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Sorry guys I won't be able to make it this year. I'm getting laser focused, we're going to do some great things together this year that will change the world. I want to make sure I'm on point! Have fun at ULTRA without me, I'll be there in spirit!!!!! Love https://t.co/4PVlZT5tXd

Attention all liquor stores, all day parties and all nightclubs! Back by popular demand, @Ciroc Summer Colada!!! Get your orders in now because it’s limited edition and it won’t last!!! East Coast, I know it’s cold over there but Summer is coming. #CirocTheSummer #WeOwnTheSummer https://t.co/beUmyvdqmJ

  • The fact that you aren't where you want to be, should be enough motivation to hustle harder.

    I want to be an authentic, unapologetic warrior for black culture and the culture of the street and how it moves. My thing is most importantly to change the narrative of the black race. I can't relate to anything that isn't about that.

    I don’t believe in the passiveness. At some point there has to be some kind of fight. I feel like we’ve done a lot of marching. It’s time to start charging. My @GQ cover story is live: https://t.co/mTe76tX5XH Behind the scenes: https://t.co/h3icvcmCor https://t.co/KGpVs29010

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    Good morning everybody, I hope you are doing great on this beautiful Sunday. https://t.co/mpBt53iK0w

    Who’s having a cook out right now? I’m riding around LA with my brother @SnoopDogg https://t.co/mJkR1hfRal

    Black Excellence. https://t.co/5bxD9mbxTS

    Check out The Wu-Tang Clan Family, Celebrating 25 years of 36 Chambers. LIVE, this Wed in Austin, TX with @REVOLTTV with fire talent and more. Share this and RSVP: https://t.co/dagAWDrVzA See you in Austin! #REVOLTHouse #REVOLTon6 https://t.co/V8LDa3t5gI

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    Free Meek Mill

    😂😂😂 you guys sure you didn’t look? https://t.co/xx4NTGKrx0

    The path to success isn't easy! #CantStopWontStop https://t.co/vgsCXaYs5u

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