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I wait for new Vaclav Smil books the way some people wait for the next Star Wars movie. In his latest book, he lays out how our quest for energy has shaped human history:

I’m in Paris for the big meeting on climate change hosted by President Macron. The good news is that there’s a lot of progress to report. Here are four reasons to be optimistic:

Our $1 billion clean energy investment fund @btenergy is moving full steam ahead. This is where we will focus our investments:

We must support and create new pathways for women in tech. That’s the message that Melinda is bringing to #GHC17:

I visited @GeorgiaStateU earlier this year and met an amazing group of students...

I haven’t heard many doctors talk about reducing their role in treatment. But when Tom Ellman speaks, people listen:

Only half of the American students who start college will graduate. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for schools that defy the odds.

Science can make the world a better place – but only if we work together: #TogetherScienceCan

Be curious about everything. Observe attentively. Indulge fantasy @WalterIsaacson on how to think like Leonardo.

My approach to philanthropy might look very different if I’d never met Bill Foege.

Bill Foege’s vision led to one of the greatest achievements in global health: the eradication of smallpox:

This university is remarkable: all students, regardless of race or income, graduate at the same rate:

There are few people I've learned more from than Bill Foege.

After Ali Maow Maalin survived the only disease ever eradicated, he fought to end another…

All kids in America should get a great education but some are left behind. Here's what we’re doing to help fix this.

Can you correctly identify these African countries on a map? You’ll be surprised to learn what they have in common:

I had the privilege of speaking with @GreatCitySchls about how we can continue to address inequities in public ed:

[email protected] the polio expert? It's just one of this superstar’s many surprising talents: #WorldPolioDay

Stories like these remind me of why Melinda and I started our foundation.

“The death that didn’t happen is not visible." A fascinating conversation between @Atul_Gawande and @Gladwell.

My first trip to Africa with Melinda was the catalyst that began my #MyGivingStory. What's yours:

This unusual tool for fighting disease turns our old thinking about treatment on its head.

By investing in R&D, I know we can discover new innovations that will help wipe tuberculosis off the map:

Tanzania hopes to eliminate one of the world’s most painful diseases by 2020. From what I saw in this village, I’m optimistic they will.

I really enjoyed this conversation between our foundation CEO @SueDHellmann and Science Friday host @iraflatow.

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