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All kids in America should get a great education but some are left behind. Here's what we’re doing to help fix this.

After Ali Maow Maalin survived the only disease ever eradicated, he fought to end another…

There are few people I've learned more from than Bill Foege.

This university is remarkable: all students, regardless of race or income, graduate at the same rate:

People often ask me how they can help save lives. Here’s an easy way...

Want to make a difference? Help me give away 100,000 bed nets to families in need:

How long do insecticide-treated bed nets protect people from mosquitoes? Check your answer:

These numbers are way too high, but I’m optimistic we’ll see an end to malaria in my lifetime: #WorldMosquitoDay

Washington State Teacher of the Year @farmtableteach’s approach to teaching STEAM sparked my imagination…

Washington State Teacher of the Year Camille Jones helps her students discover hidden talents...

Find a @DonorsChoose project that inspires you, and our foundation will help you make a bigger impact:

Melinda and I love meeting with students. A great listener, she always keeps track of what she learns from them…

Putting everyday objects in the hands of great teachers can lead to magical moments in the classroom…

Using index cards and pennies, Camille Jones showed me how she teaches her students to think like engineers…

A promising study... A new type of probiotic may reduce the risk of sepsis in newborn babies:

In September, world leaders will gather at the UN. I look forward to meeting these Goalkeepers in New York...

Vaccines do more than save lives: they can also reduce the use of antibiotics and slow the spread of resistance:

These incredible schools help their students succeed in the classroom – and in life:

I’m very disappointed with today’s decision to end #DACA. Our statement:

I couldn’t agree more, @GaviSeth. We need to "think big and aim high."

This little-known government agency wants to do for energy what DARPA did for the Internet.

I'm excited to talk to @BarackObama about how to drive change and accelerate progress toward the Global Goals.

We’ve never had such an urgent need to move from one energy source to another. @ARPAE can help get us there faster:

Sometimes, the best meals happen in surprising places.

Progress can be hard to see. That’s why we’re launching a new look at the stories behind the data. #Goalkeepers17

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