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Centralized systems like Banks etc put too much trust in humans, assuming the fear of law, would not let them collude to beat the system. Whereas in a decentralized blockchain system, the auditors are so distributed and so many, that they can't collude.

501* runs in a bilateral series for Kohli. The most by any batsman. This is how Bradman would have batted in a bilateral Test series. Fuckin 501* runs in 6 innings.

  • This Virat Kohli form is incomprehensible. The import of this series performance will be felt at a later time, we aren't equipped to fathom in real time. This will age well, as glorious Cricketing history.

    The time difference between the last time Federer was no 1 to this time when he's back at that position is 5 years 3 months. That in one line tells you what Federer is about. Sheer resilience & never say die spirit. Always coming back. Never give up. Never say die.

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