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#mickeydemorat!!! i know your dad is probably mad at you for not winning the #usopen on father's day, but i for one am super proud of you!!!!

#mickeydemorat is having to battle his way today, but you don't see him acting like that huge man-baby mickelson. #usopen

#mickeydemorat you sandbagging s.o.b.!! (wait that's my sister.) tomorrow is when you make your move!!! #usopen #notafaircourse

to the wonderful, warm, thoughtful, and generous people of new york: i have added a second show on saturday night!!! https://t.co/ZdoOWfu4tF

i’m shocked during any sporting event where i’m not mentioned. #mickeydemorat https://t.co/gcKqPZF0Hk

tell him i said i love him. #creepyuncle #mickeydemorat https://t.co/eerC4mNQPt

congrats #mickeydemorat!!! started at the upper middle, now you're here (#usopen weekend!!!)

he didn't decide to become pro until 3 days ago! i'm on it. @subaru_usa #mickeydemorat https://t.co/7KDLOgD9eC

#mickeydemorat tees off at 1:09! @usopengolf i expect some real tv coverage today! my family group text is accusing me of having zero showbiz juice!!

2:42 pm #mickeydemorat tees off in final pairing of the #usopen!!!!

my pockets aren't deep enough! hey @subaru_usa, my nephew needs a ride. #mickeydemorat #makethecut!!!! https://t.co/wXKwKpvxRF

i will need the name and address of the #usopen ball spotter that cost my nephew #mickeydemorat 2 strokes today!!!! #makethecut

what’s most important? being super quick with your gif response, sending the right gif, or telling your friend to her face that you’re sorry her mom died.

limber up! spring finale of #tosh is ready to enter you.

better late than never, here's my official apology https://t.co/4qF52kLoQf

hey @themiragelv! what odds will you give me on my nephew mickey demorat winning his first @usopengolf?

let’s go!!!! (also odds he makes the cut.) this is a big deal in my family. finally one of us can accomplish something my dad can be proud of. #mickeydemorat https://t.co/IoHeNuFtLx

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