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Sincerest condolences to the fam & friends of this Atlanta stuntman who passed. Your heroism makes our films possible #stunthero ©

It's my pleasure

got bored.       jumped.        cold water.      warm hugs!     ©     #StanMadeMeDoThat

Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them. ©

#NewbornSoProud ©

Humbled at the  opportunity to tell  this story,  where heroes & human heart  intersect. We will  never forget

Congrats 2 friend, producer @Kenny_Lofton7 on his new series #LawdHaveMercy out this Fri on #WatchUMC. #Filmpool

appreciate the support, and honored to be part of this project

truly moving and emotional experience

thank you and sept 8th

this place is shit! SHAME ON THEM for adding a larcenous 40% surcharge & some other shakedown GFYS fee YET - NO TIP for the driver © #Lose

low brow...? we think not. ©

Dam! these guys are buying, EVERYTHING‼️ © #PellSheckNorom

ok, pretty sure i can tell her, i left something in the car; ME! #fbf ©

when Jay Leno invades your closest. and your soul. ©

thank you, Christopher and Daniella!! xox ©&✔️

the stache is back... ©

R.I.P. good sir... xox © #WonderfulMan

Well done Sun!    Well done Moon!    CHEERS!!    x    ©    #CataractParty

doing a signing @ Field of Dreams on 9/3 from 3-4pm thx @MABCelebrity @Prince_Mrketing for having me

Sending sincerest condolences & warm thoughts to Texas. Let's help out our brothers & sisters today. To donate: text HARVEY to 90999

Epic Major League reunion almost 30 years in the making is here. Join me, @Prince_Mrketing & @MABCelebrity tomorrow at Field of Dreams

happy birthday to me. preparing nicely for John Wick's arrival... ©

Our fearless leader behind the making of 9/11

join me as I #Remember911 & the triumphant spirit of the survivors. & thanks to @Tuesdayschldrn for their work

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