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"We are working under the belief that they are connected." Austin Police Chief Brian Manley spoke in a news conference regarding an explosion that left two people injured in Austin, TX. The blast comes after 3 package bombs detonated earlier this month.

Same-sex couple accuses Texas newspaper of discrimination after obit was altered

  • [email protected] on Russia probe: "Partisanship is a part of the land today."

    Zinke defends 'konnichiwa' comment to Japanese-American lawmaker

    [email protected] on Russia probe: "We the people are supposed to decide who governs us. And the Congress of the U.S. cannot continue to abdicate its responsibility and allow this kind of thing to continue."

    [email protected] to seek death penalty for some drug traffickers in plan to fight opioid crisis.

    [email protected] customer caught making meth in restaurant

    Security footage shows robber getting stuck in pair of sliding doors

    Three arrested in Colorado after pipe bomb found in stolen vehicle at a Walmart parking lot

    [email protected] tries to explain her comments on Trump voters after backlash

    Some officials wanted Stoneman Douglas suspect Nikolas Cruz committed in 2016, report says

    Paralympian Marine vet is gifted a custom home

    [email protected]: "The RNC so far in the 2018 cycle is outraising the DNC 2 to 1."

    Turnover rate in past administrations.

    Fox News top tweets

    [email protected]: “I don’t think there’s an obstruction of justice case against the president.”

    Jackson Lilly: “With the huge support system we have in Jenks, it makes everything a lot easier.” A Jenks High School student who battled Stage 4 lymphoma and is now cancer free was honored by his football teammates and rang the school's "Personal Record Bell."

    Freshman guard Jordan Poole hits 3 at buzzer to give Michigan win

    Michigan sheriff deputy and father of 11 loses finger in freak accident (via @christocarbone)

    Four arrested in Indiana for running fake Wounded Warrior fundraisers, pocketing money

    Shooting incident at California mall leaves 1 dead, another injured.

    US inquiry focuses on 4 air bag-connected crash deaths

    [email protected] on American work ethic: "It's one thing to affirmatively discourage our kids from learning a useful skill. It's another thing to lose our appreciation for the people who do the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us." @WattersWorld

    Even after death, Democrat stays 'active' in politics

    Felix Sater on life as an American spy: "I'm an American patriot who saw an opportunity to help protect our country and embraced it, and gladly took it." @WattersWorld

    Teacher who fired gun inside classroom apologizes to California community

    Felix Sater on working with @realDonaldTrump: "There was never any involvement of any foreign, Russian money...Vladimir Putin didn't drop off a couple of suitcases of cash with anyone to finance Donald Trump for his presidency." @WattersWorld

    [email protected] on 2018 midterms: "[Democrats are] keeping their base motivated to go and vote. And if that stays the case where their base is motivated to go vote and ours is not, it could be a problem for us." @WattersWorld

    On @WattersWorld, a woman with an emotional support duck explains how her feathered friend provides comfort.

    Jai Chabria: "The Mueller investigation is gonna go on...there's not support on Capitol Hill to stop the Mueller investigation."

    Earlier, President @realDonaldTrump wished everyone a Happy #StPatricksDay.

    Fox News top tweets

    Four arrested in Indiana for running fake Wounded Warrior fundraisers, pocketing money

    Antjuan Seawright on McCabe firing: "It seems like [Republicans] have become the party of cover and run at this point. Cover up anything that may look bad towards @POTUS and run away from."

    Marie Harf: Dems Will Retake House, But Nancy Pelosi Will Not Be Speaker

    [email protected]: “President Trump cannot fire his way out of the troubles he’s in.”

    [email protected]: “Firing Jim Comey will go down as one of the biggest political blunders in history.”

    Brandon Judd: “The president wants to get a deal done that will protect these people that were brought here through no fault of their own but unfortunately the Democrats are the ones that are keeping these dreamers in limbo.”

    Outrage over New Yorker mag's 'repulsive' body-shaming of President Trump

    [email protected]: “The firing of McCabe as it happened, on a Friday night at ten o’clock, was harsh and spiteful.”

    [email protected] blasts #Trump as 'erratic' in New Hampshire speech, fueling 2020 primary speculation

    Drunken driver rammed car, injuring US military translator from Afghanistan, authorities say

    Cleaning has never been more fun! Watch these German shepherd puppies chase after a broom.

    $2.5M settlement after police dismiss woman's kidnapping as 'Gone Girl' hoax

    [email protected]: “Whether it was an accidental shooting or it was a purposeful shooting, he cost Kate Steinle her life, and he should pay the price for it.” #TheFive

    FAA temporarily grounds open-door helicopter flights

    The @NTSB provides updates on the pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami Thursday that killed several people.

    [email protected]: "I have no problem with a lawyer practicing in California. Now the 'unlawfully' part can be solved. If President #Trump wanted to solve that problem, he could have solved it." #Tucker

    [email protected]: "The rule of law is so critical...When you pass a law and then ignore it, you really have no rule of law." #Tucker

    [email protected]: "You can't have two sets of laws: one for the favored folk and one for the normal folk...That doesn't work." #Tucker

    [email protected]: "@POTUS is headed to New Hampshire on Monday to reinforce the administration's commitment to combating the opioid crisis."

    [email protected]: Gen. McMaster's job is safe.

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