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Would any traffic policeman dare to stop this man from not wearing a helmet. #SherBrushNahiKarte https://t.co/VnR0Pjak6J

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Mastercard ropes in Dhoni. Evidently, there is a great need of cashless transactions in India, hope #DhoniWithMastercard changes the mindset of people and helps becoming the country #Digitalindia https://t.co/LhY1dxts5M

Thursday Post Lunch https://t.co/BshSSu2E0d

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My 'Hit n Trial' is better than your 'Hit n Trial' coz my paygrade is higher. Corporate life in a nutshell.

At a consumer visit. This is interesting.

After the two quick wickets, Ravi Shastri has already declared it the best ODI side in the last 20 years. #INDvHK

Hong Kong is a great proxy for Pakistani players to take part in IPL. 🤔

A man securing everything what he considers his property #India https://t.co/IS5RYo1G1q

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Bojack Horseman tickles u with a silly Animal pun one moment & the very next moment lands a line which punches u in the gut so bad, the rest of the episode just passes by while u still recover from that one line. A Philosophical treatise, a silly slapstick, a modern day classic

Missus got a new haircut, now preparing my answers carefully.

Namaste London https://t.co/8HHnRJEs5n

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People relish in Inflicting pain to self. Like I am watching those 60 sec recipe videos on Facebook where they are making juicy Lamb chops with mashed potatoes while I have some leftover rotis and bhindi in the kitchen.

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