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Do you like to pay your bills all in one day or do you like the spread them across the month depending on due dates? Basically do you like yourself halaal or jhatka?

Late capitalism: Oh a midweek holiday, maybe I can finish off some office backlog

If that's the highlight of the interview https://t.co/9Yk5B06pUy

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Who is that guy in the right? Why is he so small? https://t.co/Qu9sXjPy1J

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pappi https://t.co/g44LLSCahR

I woke up next to a pigeon in my bed and it was making weird pigeon sounds. I am like why did I set an alarm and what is this ringtone. As I turn to switch off my non existent alarm, I find that mf staring right into my eyes. We had a moment there. Most romantic thing in ages.

When is Netflix buying rights to hip hip hooray and just mohabbat though?

Anurag Kashyap's use of music in his movies is completely magical. That's the USP of his movies and not the excessive swearing which is how his filmmaking style is often identified with


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Fancy fonts celebrate poo bhaji festival https://t.co/bY27S3WtPG

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Adil Rashid bowled rubbish for 5 test matches consistently and then ripped one off the rough https://t.co/kdD3wRyoQI

But they wont let you carry the perfume bottle https://t.co/JLV6gvwTvO

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