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Hey Faster Horses Festival I heard we may get some rain tonight at the show.. So WHEN I fall down tonight I WILL blame it on the wet stage! Deal?! @faster_horses

Y'all can now experience Blake's performance from @OleRedTish in virtual reality on @melodyvirtual - Team BS https://t.co/8Zk6ZaNbW4

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Wow @laurenduski I love your new single “Costume Party”! Congrats sis!!! It’s perfectly you!! Listen y’all!!! https://t.co/a4yGjA9gYS

Thank y’all so much for this!!!! So proud of this song!!! Thanks @cmt! https://t.co/U4NUJNvJ7y

Oh I’m sorry ma’am... This account is meant for people who actually have a sense of humor.. We’re not accepting cry baby tweets today.. Maybe try again tomorrow! https://t.co/xMzHRiStNu

By the way @pitbull...I blame you. It was my attempt at competing with your show... I am a dancing son of a bitch when I don’t take a 10 second giant shit fall...

Damn it... I wanted @BobMenery to do a play call on it!!! https://t.co/W0ptfHcPuG

That’s it!!! I wish there was a closer one!!! https://t.co/R3dc9iH4A6

Ok Pendleton I know somebody is bound to have video of me falling on stage last night!! Please!! I have to see it!!! Post that shit! And yes I had been drinking. A lot..

Thank you Milwaukee for a great show!! Now I’m just gonna spend the rest of the night wondering why “colonel” is spelled that way.

Well... It’s time for the true test of @SmithworksVodka... I’m nervous. https://t.co/Ykg3vHXtRh

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She loves it!!! Betty loves it!!! Thanks @barkbox!!! @SmithworksVodka https://t.co/IQvGzHlgh8

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Thank you @nascar and @nbcsports for spending so much time honoring our military before the race. Makes me proud to be a fan!

Save me a cup!!! https://t.co/2bs0BEzMR2

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