Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt

Don't torture the guy. He has been stuck there for years now. Stop the elevator and drag him out of it.

AAP has got its own PTI - Photoshop Trust of India.

balwant rai ko yaad karte huye..

When those who had watched #JHMS finally found SRK..

Rare example of Govt and the Opposition working together for a common cause.

secular chutzpah

Kejriwal ke mann ki baat! 😂

When you grab the last slice of pizza, your friends be like..

And what songs! Such brilliance of Gulzar + RD Burman. Their most underrated work because the movie never got released.

That is against their secularism.

JNU and NDTV. 😂

begani shaadi mein abdullah deewana..

In fact, 'Dil Padosi Hai' is a collectors delight! Released around the time of Ijaazat & Libaas, they were probably at their creative peak!

Delhiite: सड़ जी,Free WiFi nahi mil raha Kejriwal: BC maine kaise position mein baithne ko bola tha signal pakadne ke liye??? D: Ok! Ok!

* Whatsapp level opposition

Reigning champion of bollywood. Raining champion of bollywood.

Jab aap non-veg item soch kar khaane ka dhakkan kholte hain, aur aapko veg item milta hai..

i hv seen ppl RTing this account on my TL..just exposes their fake & hollow concerns.. fortunately i don't have this kind of sarcasm level..

Arnab: *starts discussing UPA scams* Shekhar + Rajdeep + Barkha + Sagarika + Rana :

Liberandus & Intellectutias be like..

Seh lenge thoda.. ~ Liberals/Seculars

Libtards themselves don't know what they want! They just think themselves as ideological & thought supremacist!

Please don't generalize.. Just because he does sledging at times..

No way! Not until Rohit Sharma finds a regular place in the test team.

HBO's twitter account hacked! Was HBO also abusing people in DM like Rajdeep and making excuses after getting caught? Our debate at 20:02 PM

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