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Social media procedure manuals in companies are being updated with how to deal with bigotry section

Feel bad for Shoaib. Hate it when something like this happens. You literally write your name to them but they still misspell it https://t.co/MUzUnB2tdW

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Praan jaaye par tashan na jaaye https://t.co/D9tuXroIzT

I like the short period after rain when the city can be viewed in 4k resolution

Footballers as a species experience extreme pain but also have miraculous recovery time

lmao randomly added Sachin where rest all are test cricketer father-son. ICC is also RT merchant https://t.co/Psjpv5QozD

The most successful people I've met: asked me 'bhai kya chahiye tumhe? kisse milne aaya hai?' https://t.co/OOExehSRP5

did they keep on killing a guy? https://t.co/w8u9VqtWNX

Can't believe people are still overreacting to the Smith/Warner ball tampering incident. Only thing worthy of outrage is the disproportionate nature of punishment handed in the case when it had a standard defined punishment used in earlier cases

People who say Mumbai life is very fast paced have never been in Mumbai traffic

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