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These numbers are way too high, but I’m optimistic we’ll see an end to malaria in my lifetime: #WorldMosquitoDay

How long do insecticide-treated bed nets protect people from mosquitoes? Check your answer:

Summer is officially here… Get lost in one of these great books:

It's easy to take cutting-edge research for granted. But most breakthroughs that improve our lives start as government-sponsored research.

President Jimmy Carter’s “A Full Life” is a good read about a great man:

How can Haiti get the biggest anti-poverty bang for its buck? By prioritizing projects based on impact.

These creators are supporting the fight against global poverty-I hope you’ll be as inspired as I am by these videos:

Federal funding plays a critical role in R&D. It would be a mistake to cut short the progress being made by @ARPAE:

Paul Farmer is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. He recently spoke with @drsanjaygupta about his work.

Foreign aid helps promote America’s economy. Pulling back now could backfire on U.S. workers.

[email protected] on why facts matter and how our foundation is encouraging collaboration and debate.

Investing in basic scientific research drives remarkable returns for America’s economy, health, energy, and defense.

Here’s how investments in foreign aid—which account for less than 1% of the federal budget—help Americans at home:

Trevor Noah’s outsider take on comedy was honed over a lifetime of never fitting in. His story is a great read.

In the fight against a devastating disease, India has a lot to be proud of.

Tune in to @Discovery at 9 pm to learn about the progress we’re making to stop the world’s deadliest animal:

[email protected]_adesina’s optimism about Africa’s future is inspiring. This is a well-deserved recognition.

You continue to inspire me, @Malala. Thanks to you, young women around the world can dream of a brighter future for themselves.

Every woman should be able to make choices about her own future.

During my visit to the @NIH, I put on a virtual reality headset and got a glimpse of the future of medicine.

News worth sharing… U.S. foreign aid to fight malaria has saved the lives of almost two million children in Africa.

How many jobs are supported by the NIH? Check your answer here:

A great case from @tirosenberg for why we should invest in vaccines we (hopefully) will never need to use.

Congrats, @Venuseswilliams and @rogerfederer! Looking forward to a great weekend of tennis ahead. #Wimbledon

If we can predict where the next Ebola or AIDS might emerge, we could save millions of lives:

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