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Bride’s father keeps a weird clause for marriage, says Nissan Connect a must https://t.co/93MUYSrBl7

Company in Mumbai asks employees to stay in office and work in double shifts to avoid rain troubles https://t.co/vdmm2lz8e2 @mahawarsameer

रवि शास्त्री को सोडा-पानी लाकर देने वाला खिलाड़ी होगा सस्पेंड, शक की सुई जड़ेजा पर https://t.co/9mFqTNz554 via @hindifakingnews

हाफिज सईद ने जारी किया अपनी पार्टी का मैनिफेस्टो, हर हाथ को काम (AK-47) देने का किया वादा https://t.co/mEgWRS7nsG via @hindifakingnews

Govt to introduce 10 metre wide big sized Rs. 2000 coin to make it tough for black money holders to store currency https://t.co/UItFseltFa

Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim digs tunnel to Asaram Bapu's cell; no tools found https://t.co/bDJsuWylwk

Chinese phone maker wondering what to do with millions of iPhone 9 stickers they had printed for iPhone 9 replica https://t.co/0oo4ZEiPRg

FD matures by the time Bengaluru man returns home after opening it https://t.co/rWDjP3lWFI (by @Hello_Dasu )

कंगारुओं की स्लेजिंग का जवाब देने के लिए मनीष तिवारी बनाये गए टीम इंडिया के 'स्लेजिंग कोच' https://t.co/aEHYbyyhsh via @hindifakingnews

After Amar Singh hints at joining BJP, BJP members reach his house to convince him that BJP is the worst party https://t.co/OnxPpCNboL

Startup company launched to provide garbage for VIPs to clean as part of “Swachhta Hi Sewa” campaign https://t.co/vKW79eeex8 by @Hello_Dasu

'सेल' का पता नहीं चला तो युवक ने कर दिया 'टाइम्स ऑफ़ इंडिया' पर केस https://t.co/DspjqtZDeb via @hindifakingnews

Use those empty locals if you can't afford 80 Rs/Liter petrol: Union Minister KL Alphons to Mumbaikars https://t.co/002QsSGPRk

Producer Pahlaj Nihalani makes cuts in Julie 2 after CBFC clears it without cuts https://t.co/eK4cMvjbkx by @itsmihir1993

Engineer updates "I am busy" on whatsapp, friend dies laughing https://t.co/IzP4jkMGxA

Kohli requests BCCI to keep stump mic recordings of MSD safely as it will help him captain the side when he retires https://t.co/4KE5geJdqI

Hostel student under observation after it was found he is switching off light while going out https://t.co/tAl7ysioG3 by @Hello_Dasu

Sanjay Leela Bhansali calls off Padmavati after no community troubles him in 3 months https://t.co/OE3S8Yeip9 by @itsmihir1993

iPhone X feature: price of phone will help you make new friends if you don’t have any https://t.co/FpFOm0PXxW by @itsmihir1993

Ram Rahim sues Apple for copying wireless charging, says he was the first wireless Love Charger https://t.co/h7L2P0I2KI by @itsmihir1993

"आधार से कुछ भी लिंक करवाने में हमें बड़ा मज़ा आता है": रविशंकर प्रसाद ने किया खुलासा https://t.co/56mh87RCy9 by @hindifakingnews

Wife is suspecting infidelity after husband says every time he is going out to link Aadhaar with something https://t.co/zming46Ms5

Patanjali launches 'Saffron Robes' as Govt wants convocation colonial gowns to be replaced with ethnic wear https://t.co/WCMTgB853J

बोल न आंटी आऊं' क्या गाने से महिलाएं भड़कीं,कहा ''40 साल की उम्र में कोई आंटी बुलाता है क्या?'' https://t.co/oIkBVQpSeQ via @hindifakingnews

एक करोड़ की लॉटरी लगते ही युवक ने खरीदी नयी कार, पेट्रोल में हुआ सारा पैसा खर्च https://t.co/CQlVBU0R2c via @hindifakingnews

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