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Why does one plus release new phones every 6 months like it's engineering semester or something

What does this mean though? All Rosogollas come with geotags now? Leading to Bengal?

Arey main thodi na world cup khelne jaunga

Please find attached #ChildrensDay submission

Let children experience this beautiful world and not just find out about it on gadgets. #HappyChildrensDay #EscapeTheCage @HeroMotoCorp

Nice timing

"Dur banayi thi manzil toh raste main hi shaam hui..." How I feel on Wednesday night about the weekend

"I don't remember the last time something good happened to me" "You don't remember them coz you take them for granted probably"

If Sanjay Leela Bhansali makes a movie on Indian cricket, Laxman and Dravid would be doing a synchronized dance sequence on the pitch of Eden Gardens against Australia.

The new smileys on Android reduce your age by 10 years. Try it now.

What's the opposite of insomnia. I think I might have it. I slept at 9pm on a Saturday and got up at 7am. Is 10 hours of sleep enough??

It takes Simon Doul to bring up things like how few overs has Umesh Yadav bowled in Indian domestic this season while Indian commentators are busy doing shashtang pranam to everything the team does

Quite gloomy today. Looks like Mumbai winter is here. 2 months of dilemma whether to keep fan switched on or off.

I dont think I have seen a more tempting food flyer

Why does it seem like he's in a get up and that beard and moustache is fake af? Wait is that Ranveer Singh himself?? Holy shit.

Marvel Fans: The movies just keep getting better. The Marvel universe is the best DC Fans: What is happening? Why don't the movies live up to the hype and expectations. Disappointed! Raj Comics Fans: Yeh Anurag Kashyap Doga kab banayega yaar?

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