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Clearly remember, a teacher asking all of us what do you wanna become when you grow up? I stood up & said: Software Engineer


Beautiful depiction. How kids become prisoners of technology & what it takes to let them explore the world. #EscapeTheCage

On Nehru's birthday, going back in time. There was a Shyam Benegal show based on Nehru's Discovery of India - Bharat ek Khoj. Check the Aurangzeb episode, righteous king wronged by Dara Shikoh. Interesting :)

God: I am creating a new species called humans. Angels: What's that? God:

Kejriwal just knows bogus social media posturing. Has no solution for the 44,000 hectares of farmland which lies in his jurisdiction.

Why is this asshole not in Jail yet?

How's Designated survivor on Netflix? Worth it?

Are there any females here who drive an SUV?

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