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Hello all! "The 3.5 year itch," my col in TOI today:

My col today

Loved #SecretSuperstar. Could relate so much from my own life. I would be nothing without my mother's support. Don't miss it guys!

You can't ban your way to a better society. Change is slow, and requires consensus, empathy towards the other side, education and love.

Happy Diwali to everyone!

SC bans fireworks on Diwali? A full ban? What’s Diwali for children without crackers?

Can I just ask on cracker ban. Why only guts to do this for Hindu festivals? Banning goat sacrifice and Muharram bloodshed soon too?

Banning crackers on Diwali is like banning Christmas trees on Christmas and goats on Bakr-Eid. Regulate. Don’t ban. Respect traditions.

आज अपने ही देश में, उन्होंने बच्चों के हाथ से फुलझड़ी भी छीन ली। हैपी दिवाली मेरे दोस्त।

It is one day of the year. Our biggest festival. Uber has saved pollution more than any ban would. Come up with innovations. Not bans.

Diwali one day a year is causing disorders? Or unchecked polluters who pollute everyday?

I want to see people who fight to remove crackers for Diwali show the same passion in reforming other festivals full of blood and gore.

If you care turn off electricity in your house for a week and don’t use cars. On what basis are you imposing a ban on someone’s traditions?

So you are going to decide for everyone? Ban whatever doesn’t suit your style?

Be careful in your choice of words. That’s all I would say

When they can’t logically argue with you. They resort to personal attacks. Usually means you have won. Stay positive. Always.

And w all respect who decides on what makes a part of a celebration, done for generations, suddenly unholy? And the courts should ban it?

Diwali is 1 day, 0.27% of year. pollution comes from 99.6% days of poor planning and regulation. Fix that. Not make 1 religion feel guilty.

Stand up for your festival and religion, and this is what you get tagged. Well done guys.

Coz a lot of people love to virtue signal on twitter, don’t know diff between one day and a whole year or how pollution is caused.

Many people who describe themselves as open minded, liberal and tolerant are ganging up like a mob and abusing the hell out of me today

I have a right to have my opinions. If all you can do is give hate, threats and personal attacks in response, reflects more on u.

Meanwhile, what an outstanding, outstanding #PadmavatiTrailer. Makes you feel proud of Indian cinema, heritage and beauty. Wow!

Chetan Bhagat's take on Fire cracker ban.: via @YouTube

My point of view on cracker ban, made clear. Happy Diwali

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