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This is a very important message about salad. https://t.co/2l5LNYRkLB

Kylie....no. Just no. https://t.co/xlq5SeMfvS

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Me watching Space Jam vs me watching Space Jam 2 https://t.co/3b78rajK35

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Some things just shouldn't be bundled. https://t.co/sy76DJgjC5

This is the most important thing you will read today https://t.co/Db0XCOV0jr

When you've lived a life as epic as @JackBlack has, it can be hard to remember every part of your career. https://t.co/SCVboBgoBA

To catch the bad guys, sometimes you need to go undercover and it can get... pretty confusing. https://t.co/kl7zVM1Ztx

Heads up from @allstate... Check to see if your city is already encouraging safe driving habits https://t.co/LU2ygJOnaI #gooddrivingstartsyoung https://t.co/1qKHj9Bdft

HBO is already working on a 6 part series where Scarlett Johansson is to play the cereal. https://t.co/bgOoPGRIzU

Would you make it on American Contestant? https://t.co/0SvWFBK3Fe

Yeah, no shit, according to all 'Sesame Street' viewers ever https://t.co/ijfkLC5W0G

Watch @theRITAS football pool convene to pick a winner in this week's Jaguars/Titans game. #HAVEARITA https://t.co/7xHOvlzItX

Some film studio executives are still unsure about female directors. https://t.co/vEGmrAHIId

Harry Styles' 2018 GQ shoot is how Tom Brady thought he looked in his 2005 GQ shoot https://t.co/fP3P6CS83n

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Glenn Weiss Pro Tip: if you plan to propose while accepting an Emmy, make sure you win the Emmy https://t.co/Utmybm4y8X

Jewel's voice may be an American treasure, but that doesn't mean people will recognize her in disguise at karaoke. https://t.co/BI7CIityEm

*Clicks on "Mario Kart" to see why it's trending* https://t.co/bClcxRpFgp

Stormy Daniels compared Trump's penis to the mushroom from Mario Kart and we are shook https://t.co/uKYOyHhFoa

My tombstone will say "Horny for Peter Dinklage" #Emmys

When the person standing in front of me in line has a return https://t.co/x45RAreVp2

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Ugh Dad is so embarrassing. Put your credentials away! They know who you are, it's fine! Just say the lines! #Emmys https://t.co/iD9nylbaMA

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Henry Winkler pulled a you-can-go-to-bed-now-kids but his kids are in their 30s, so they're not old enough to watch the #Emmys yet

Amy Sherman-Palladino is on point rn https://t.co/MBYQoeL4ZM

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Fred and Maya should stay on the stage for the remainder of the show #Emmys

I'm sorry but all the #Emmys need to go to Sandra Oh's mother

Jared Kushner may be the man charged with bringing peace to the middle east, but that doesn't mean his wife Ivanka Trump can't still dominate him in the bathroom. https://t.co/47taU2dp1O

If you found out that eating Kermit The Frog cured your depression forever, would you do it?


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We put Steve Buscemi eyes on The Beatles and it made them look like insects https://t.co/Zaqu69iesk

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Would you drive a Denim Car like Jay Leno? https://t.co/wCdQA2aEou

The 2018 Emmy Awards are on Monday and we have predicted some winners. https://t.co/64iYrDKEzg

Just buy your kids pencils. Please don't try to make your own. https://t.co/ZhqGVdsPzi

When the pizza boy is 2 hours late with your pizza, remember to always be considerate. https://t.co/sC0fpe8JmY

Who was deep in the bowels of St. Bernardine High School? #WhoIsTheTurdBurglar #AmericanVandal https://t.co/iclTHvRX9a

Do you have the hair to be an actor? Kevin Bacon will be the judge of that. https://t.co/ye822pWOBK

You HAVE to follow this hilarious Twitter account that only posts memes about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson https://t.co/ULSjSUeqgC

Learn how to get a boner just by looking at yourself as the YouTuber trio known as The Dabble Dudes do a little dabbling in women’s makeup. https://t.co/dI6z6tfJtQ

What the hell is happening https://t.co/OjUunEXI02

The most impressive part of KILLSHOT is that Eminem makes it to 37 seconds without making fun of Machine Gun Kelly's man bun

We know @blakegriffin23 is good with basketballs, but can he get a potato and a sausage through the hoop? @danceswithtamis finds out. https://t.co/jd492ApB6W

Was tripping over while playing Pokémon GO really your fault? Yes. Yes it was. But that doesn't mean you don't deserve a good lawyer! https://t.co/sBvFrUWTOc

She's short-circuiting https://t.co/z6QM3SVILr

A lot of scary things are happening. But only one of those things can kill us all at once. https://t.co/TdQNZWXwGP

Billy On The Street with EMMA STONE!!! @billyeichner https://t.co/rsjipYgUPd https://t.co/pNgLURQPJH

Jon Hamm, Adam Scott and Jason Sudeikis have never looked worse than in this hilarious clip from Sarah Silverman's @ilyamerica streaming on @hulu #ILYAmerica https://t.co/LskOT6AhUI https://t.co/RO8zf2sOQ0

Escape the parenting vortex and watch 'Single Parents' - because you deserve it @SingleParentsTV https://t.co/VfdgcNAWfh

Does Mireille Enos have a horse that can talk? Alan Ruck says NO. https://t.co/TjIQ6KeumS

They did it again. Revolutionary. https://t.co/nYcEiGASrP

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Bryce Dallas Howard just doesn't know how to let go after a hug with her dream man. https://t.co/zCRKVcRS1v

I wish I was Dolly Parton

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