Ser Champ McStark @bolshoybooze

This is exactly why sex Education is important and it should start from home. Need To Talk

*Plane Crashes* @RanaAyyub : "Pilot put my book Gujarat Files in his cart on Amazon, he was about to buy it. Modi govt conspiracy"

"मैं तो अपने दोस्तों को एनाबेल से बचा लूंगा, पहले तू ये बात भेन के लावड़े तेरी एनाबेल को मेरे दोस्तों से कौन बचाएगा"

Shame on us, it's the 21st century and we are still on the topic of saving girl child #SexKiAdalat

Ajab Hisab ki Gajab Kahani


Let's celebrate the beauty of Kashmir & the love & togetherness its people share DilSe Kashmir

Kashmir - Beautiful girls with Beautiful scenery DilSe Kashmir

This is why sex education is important in our country. Sex Ki Adalat is a nice initiative @MKBKSH_

Naughty Texas Senator

Bangladeshi's trying to enter India

#क्याहालमिस्टरपांचाल is a perfect saas-bahu type serial that we actually need to watch! #KyaHaalMrPanchaal @StarBharat

When he can do it, why can't we #Inspiring

Best time to pay a visit to Kolkata #Agomoni #Kolkata #VodafoneAgomonicelebrations #MaaAsche #DurgapujawithVodafone

Hope the bullet trains that are coming from Japan don't have mugs chained to toilets

मोदी जी को बुलेट ट्रेन की तरह पेट्रोल भी जापान से मंगवाना चैहिये, क्या पता सस्ता मिल जाये

Bloodbath Bitcoin From $5000 to $3000 in 2 weeks

Busts a lot of myths what happens Behind Closed Doors. Thank you @mkbksh_

Congrats @BJP4India

The word for life in Hebrew is 'chai'. No arguments there.

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