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2 more shows added in sacramento! thanksgiving in monterey!! tickets on sale now!!! (and probably later) https://t.co/S4HorwKCil

good morning, california! tickets to my award winning stand-up comedy are on sale now for sacramento and monterey! https://t.co/S4HorwKCil

imagine how funny i would be if i didn't devote so much of my life to contemporary dance! #tosh premiere in 30 minutes ish!!! https://t.co/MnSaXWQ3dd

the #tosh 10 year reunion was a huge success featuring our biggest get to date!! #timmyt https://t.co/r6IpoL0kQn

our biggest get to date!! #contemporarydance #toshpointflowboys #tosh https://t.co/JmSqXDzMPS


fresh off our emmy consideration, #tosh is back tonight!!

if nick saban wasn’t such an actual asshole, making fun of him would be so much more satisfying.

the worst hallmark christmas movie is better written than any netflix original. #ibiza #likefather #kissingbooth #setitup

i just asked my ballerina wife if she would rather drink a (measuring) cup of diarrhea once or 2 gallons of milk every day for a month. she’s going diarrhea! #nastybitch #divorce

nebraska is heading into week three with zero wins. it’s never too early to panic! #firefrost meanwhile national champs ucf haven’t lost in two years! #maybeitwastheplayers

jokes on you, dipshit, i’m deep into my 40s! https://t.co/3dSTxAUwUA

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