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Important Announcement: It is getting freezing cold in Gurugram. The free WiFi signals provided by सड़ जी is not reaching here properly.

I don't endorse such tweet however exciting it may sound..

Chhenu: Modi kahan hai.. Aaye to kehna Chhenu aaya tha.. Modi: Kya bole be? Mai yahin hoon.. bak jo bhi bakna hai! Chhenu:

wo sab theek hai.. unke ghar pe bhaaji-tarkari pahucha dena daily theek se..

difficult to figure out who is inside the zoo and who is outside..

Amarinder ji Congress mein rahte huye bhi itni samajhdari ki baatein kaise kar sakte hain.. iski CBI jaanch honi chahiye..

Some people could have become journalist. But they decide to remain a Pidi for life. We should admire such sacrifice and intention.

If Sri Lanka scores 300 runs, only then it can pose some kind of challenge to........... Rohit Sharma.

Solid foundation being laid by the Rohit Sharma with the quick-fire 7 runs he scored!

Sri Lanka ne Ankit Lal ko bol kar Rohit Sharma ka chip hack karwa liya.. aur wo jaldi out ho gaya! Sab mile huye hain ji!

Mai yahin pe hoon.. Rohit Sharma wapas aa gaya.. apne form mein..

sab badhiya hai

Absolutely correct!

This conversation is the funniest of the day. And this is what makes Page 3 Intellectual Nandy ji stand apart from others.

sir, BJP ka direction rahne do.. aapko Kejri ne laat maar kar jo direction mein dhakka maara, seedhe chalte raho..

Exit results clearly show that maximum number of EVMs are tampered. 😂

BJP: We will win the match! Congress: We could have won the match! Still hopeful! AAP: Here's drinks for both of you! Well played!

"What will you do if you lose #GujaratElections20l7 ?" RaGa: I will have to reconsider my decision.. "Which decision?" RaGa: Whether i am Hindu or not.

Aaj kal ke bachche bhi na.. Scam ko Tyaag likh diya jaldbaazi mein..

Greatest Standup Comic of India ever = 10 contribution

Ye Honeymoon manane gaye ya Chronicles Of Narnia banane..

What is the latest from @thewire_in ? It was rumored, they were working on some story related to a huge scam of Yogi's son..

won't that be some scoop? 'courageous journalism' in their language..

This is where @ndtv scores over others in terms of journalism. If they wanted they could have floated another channel to show how bad left-wing is. But they restricted themselves to only one channel cheerleading left-wing. All the way. For decades.

dukaan bandh karke theek se taala laga dena!

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