Sean Diddy Combs @diddy

On August 21, 2017, the anniversary of Nat Turner's rebellion, there will be a total solar eclipse. Are you ready?

"Stay woke, not as a catchphrase but as a lifestyle." - Dick Gregory

You are great, you are powerful and you control your own destiny!

This is for whoever needs to hear this!! Get your game plan together! You have the mind and brilliance to do great things!!! #HustleHarder

I think @Mark_Wahlberg still owes me some money!

Me and baby boy @kingcombs WE ALWAYS BEEN TIGHT! #FamilyFIRST

πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š I've been waiting for this @Mark_Wahlberg #Mayweather or #McGregor #WhoYouGot? Let me know here ->

Let me know #WhoYouGot here -> #Mayweather or #McGregor

Find yourself and be that!

You know this is the Money Team all the way! #MayweatherMcGregor Let me know #WhoYouGot ->

Everybody gotta eat!! #HustleHarder #BIG

This is a message I sent out to my kids at my charter school Capital Prep to start off the year!! #WeAreKingsAndQueens #BlackExcellence

My dream is to provide our inner city youth a equal playing field and build the future leaders of our community!!

#teamLOVE #BlackExcellence #WeAreKingsAndQueens


The only way forward is unity!! #BlackExcellence #WeAreKingsAndQueens

TONIGHT!! Don't miss a legendary #DrinkChamps with my brother @LilCease TONIGHT at 10PM ET on @RevoltTV! @noreaga @djEFN

My son @KingCombs is out there hustling!! He's going LIVE on @RevoltTV Facebook at 5PM ET!! TUNE IN!!

It's very important that we know our history at this time. We have such a rich history!

I wish all of you peace and so much love.

We wanted to show this black excellence and this level of aspiration that was attainable!! #TBT @BadBoyEnt

Tune in TONIGHT for another legendary episode of @drinkchamps!! My brother @bunbtrillog is dropping gems!!! @noreaga @RevoltTV @djEFN

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Let's dance on this gorgeous Friday and welcome @Ciroc #FrenchVanilla by @FrenchMontana to the family!!

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