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kal se twitter activists ko daily report deni padegi ki wo kya kar rahein hain pollution control karne ko.. 😂

they always have their scripts ready in advance..

This is what happens when an 'eminent' script writer tries to become 'eminent' historian due to peer pressure of the ecosystem!Hail Comrade!

Did you know that Rajdeep was supposed to become Congress president before the iconic rise of Rahul. Interesting stuff in #RajdeepsBook !

Yes, love and passion for cricket and forming an IPL team for Shahjahan - Mughal Super Kings.

Twitter liberals/activists are becoming like that nagging & super annoying saas of saas-bahu serials. Don't/Do this. Don't/Say this.

exam ke ek din pahle se padhai karke agar exam pass kar sakte hain to poore saal mehnat kyun karein?

not shocking if true!

Whoa! Mind boggling thread!

I would say, this is still better and harmless than planting manufactured stories on the wire, scroll, ndtv, IE, HT etc on a daily basis!

अगले जनम मोहे कुत्ता ही कीजो ~ गाय/बकरी

We, the bunch of agenda peddling Intellectuals, should decide how the PM, the President, the Supreme Court, the low IQ Indians should do!

Driver, tu gaadi chala.. Mai gear se pollution control karta hoon..

This is why they have introduced filters..

मानना पड़ेगा जावेद साहब को.. आज भी स्क्रिप्ट लिखने का वो जज़्बा कायम है.. बातों बातों में एक नयी स्क्रिप्ट लिख दी! वाह!

Pakistan trying to win over the world by Humour Diplomacy.

ek hota hai confidence.. uske uppar hota hai over confidence.. uske bhi uppar hota hai shruti seth.. 😂

Never write off legends!

such buffoonery.. and in the process glorifying emergency! our libtards deserve to be forced to support such loonies!

because 'kaun jaat ho'

Remember, congress started getting rid of colonial hangover & embarked into dynasty hangover by renaming Connaught Place to Rajiv Chowk. 😂

Pagle sir is not liking this news at all! Dynasty Defence League activated!

*NDTV intern writes about How positively Modi is changing the shape of India's future* Pronoy Roy:

oh.. so this hashtag was all about this.. unless all other real feminists distance themselves from such people, it is self defeating.. sad!

students: saala yahi to problem hai! media ke liye hi to saare issues create karte hain!

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