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I LOVE this new @TheSwonBrothers song!!!! #midnightlovers! https://t.co/qwasQ9oDKV

By the way @TheSwonBrothers tix are going on sale literally right..... NOW!!! Get them now!!! https://t.co/z9yBvvwFGN

Tonight we begin our journey to 11-5!!!!! Go Cardinals!!! @AZCardinals https://t.co/7ClMjHY8pu

Ok... That tweet isn’t aging well... At all.

Proud of you two up there tonight! You make me look really good and I’m not even up there singing. Hate to see one of you go home. #VoiceBattles

In case y'all missed it, check out the vertical video of #TurninMeOn on @YouTube now... https://t.co/94yBPf1KFz - Team BS https://t.co/XFcF5BUODK

C'mon y'all! Only a few days left! #TheCountryArtist #BlakeShelton #PCAs RETWEET - Team BS https://t.co/JgKcQv6wPm

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My team is full and @adamlevine and @kelly_clarkson are ticked off!!! It’s a DOUBLE WIN, y’all!!! #VoiceBlinds

Not easy seeing one of these guys go.. but couldn’t be more proud of that performance. Y’all made Texas proud tonight, right @kelly_clarkson ?? #VoiceBattles

Shoot y'all! Votes count twice starting today!! #BlakeShelton #PCAs #TheCountryArtist Here we go! RETWEET or Vote here: https://t.co/US3eFYYnxK - Team BS https://t.co/38wl1a0PMz

Blake Shelton top tweets

Y’all! You can now watch “Turnin’ Me On” Live from Henson Recording Studios on @YouTube! Check it out here: https://t.co/0vFNNHXqLb - Team BS

Y'all need to check out @Lauren_Alaina’s new tune "Ladies In The 90's". You did it again Lauren! Listen here: https://t.co/kXt4ZwGf6m

welcome to the neighborhood, joey! Block parties are on Tuesdays and we don’t invite people from rival towns… 👀 @kelly_clarkson #voiceblinds

Couldn’t be more proud to have Kirk join my team this season. Country family, y’all !! You think @kelly_clarkson is hurting after that one?😏

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