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ye shuru se hi defective piece hai.. https://t.co/dAbSBjg5BZ

Exposed: Arjun Tendulkar is a Rohit Sharma fan. https://t.co/jCR2xYJTJL

At least, 3 days.. even after that, he may come up with "kimkardashian" https://t.co/4hfhGfk4RT

Ye world class level ka hypocrite hai.. nobel aise hi mil jaata hai kya? https://t.co/X6bllk0DMV

bhai ye @scroll_in aur @thewire_in jaise fictional websites ko seriously mat lo.. inka daily ka fake news quota rehta hai.. https://t.co/maUmMKwM7N

Ma'am, Shekhar Gupta writes fiction, while you are talking about facts. It doesn't work. https://t.co/7AGddEGITb

Can we ever win a match without depending on Rohit Sharma?

I talked to Rohit Sharma. His fav dialogue is "Main aur mera talent.. aksar ye baatein karte hain.. tum hote to aisa hota.. tum hote to waisa hota.. " https://t.co/jVXkUBy2UJ

That says a lot about the man! All his major game changing decisions has the potential to piss off some section of voters or other. Still he goes ahead and does it instead of leaving them lingering for years like the previous govts.. https://t.co/MjqXnrAhmw

Warning (for libtards): This video has some sensitive footage which can put you off. https://t.co/JebiafW354

Putin be like "Ye sahi hai BC! Inka apna alag hi world cup chal raha hai.." https://t.co/EXJiFTzNci

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Rajdeep is at 4th stage of Agendosis. Take him to the emergency ward immediately.. https://t.co/CFkwNytNom

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