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We need a reliable, affordable, and accessible diagnostic for Alzheimer’s disease. If you have a bold idea, I encourage you to apply for funding on the new Diagnostics Accelerator website: https://t.co/oNJH0CTgBc https://t.co/YcpZhyZtfd

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Alzheimer’s research is one of the most exciting frontiers of science. I’m optimistic we can alter the course of the disease if we make progress in five key areas, including the development of a better diagnostic: https://t.co/nChla7AA2T https://t.co/SWyK5r4Vb2

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I'm excited to share that my next investment in Alzheimer’s research is in a new fund from @TheADDF called Diagnostics Accelerator. I’m joining Leonard Lauder and other philanthropists in committing over $30M to develop a new way to diagnose Alzheimer’s. https://t.co/hPnOu0PEBX

Nelson Mandela was tireless in his pursuit of equality and justice for all. As we celebrate #Mandela100, let’s resolve to do everything we can to create the world he dreamed of. #MandelaDay https://t.co/HUDuRrgX7R

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[email protected] the opportunity to learn from you and other members of the Alzheimer’s community has made me more optimistic than ever. https://t.co/ivlnUTi78H

“I hope you’ll join me to work for a world where every girl can learn and lead without fear.” @Malala's mission inspires me today and every day. #MalalaDay https://t.co/58k70RXedS

What I learned from a remarkable doctor about bringing healthcare to some of the most remote places on earth: https://t.co/Gai5HD2wff https://t.co/BgJFP9kmoh

“I want to change the world, and education is the best way to do it.” I support @khanacademy because of students like Anjali. https://t.co/Rgwmm4zfUF

This is one of the rare times when I will share bad news: We’re still not ready for the next epidemic. (But we can be.) @edyong209 https://t.co/Fo2GdXbKMv

In Liberia, health workers travel far and wide to make sure no patient is out of reach: https://t.co/FsjLtR59CJ https://t.co/dpQMyP5iaj

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