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There's no stronger bond than being a twin. https://t.co/DjzbDqdxF8

See all 50 shades of Cock in the 2019 Hot Cocks Calendar. Señor Feathers from @NoActivityCBS Season 2 on @CBSAllAccess gets kinky. https://t.co/Zfr3PiqCz1

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Here's a Christmas gift for that relative who always has heartburn and/or is depressed: https://t.co/85oQEpB46H https://t.co/PBMHcjNE2J

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Some of the mysteries of Hill House should never be answered. @haunting @netflix @Jeff_Daniels https://t.co/FeNTOD1qnX

Could a makeover be just what Jeff Lebowski needs? https://t.co/T0PB2WUtN2 https://t.co/Gwk8zqWE5Q

Finally a Star Wars film that has a chance at the Best Picture Oscar! https://t.co/wQsFXxyPj5

The choice is clear https://t.co/tZ1B1CHNY2

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Please, please, PLEASE, someone hang one of these in their office https://t.co/ptw9XRwzf6

The state of children's theater leaves a lot to be desired. Watch the full video here: https://t.co/BwnSKRIErG https://t.co/DE9HqD0hss

The Academy Awards are going to be charmed I'm sure by their new totally legitimate 100% for real hosts https://t.co/yFb2nq5kJu

Remember the 'Golden Girls' when Santa held them hostage at gunpoint? It was a very special episode. https://t.co/Kk98HpYrPS

THIS is the movie people really want https://t.co/sq00Gr1Khj

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I think it's safe to say this is the worst thing you could forget on a plane https://t.co/b3LRA1yMzy

Treat yourself this year by putting a Shrek action figure in your nativity scene

Want a toy your child is guaranteed to remember forever? Look no further https://t.co/XB1yjNYDkp

I wish the rock and roll hall of fame would induct whoever wrote the song that plays during super mario

Fighting a car in New York City may seem like a normal thing, but maybe it's time we do it for the right reasons. https://t.co/JeDowSlaTG

When they send you an email to thank you for unsubscribing from emails https://t.co/PaUSTw8zlS

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#TBT to the 1992 Rose Parade with @CordHosenbeck and @TishCattigan - They haven't aged a day. This New Year's Day, feel as fresh as these eternal baby-faces by staying hydrated with @Pedialyte ! The #RoseParade is less than 3 weeks away! #NotJustForBabies https://t.co/updYpK5MCx

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Finally the full story of the distracted boyfriend meme: https://t.co/vk2zGo7qat https://t.co/FdA0soiN1v

Where the hell is my Frasier Niles locket https://t.co/9ItehSAQiE

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⠀ ⠀ ... (\__/) (•ㅅ•) Got buff from  _ノ ヽ ノ\_ carrying so much `/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ emotional baggage (  (三ヽ人  /   | | ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ ヽ___>、___/    |( 王 ノ〈

Canada's known for being a polite country, but did you also know it's hilarious? https://t.co/bY42oB3lyJ

. @NatEnquirer hOw'S iT gOiNg?

Being confident isn’t always easy, but Anwar Jibawi can help. #Rogaine #ad https://t.co/SPdG9miRiP

Russell Brand's latest comedy special is probably his best work yet. You gotta watch it. https://t.co/v3ca3Bw61Q

Share if Frasier's goth son embodies the spirit of Christmas https://t.co/V10rbOvmWa

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I'm my best self on Yelp https://t.co/UFmPIpVSwH

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A good thing to remember when you're studying for finals is definitely not how much student debt you're racking up

Henry Rollins puts a different spin on children's books: https://t.co/jJipt6vzwS https://t.co/L3iXO6tZVT

I can't decide https://t.co/4UGxgucOCd

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ok wait who is michael cohen again

The biggest play in recent NFL history was the Vikings' Duck Duck Grey Duck endzone celebration, created by Funk & Co. #ad https://t.co/oIkEKBeCX0

Before he was Chief Hopper, David Harbour originally auditioned for the role of Eleven in Stranger Things. Watch the full video here: https://t.co/K3kT7hs4Gg https://t.co/d2HCB8T08v

Star of Between Two Ferns @barackobama has a message for you. Listen to it, then visit https://t.co/JQwpKru5Nt https://t.co/ZxPdlqdzUM

go fuck yourself https://t.co/PJaZBWfkBq

Next time someone calls you petty, just tell them it's part of your creative process. https://t.co/2lruedLqaV

Rise and shine for a little morning glory, it's the 2019 Hot Cocks Calendar. Señor Feathers from @NoActivityCBS Season 2 on @CBSAllAccess bares it all. https://t.co/nzBeIGLKWU

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NETFLIX: Are you still watching? ME: https://t.co/ohshqAnN8Y

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Is there anything worse than being pranked by a Jake Brother? Watch the full ep of @likeandsub here.

Do you need a juice box for your brain power? @NoActivityCBS @CBSAllAccess https://t.co/MH1wUC8FUk

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THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS 1) Lust 2) Gluttony 3) Greed 4) Wrath 5) Envy 6) Pride 7) Facetiming in public

Sorry but Halloween is a Christmas movie

A look into The Daily Bugle through a more realistic, practical lens https://t.co/RStLmWvK63

The that guy from Hamburglar Les Mis 🤝 stealing food to feed your family

I guess love really is dead https://t.co/8QFVTTVlEL

When you see your ex is dating someone uglier than you https://t.co/SEbCh9y7Lp

Wanna feel old? This is Macaulay Culkin now. https://t.co/Dh8IktO8Ro

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Remember when Dave Franco & Chris Mintz-Plasse just couldn't get enough of each other? Watch the full thing here: https://t.co/VGUZksRZ56 https://t.co/ZTh4JW9nLS

Who thinks they deserve a Gold Medal for getting out of bed this morning? https://t.co/O8IHb1eBTU

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