Bruno Mars @brunomars

Memphis! Tonight! #24KMagicWorldTour


And he gave us Redbone ?!?! πŸ™ŒCongrats to Gambino ! AWESOME!

It's a beautiful day in Atlanta! Music Midtown! See you tonight! Bring your A game!! 😎✨✨

Last night in Atlanta!

We back! Thank You Charlotte! #24kmagicworldtour

My collage skills are gettin pretty epic! Chi Town night 2 #24KMagicWorldTour

Mom and Daughter swag! #24kDanceCam

Show 3! Chicago! #24KMagicWorldTour

Wait what? 😳

πŸ™ Hooligans

ALL THE WAY LIVE!!! #24KDanceCam

The dragon never has a day off.

But I'm game! Let's rock! #AskTheDragon

😏So change it up!

I don't know. I do know I want to do something "special" though 😜

First of all there's nothing wrong with my collages! I've received thousands of compliments and I'm looking forward to posting more. Thanks

Jesus made me this way.

I'm not really that good at making twitter collages 😞

🍀 🍀 🍀


What!?!?!? 😑I shall have them removed at once!!!

I do about a thousand push ups and a thousand chin ups to get the blood flowing. Keep it light ya know? U don't wanna over do it b4 a show.

Man.. They're all pretty special.

My bed

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