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Saala yeh dukh kaahe khatam nahi hota be

Love per square ft on Netflix was surprisingly good

  • Being an adult is just worrying about things you don't care about

    Only bad thing to come out of this series was that Rahane is somehow back in middle order plans for India out of nowhere.

    Healthy lifestyle is unhealthy for you

    Please recommend some good movies that are available on Netflix, Prime or hotstar.

    Water is healthy but beer that is like 90% water isn't healthy? That doesn't add up.

    *Makes a joke* Replies: *Explaining the same joke to me*

    Dhoni saying "bahut zor se catch ayega tayyar rehna. Baad main mat kehna" 😂😂

    Last minute festival shopping

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    Pyaar dhokha nahi hai. Khuda ki rehmat hai. Bhagwan ki dein hai. God's gift hai. Probabilistic lottery hai. Cherish karein.

    Har marz ki ram baan dawa: Blockchain

    Dilli aaye aur chhola bhatura nahi khaye toh kya khaak Dilli aaye

    Amit Trivedi really does anthems best. This @ZEE5India ad is going to be stuck in my head #ThatsHowWeTalkRaja

    Dhoni uses the word danda instead of stumps or wickets so that batsmen don't get what he's asking bowler to do 😭

    Did someone else notice Gavaskar just randomly making up statistic like Kohli's first hundred came after 100 matches and he has scored next 34 in just 100 more matches

    Earlier: Haar gaye toh kya bas Sachin ki hundred ho jaye Now: Jeet toh jayenge hi lekin Kohli ki hundred ho jaye

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