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Tropical Storm Maria strengthens into hurricane

This photo shows the moment just before sunrise from a campsite on the Appalachian Trail in Beans Purchase, N.H.

[email protected]: "It is a free country but at the end of the day it's free because of who laid down that great sacrifice."

Members of the @Jaguars help Hurricane Irma first responders hold the American flag during the singing of the national anthem.

Former press secretary @seanspicer makes cameo appearance at the #Emmys

Kent Haeffner Harvard Junior: Chelsea Manning is "a convicted felon who has betrayed our country and that's what the courts have said."


[email protected]: "[@POTUS] said, 'we're going to build a wall.' We will build that wall."

On this day in 1793, George Washington laid the cornerstone to the US Capitol building. The building would take nearly a century to finish.

Last night Kate McKinnon thanked @HillaryClinton during her #Emmy Award acceptance speech.

NY Times reporter slammed after saying boy mowing White House lawn sends bad signal on child labor

Biblical prophecy claims the world will end on Sept. 23, Christian numerologists claim

[email protected]: The #Emmys are "pulling families together, because people are turning their TVs off."

[email protected] on @POTUS's speech to UNGA: "President Trump will be promoting peace... sovereignty and accountability."

A @usairforce B-1B bomber drops a bomb as it flies over the Korean Peninsula during joint drills with South Korea.

[email protected] on the #Emmys: "When everything is political... you can't even have the small shared pleasure of a sitcom."

[email protected] Wants Tougher Immigration Language in Any DACA Deal

[email protected]: "[@POTUS's] vision of sovereignty and of America as a unique nation is legitimate and doesn't threaten anyone else."

JUST IN: 2 More Navy Officers Fired Over Deadly Naval Ship Collisions

Sabine Durden: "I will stand with my president. I fought for him, I elected him. There are things I wish we would be further on."

At Least One Dead When MTA, Coach Buses Collide in New York

Emmy Awards 2017: @StephenAtHome, @AlecBaldwin and @seanspicer All Turn Out to Mock @realDonaldTrump

MOMENTS AGO: @realDonaldTrump arrived at the @UN

During @AlecBaldwin's speech for his third Emmy win he took a jab at @realDonaldTrump who he impersonated on @nbcsnl

[email protected] attends meeting on @UN reforms

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