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We live in times where the media turns into judges, and the judges turn to the media.

I don’t know if I come from a shithole country or not but at least the leader of my country doesn’t talk like shit.

Happy Lohri ! 🔥

I didn’t have a particular person as a leader in mind. No Indian leader has ever used words like “shithole”. From JLN to Modi. Get past your narrow mind and hate if u can in this lifetime.

Wow. If you make more than Rs16k/month, you are in the top 10% of Indians by income. Tells you what India is really about.

Wow. Some tennis this is.

Playing National Anthem no longer compulsory before movies. Good decision. Good intentions doesn't justify impositions. My column on the same, one year ago:

FDI in single brand retail allowed. Good decision. Will create jobs, give consumers choice and make India competitive. Had argued in favour of it, in my col 5years ago:

How is this fair?

#Neech is the new cool.

Elitism is a huge problem in India. Even in the literary world, they may use fancier words, but they think of some writers and their readers as a little, well, #neech. 😋

In Kota. Lovely to be here. Can’t wait to meet all the students!

Thank you Kota for the amazing welcome!

Hello all! “Self-goals a bigger threat to BJP than opponent Rahul”, my col in TOI today:

If you actually managed to get past your brain's biased and fixed mindset, and the hate, you will find many columns (equal in number) that are critical of BJP as well. Maybe your soul is for sale, not mine.

Nice article.

I think what would be cool is an ad for chocolate flavored condoms at 5:59am directly leading into Prabhat Bhajan at 6:00 am.

Incredible, congrats to @AnupamPkher for this!

BJP to win HP and Gujarat. say #ExitPolls. To win after 22years in power is no joke. And no point saying who needs to introspect and rethink their leader. Coz they won't.

BJP wins HP and Gujarat. The Congress loses. That’s the plain and simple news today. All this well played and not that bad Congress doesn’t matter.

Some of the media people comment on Modi and RG like parents, who scold a brighter child when he gets 90% but will praise the less smart child even when he gets 39%

Congrats to the team!

My top 5 Golden Tweets for 2017. Thanks you guys for all the love. #5

My top 5 Golden Tweets for 2017. Thanks you guys for all the love. #4

My top 5 Golden Tweets for 2017. Thanks you guys for all the love. #3

My top 5 Golden Tweets for 2017. Thanks you guys for all the love. #2

My top 5 Golden Tweets for 2017. Thanks you guys for all the love. #1

Hi guys, One Indian Girl is nominated for the best fiction book in Crossword book awards 2017 in the popular category.If you think it deserves to win please vote here:

So the 2G scam was #fakenews?

It isn’t party specific. There’s something rotten about the system and how it takes citizens for granted when the CAG said it is the biggest scam, the SC canceled licenses, but then everyone involved is acquitted.

The scam that changed the government and changed Indian politics forever was not a scam at all? What’s next? No scam in CWG? #2Gverdict

#2GVerdict can be a major, massive plus for Congress and can be an inflection point for their national recovery. IF they use it well. IF.

Not a bad day for AAP to speak on the #2GVerdict. It is the system. Not one party or the other.

Screaming about corruption and proving it in court are two different things. #2GVerdict

When we care about cows and Karni Sena more than governance, things like #2Gverdict happen. It's the citizens who decide their priorities.

People signal to politicians what they want and care about. If it is cows over cases so be it. Every politician will follow what society cares about.

Lovely quote. Simple. Entirely true.

Nice words. Save them for someone special. And thank you.

Hello all! “Gujarat’s perfect verdict: How Gujaratis managed to get both BJP and Congress back on their toes”, my col in TOI today:

With the newly weds. @ishaantharoor and Bhumika with their proud parents at their Delhi reception @ShashiTharoor

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hi from Bali! Enjoy the last few moments of 2017. Here’s to more positivity, resolve and achievements in 2018!

Stay positive, focused and humble. Happy New Year.

The best thing to do on New Year’s day is a fitness class. Just did one at the wonderful @fortitude Bali. Here’s to a healthier 2018 for everyone!

Happy New Year 2018! May this year bring out the best person you can be. Believe that good things will happen. 💥💥🌟✨

The green bird whispered to me, “by the way, we were tweeting long before twitter was invented.” Had a great time at the @zoo_bali today!

Comforting. To know the world can be nuked anytime.

Instead of obsessing about linking Aadhar card with PAN card, can we link Dalits to non-Dalits, Muslims to Hindus and Indians to Indians first.

GM all! “The 2G non-scam: why we still have non-scams,” my Col in TOI today:

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