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Me when India loses another test overseas: https://t.co/fn30HsR5lS

"so how are your leaves going?" "Jab gulaam the toh azaadi ka khwaab dekhte the, ab azaad hain toh kya khwaab dekhein"

All the criminals that operate in Gotham, have you heard of moving to a city with better work conditions?

Ben Affleck's Batman is so grumpy it's like Christian Bale liquidated some of Wayne enterprises and ran away with money

IPL auction must be such a strange experience for Ambani kid. Trying to work within a budget.

Have never seen such a terrible batting line up from Australia. Not one batsman looks like a threat and still collectively they're able to create enough nuisance together to pull off decent scores in every inning.

Out of all the innings this is the one Pant has chosen to bat sensibly and not go for it okay then

Who in this world is going '5 days is too much to waste on a cricket match but 4? That changes everything. I'm in' https://t.co/u9lBR9WZhN

This year bollywood award shows will also have a shaadi of the year award

This room has 40k rent in bandra https://t.co/busBfCQMgw

When it comes off it's attacking, else it's rash https://t.co/yqVedGFeHr

My new favorite line: It is avoidable and shall be AVOIDED https://t.co/uASJRy3KGR

Jack looks like Peter Dinklage's taller brother https://t.co/FVoJVNCJln

Bombay weather be like subeh geyser chalao aur din main AC


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