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Remember the 'ALF' when he dated a blind woman? It was a very special episode. https://t.co/iklpb8Vmjb

Big Bird learns being a comedy writer isn't an easy career choice. https://t.co/cDQMMaOKJ5

These headlines were dumb, so we trolled them. https://t.co/Y7GjD3G6mD

Playing Angry Birds in real life is a lot more work, but it's also more fun. https://t.co/Jjmtzkwzcx

👖$1500 tactical pants sound pretty cool! What else ya got, Scottie P!? 👜 https://t.co/LTnoWrddIP

A message to all my enemies: I totally get it.

Everyone should get their news from the Manitowoc Minute. Keep Er Movin! https://t.co/VY9cnB8KrS

Just remember that George Lucas would have made the new Star Wars episodes differently... https://t.co/WzJyAqJZCN

This is it, don't get scared now! #Hereditary https://t.co/KlgUGxojWw

When giving directions goes bad! https://t.co/kHXUFi9WOu

They've been through enough already https://t.co/FLG1dEqjPf

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Jumping in the shower increases the chance of your phone ringing by 70%

The mysteries of the universe are revealed! https://t.co/JC7fAvg0uh

Sometimes men have it hard too. https://t.co/uuHF0yS7D8

Laura Ingraham's new summer camp will give your kids an experience they'll never forget! https://t.co/R7xr4McwDp

What is the human part of a cyborg really worth? https://t.co/8UciVLWKUj

When a sport you normally don't watch causes you to become a hooligan, you know it's World Cup time! https://t.co/fwMmpwee7x

Tune in to the season finale of @BrockmireIFC - Tonight at 10pm https://t.co/H0zvDvBXKH

We wonder how Harry is doing... he's been playing Daniel Radcliffe non stop for a while now. https://t.co/2ftA4xyKDe

Pretty simple stuff. Call your senator at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to support the Keep Families Together Act https://t.co/OJ8WDcm7W2

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Is this Migos? https://t.co/EoKdEo24u7

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Learn the alphabet with Kanye https://t.co/7t5OQpepPU

Deliverance has got nothing on these two. https://t.co/Z3BJT8Tm61

Why wait till the morning after when you can nuke your uterus TODAY! https://t.co/vOXLMas5KG

Do you have what it takes? https://t.co/t3qrhXT2bW

If the flag could speak, what would it be saying? https://t.co/vI6EbwX6pW

Waluigi is about to get blocked https://t.co/z2LwWrWJ9y

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We're cranking things up - Noventa y Cuatro style @DosEquis #KeepItInteresante #ad https://t.co/MRCdG4lnG9

Does the gym deliver?

Have you ever had such a big night you became Quantum Drunk? https://t.co/M0Qff0SuNA

She really is a monster https://t.co/hEK0x4tty4

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I scream this while getting arrested for taking a huge crap in a packed elevator https://t.co/MFqX4L403D

Trump's Space Force dream team https://t.co/OZCUrnuio9

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This guy for President of Tunisia https://t.co/rF8PROhWT1

Ryan (@ryanoflan) gets political, visiting our nation's capital on a hunt for President Dan Trump. Will he ever find him, or will he drown in the deflection pool? https://t.co/SGq7RPZyyH

We hope all you dad's pulled out your best pair of Khaki Shorts for Father's Day! https://t.co/UP5yO1O8Mg

We hope all the dads out there are enjoying their Dad Cages! https://t.co/8d2RHuxpMn

Happy Father's Day! https://t.co/SldpXg90zL

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Actress Liv Tyler (daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler) wrote a poem about fathers. Happy Father's Day to all those rocker dads out there! https://t.co/OvBB7G9kaP

Only real Crocs fans will know these facts https://t.co/7GVlkzA92E

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Who is the real father of America? https://t.co/Al2eWsv00k

Not all fathers are husbands and not all husbands are fathers, but all husbands are husbands. https://t.co/4ASpUIVh8p

This week on #Websplaining we talk about all things "Dad," because who doesn't love a dad joke? @musicallyapp https://t.co/YsOL1lFhxL

Dad backwards is spelled "Dad." Now that's nuts. https://t.co/L9x5yJCj9f

The most hardcore gangstas are ABC Gangstas. https://t.co/PkhmwvrcxO

Have you ever wondered how Tony Hale (Arrested Development, Veep) creates those Emmy Award Winning performances? https://t.co/tymTspoLQH

🥄Spoons🥄are🥄weak🥄and🥄lame🥄 https://t.co/EOFORP65Oh

Goodbye, Mr Manafort https://t.co/x5Ap7zS3uo

Ronaldo teaches us vital social expressions, and how to score a World Cup hat trick https://t.co/cJaoUwJSu5

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Just when you think your friends have your back, 2018 happened! https://t.co/SXhTybVCPX

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