Bajirao Bhide @bizzarebhide

See, you can either start your day with Misal Pav or you can have a bad day. Your choice.

Hindi Translation: गोवा अपने पैर पे कुल्हाड़ी मारनेवाला है

People should be allowed to go wherever they want irrespective of their religion.

Go to Pakistan Come to India *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp* *stamp*

Inshadeendayalupadhyay :) #JaiHo

Matar Karanji 😌


Isko kehte hai pyar se, tareeke se, masoomiyat se, kisiki izzat ko glass mein daalke uska falooda banana.

Yaar someone take Twitter away from @IChitrangda. Aur kisi cheez pe dhyaan nahi lagta.

Pune, we were right all along. 😎

If I know what love is, it is because of you ⛈

Gurudev swayam darshan de chuke hai 🙏 @NetflixIndia

BC LAUNDRY GUY LOST MY FAVORITE GHAR-PE-PEHENNE-KA-T-SHIRT. So many memories - spilled coffee, misal stains, window rust, sleep drool. 😖

Because she has mastered a basic life skill at a young age.

Okay @McVities, you have the worst Bourbon biscuits ever.

Nasik Central Bandstand

WWE sending a survey about bringing TNA, Ring of Honour, New Japan, Progress & ICW to the network FUCKSOMUCHWRESTLINGINONEPLACEIFITHAPPENS 🤓

Freakshot. People will do anything for coffee.

The replies to this tweet is what is wrong with us as a society.

Do you always scream at random 15 year olds to look up and smile?

Apne bhateejo ko phone dena band karo be 😂

Pretty solid of HT Mint Lounge to push out an issue celebrating corporate nepotism and calling it 'The Inheritors'.

Got picked for 'marry' twice in a sleep, marry or kill game in office yesterday. No woman wants to sleep with me. 😑

People who upload Facebook stories, have you been blackmailed via email or Whatsapp?

ऍमेझॉन वरून अभ्यासाची पुस्तकं मागवली तरी फुकट बुकमार्क येतो. बुकमार्क लावून अभ्यास करण्याइतपत अभ्यासू कीडा मी तरी पाहिलेला नाही आज पर्यंत.

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