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'Bless Your Heart': @SteveScalise Responds to @Rosie Attack Over Tax Reform

[email protected]: “If you’re breaking the law by engaging in sexual harassment, why should the people of Kansas, or Utah, or Florida have to reach in their pockets to pay off a settlement for something that you did?”

Rep. Mike Kelly: “[Corporate jobs] are moving overseas because they are overtaxed and overregulated. What we [is] doing are bringing those jobs back home and preventing jobs from leaving.” #Tucker

Rep. @SteveScalise reacted to an expletive-laced message from comedian Rosie O'Donnell after the House passed its tax reform proposal.

[email protected] Vs Sanctuary City Mayor: 'Hard to Take A Lecture From You on the Constitution' | #Tucker

Boy who had legs amputated meets quadruple-amputee dog

Wisconsin College Democrats leader resigns after 'I f---ing hate white men' tweet

Married science teacher, 22, arrested for sex romp with teen boy student

[email protected] Rips 'Senator Grope' @AlFranken Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct #Hannity

[email protected]: "@TheDemocrats are supposed to be the party of sexual equality, of trans rights, of protecting the victim, and what to we find? Exactly the opposite." #Hannity

#KeystonePipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota

Mueller subpoenas Trump campaign for Russia-related documents, source says

Zimbabwe Pres. Mugabe meets with army commander following military takeover

[email protected]: It looks like we are finally on the cusp of tax reform

Les Alderman on harassment on Capitol Hill: "We need to expand the protections to these unpaid interns, these fellows, who currently are not covered by the law." @IngrahamAngle

Paratroopers from Serbia & @USArmy's @173rdAbnBde descend from the sky during Exercise Double Eagle 2017 in Kovin, Serbia on Thursday.

Leo Terrell on legalizing marijuana: "Let's not have Washington in charge of what goes on in every state." @IngrahamAngle

Vietnam veteran keeps longtime promise to late fellow Marine

[email protected] on @POTUS' Asia trip: "We've got the respect of the world again." @IngrahamAngle

[email protected] on Alabama Senate race: "It is clear that Roy Moore has taken a hit after these revelations and even in a solidly, solidly red state like Alabama, his support is not what it should be right now." @IngrahamAngle

Baltimore detective shooting death prompts look at city's homicide rate

School nixes boy's 'Fake News' T-shirt on field trip to CNN

Sylvester Stallone responds to allegations he sexually assaulted and threatened a 16-year-old when he was 40

WATCH NOW: @KellyannePolls joins @ShannonBream on Fox News @ Night

[email protected]: "Honestly, I think today was the worst day for the Democrats in 2017. You have not 1 but 2 U.S. senators now facing ethics investigations, @SenatorMenendez and @SenFranken."

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