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Video captures Kansas man smashing pumpkins in broad daylight, homeowner says https://t.co/63ngwz8sgT

[email protected]: “We have to protect our borders.” @foxandfriends https://t.co/Y0UjWRT252

OPINION: Nancy Brinker: All women need access to the best breast cancer technology, now https://t.co/zLp9IPLpDy

Michigan brothers face $450,000 in fines for tree removal on their property https://t.co/GMm4vKRpyx

Rosie O'Donnell reveals she's engaged to army veteran Elizabeth Rooney https://t.co/36DDBWRQHW

Former Arizona Gov. Brewer on migrant caravan: “I’m so glad that we’ve got a president, finally, that’s going to step up and put his foot down.” https://t.co/PZV7a5IEXx

Former President @BarackObama rallied in Las Vegas, NV on Monday for Rep. Jacky Rosen, who is locked in a tight race for the Senate. https://t.co/xYQGhScD6e https://t.co/eYolZO9nvK

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Chicago funeral shooting leaves 6 wounded, report says. https://t.co/9u95wLDmLL

Blood-curdling screams could be heard moments after a dance floor collapsed in South Carolina, sending dancers falling onto unsuspecting party-goers below. https://t.co/UA3Z1l61nr https://t.co/ZxpAZ0mGsZ

Soldier, mistress arrested after wife's body found in trunk, authorities say. https://t.co/wdbtqqgcs0

[email protected]: "We need a wall built fast." https://t.co/92EkDeMk3Y

[email protected]: "America is respected again." https://t.co/OiPPIlVdUP https://t.co/1rrqdZDISh

[email protected]: "I'm a nationalist." https://t.co/OiPPIlVdUP https://t.co/yuF0lU5qYS

[email protected]: "This election is about protecting the sacred values we all share." https://t.co/OiPPIlVdUP https://t.co/Hiyb9uEUn6

[email protected]: “If you want high paying jobs, rising wages, and a booming economy, then go out and vote Republican.” https://t.co/OiPPIlVdUP https://t.co/OZZ3yelH6e

[email protected] on midterms: "The pressure is really on the voters to make a decision." https://t.co/GW3Lg4PZhi

Incredible video shows @NASA releasing 450,000 gallons of water in a little over a minute to test a system that reduces extreme heat and energy generated by a rocket launch. https://t.co/2yIG3TaCh1 https://t.co/uXYmaUe8LO

[email protected]: "We need to take care of the Dreamers...this is the only country they've ever known." https://t.co/wP7KLxQOLn

Large crowds gather outside of the Toyota Center ahead of President @realDonaldTrump's rally to support @SenTedCruz. https://t.co/M55xnn5Dve

[email protected] departs for Houston where he will hold a "Make America Great Again" rally tonight. https://t.co/SvcLujPRRp

Stuart Varney: “President Trump’s growth agenda has really worked in a way that not many people really thought it was going to work.” @foxandfriends https://t.co/19IH3fwUrO

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Goodlatte previews Rosenstein interview with House lawmakers behind closed doors https://t.co/xquLem7JWU

If Dems win the House after midterm elections, blame ‘red tide’ out to sea, not a ‘blue wave’ crashing in https://t.co/yPJ43NetGd

OPINION: @lizpeek: How about Trump-Haley in 2020? https://t.co/4VptIrJQW5

Stuart Varney: “What we’re going to get is a plan.” @foxandfriends https://t.co/1zOQIrE0Gc

Turkey vows crackdown over Khashoggi as critics call Erdogan regime 'world's worst jailer' of journalists. https://t.co/A9DkJHAaHW

PICTURE PERFECT: Eddie and Edwina, two echidnas of Platypus House, inspected the camera in their pen on Saturday morning. https://t.co/jEbCzQmYOp

Turning Point USA founder @charliekirk11 said Sunday on @foxandfriends that the left is resorting to "mob tactics" with their harassment of Republican officials. https://t.co/vOQaAPa2MJ https://t.co/nrpWELlKS9

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Trump on migrant caravan: 'Onslaught of illegal aliens' represents 'disgrace' to the Dems. https://t.co/zKmcNZCBNB

Pennsylvania convicted murderer is suspected serial killer, police say. https://t.co/TVC0EOa3te

Meghan Markle's father reacts to learning his daughter is pregnant. https://t.co/pF6DJsi04r

On @foxnewssunday, Sen. @RandPaul said he believes the U.S. needs to "discontinue our arms sales to Saudi Arabia" after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. https://t.co/RCKUGu0hyH https://t.co/G06rQZ9jtw

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China coal mine explosion kills 2, leaves 18 trapped. https://t.co/LOt4bXnV0O

U.S. general shot in Afghanistan Taliban attack that killed top Afghan officials, Pentagon confirms. https://t.co/qShvbTu0mD

Hurricane Willa threatens Mexico as 'extremely dangerous' Category 4 storm. https://t.co/G4OdMMljG1

[email protected] on Khashoggi's death: "This hurts the Saudis to lie this stupidly." #FNS https://t.co/GnWpOLnWed https://t.co/jFdmXJxm06

Catholic leaders enter final week of debate on how to receive LGBT churchgoers. https://t.co/DdZPBE1m65

[email protected]: "I am passionate about protecting people with pre-existing conditions and forcing insurance companies to provide them health insurance." #FNS https://t.co/CIcSQDrHVU

[email protected]: "This border still needs to be secured." #FNS https://t.co/3A9oSU3lQz

Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez compares climate change to 'existential threat' of Nazi Germany. https://t.co/iDYR0sW0qK

911 logs tell grim tale of Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs' disappearance and parents' murder https://t.co/PmAkwtAZTt

[email protected]: “We can’t take in every single poor person into the United States.” https://t.co/xjEbIEB2Md

2 convicted Democrats seek political office while behind bars https://t.co/PssJQ5OBW0

Jonathan Wachtel on the migrant caravan: "Honduras is failing its people...It's got to give them economic opportunities. And it's got to clamp down on the crime rate there because it's an impossible situation for so many people." https://t.co/EKhV5w16p0 https://t.co/LbRpMAjaar

Obama visits Coachella just days after tweeting that more people attend music festival than vote https://t.co/lHKb546CSr

Thousands of migrants from Central America have been stopped at Mexico's southern border. @ClaudiaCowan1 reports. https://t.co/6ipRrfnJjj https://t.co/ZkdXxEWDTe

Utah man hits dog with hammer after pup stole food off plate: police https://t.co/ndf3dOSTsR

University of Michigan football star spotted damaging Michigan State’s logo https://t.co/5Fhgi9e56X

Netflix cancels Marvel's 'Luke Cage' ahead of third season https://t.co/qREc5Q28CQ

Memes may encourage adolescents to be fat and lazy, UK researchers warn https://t.co/pDbCWUa4Sk

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