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[email protected] Thank you for a fantastic meeting today. It was an incredible surprise and honor to be awarded the Order of Federation. Your partnership has been instrumental in the fight to eradicate polio. I look forward to continuing our work.

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic that we can stop Alzheimer’s. One of those reasons is brave patients like Sandy Halperin. via @drsanjaygupta

I believe that we can alter the course of Alzheimer’s. That’s why I’m investing in the Dementia Discovery Fund.

[email protected]_Cameron Your leadership has helped raise the profile of dementia research. I look forward to working with you.

[email protected] The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement has helped shed light on how this disease affects women. I’m excited to join the fight.

[email protected]_Hunt Governments all over the world need to be thinking about the costs of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The UK’s continued leadership will be critical as we move forward.

What will it take to find a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s? We need to make progress in these five areas…

I couldn’t agree more, @GaviSeth. We need to "think big and aim high."

This little-known government agency wants to do for energy what DARPA did for the Internet.

I'm excited to talk to @BarackObama about how to drive change and accelerate progress toward the Global Goals.

We’ve never had such an urgent need to move from one energy source to another. @ARPAE can help get us there faster:

Sometimes, the best meals happen in surprising places.

Progress can be hard to see. That’s why we’re launching a new look at the stories behind the data. #Goalkeepers17

We hope the stories behind the fight to end poverty will challenge, inform, and inspire you as much as they have us:

I recently had lunch with a class of primary school students in Tanzania. You can join us in my latest #VR video:

Melinda and I have always believed that where a child is born shouldn’t determine his or her future.

The benefits of a school lunch program don’t stop at the classroom door:

#ThanksPaul for everything you've done for Seattle, and the world.

The decisions we make now will have a profound impact on the lives of millions of people.

I think the world has never been better—more peaceful, prosperous, safe, or just. And I’m on a mission to prove it.

[email protected] knows a thing or two about inspiring young people. We loved talking to him about how to empower others to change the world.

I got to play host to @Trevornoah earlier in the week. Last night, it was my turn on the hot seat on @TheDailyShow:

[email protected] is one of my favorite people to talk to about the state of the world:

Fact: disease and poverty are solvable. But progress doesn’t happen on its own. Learn what’s possible:

Progress is coming faster than ever. “Hit Refresh” is a thoughtful exploration of the future of technology.

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