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Who rated baby donkeys??

Living one day at a time seems too much work so I have decided on one hour at a time for now

Fill the void in your life with online sales

Australia is killing test cricket

It's a common mistake people make that Amitabh Bachchan numbers his tweets. He actually numbers his days on twitter which is much more weird

Who is going to tell this guy about demonetisation results?

"How do these poor people fall in trap of these babas I will never know" At the same time:

Now I'm a football fan for Arsenal bc I identify with crippling failures and not doing anything about them as people around me want to leave

Google Duo app randomly choosing a contact from your phone and sending notification "Guess what xyz is up to, call them" Not creepy at all.

Make your own trends with your Shaadi dance moves at #UntrendLikeHotHeads and @MaggiIndia

Monday reviews

"What plans for the weekend?" "Nothing much. Just horsin around"

"You have to watch this show" "Buddy I don't HAVE to do anything."

Should have a centralised exam by a regulatory body to certify real babas

When you feel like it has been a long week but realise it's just Monday

Is there worse content on internet than reaction videos on YouTube? What am I supposed to watch your face while you watch something

When bigots RT your tweet because you made a joke about a community they hate

this is from scrubs season 1

"lol why do people still keep ringtones" ~ Me, someone who has his phone unlocked every waking minute

Searched for 'easy ways to die'. Google responded back saying kabhi toh mehnat kar le.

TV show seasons English: 6 Episodes US: 12-24 Episodes Indian: First season ka 652nd episode chal raha hai don't want no break

Brett Lee: What do you think about this pitch here Sunny bhai? Gavaskar: Let me talk about the 70s & what fast bowlers I played back then

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