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These people should have waited a little bit longer...

Remember the 'Full House' when D.J. almost starved herself to death to look good in a bathing suit? It was a very special episode.

  • Can you be racist towards British people?

    If P.T. Anderson's @Phantom_Thread was about Mugatu from Zoolander

    The Kama Sutra needs some updating.

    Have your dreams ever been this weird??

    Someone please pick their racist aunt up from the movie theater

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    Is @randyliedtke doing this right? Watch his quest to smoke weed for the first time.

    Donald Trump is good for the sex business!

    Watch as @randyliedtke prepares to smoke weed for the first time.

    Would you let this guy give you careers advice?

    ‘Black Panther’ finally got its first bad review

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    This is the hardest game of 'Would You Rather' I've ever come across.

    Team USA's gloves look familiar

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    [email protected] is now serving Food Truck inspired sandwiches & they're as juicy as all the drama in Winter Games’ past. Check out Firsts & Feuds to see what's new and what's spicy! #ad

    Remember the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' when Will got shot and Carlton bought a gun? It was a very special episode.

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    Can't believe who Mike Pence sat next to at the Olympics

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    Not interested. Call me when they make one for Chewbacca.

    God is joined by special guest Cupid to discuss Sex and what he thinks about when on the hunt for love.

    Christopher Walken rocks your world as the handsome but tormented sex fiend in the brand new trailer for 50 Shades of Walken.

    Learn how to make your very own Valentine's Day card.

    Would you pay a thousand dollars to be Garfield for a day?

    Grocery shopping will never be the same again

    Be very afraid if @Brittanysnow knocks on your door on Valentine's Day.

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    [email protected] and @robhuebel just changed grocery shopping forever

    This man is proof that the only thing stopping you from being an Olympic athlete is understanding curling

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    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Simpler times.

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    In the future, maybe we'll have flying cars! BOSTON DYNAMICS: What about robot dogs that will soon hunt and kill us all? ... BOSTON DYNAMICS: They can open doors now, btw

    Roses are red Love requires communication

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    ME: Alexa, show me nude shrek ALEXA: Sorry, I don't underst- ME, POINTING GUN: show me. nude. shrek. ALEXA: 749 Images Found

    The love letter is dead. Good luck on your valentine ❤️

    We regret to inform you that Elon Musk has fucked a horse

    While athletes bite into their gold medals, YOU can bite into @JackBox's new Food Truck Series sandwiches. Check out Firsts & Feuds for the facts. #ad

    [After years of preparation I walk into the Shark Tank and a small turd rolls out of the bottom of my shorts] MARK CUBAN: I'm out.

    Get ready for even less activity. @noactivitycbs Season 2 is coming soon! Binge season one now on CBS All Access: #ad

    Valentine's Day

    When your man expects nothing less than the very best this #ValentinesDay

    Happy Valentine's Day to the Mucinex booger only.

    Beware of the #Friendzone on Valentines Day! The official music video for "FRIENDS" by @marshmellomusic & @AnneMarieIAm is coming this Friday!

    Jesus Christ.

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    V ery A lone L ike E very N ight T hank god I have N etflix E gg S andwitch

    We paired up with @botnikstudios to use a predictive text algorithm to figure out the best romantic comedies on Netflix to chill with.

    Is @joejonas a good way to say "I Love You"?

    Dunking from half court beats synchronized death of the elderly every single time.

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    [email protected] and @joshgad experience a breakup in a noisy diner.

    Thoughts and prayers just don't cut it.

    Immediately knew Bekah M's time on 'The Bachelor' was limited when she showed up looking like Gilligan

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    No regrets in 2018

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