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In my home state, climate change is on the ballot. Here’s why I’m voting @Yeson1631 and why I’m encouraging my fellow Washingtonians to do the same. https://t.co/JdjctyHaDG

If all the cattle in the world joined together to start their own country, they would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Here are four more mind-blowing facts about climate change: https://t.co/xQoZN49JRQ https://t.co/m45HNVmWIG

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We need the world’s brightest minds working on preventing the worst effects of climate change. I’m placing my bets in five key areas: https://t.co/GxDk4orF6D https://t.co/i3K7L9SpFF

Paul deserved more time in life. He would have made the most of it. I will miss him tremendously. https://t.co/npPAjGCCsc

I’m in Brussels this week to sign an agreement between Breakthrough Energy and the @EU_Commission. We’re creating a pilot fund that will invest €100 million in European companies working to stop climate change. https://t.co/3PrAa4Wsky

How many drivers would have to switch to electric cars to equal the annual emissions saved by replacing one coal power plant with a nuclear plant? Check your answer here and see if you can beat my score on the rest of this climate change quiz: https://t.co/v0qc5jdOWE

Creativity is how the younger generations will solve the world’s toughest problems. What will you create? #HourOfCode https://t.co/sUIuABm8Dm https://t.co/iOJu2WhHvR

The leadership of @narendramodi and the Indian government has played an important role in improving sanitation. Now is the time to build on the success of @swachhbharat. https://t.co/HKXapJxQ3x

I just shared a new list on @Likewise. These books make me optimistic about the world and help me understand the role of innovation in driving progress. https://t.co/SVqGlLdBUp

Of all the things I’ve discussed with @reidhoffman, one of the most thought-provoking might be blitzscaling. I’m glad Reid and @chrisyeh are sharing their insights on how to start and scale companies in their new book. https://t.co/O5BVi8kWuy

Data can help farmers improve their yields and increase their incomes. A team of amazing researchers has developed a series of innovations that might one day put -changing information in the hands of even the poorest farmers: https://t.co/7Lgo9vncyg https://t.co/hmvt0Ma9g3

The balloon that helped me take this selfie could help us win the fight against poverty. Here’s how it works: https://t.co/Yq6wgfU2LJ https://t.co/J0CjMypnrT

Bill Gates top tweets
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