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Why is there a hole at the back side of iPhone cases? who do you want to show that you are using apple? this is so senseless and stupid

Lava is back in Delhi. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The worst thing about summers is fridge me bottle bhar ke rakhna.. that 15-20 seconds of life when you are filling up the bottle are the most boring and pointless seconds of your life.


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    Simpler the cookie, better the taste!

    Relationship Status: Looking for someone to share Netflix cost

    Tomorrow is Monday. Take an off, surprise your anxiety.

    You curse is fading away! 😇

    He is a dream for any Indian cricket team fan and a nightmare for the opponents. What a guy. What a player! Virat Kohli 😍

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    Another half century by Virat Kohli. There are no words left to describe the awesomeness of this run machine. The best!

    10 birthday wishes from special people is any day better than 1000 wishes from strangers who wished you coz of Facebook peer pressure.

    This is extra ordinary! MS Dhoni, you are a beauty!

    If it’s tougher than you thought, then the results are gonna be brighter and shinier than you expected.

    Hello ‘too hot without fan, too cold with fan’ weather. It’s good you are back to confuse us.

    This world explained in one picture.

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    How is it possible for everyone to fall in love and get married at the age of between 24-28? This getting married thing is nothing but peer pressure from parents and people around you..

    The toughest situation is when you are aware of the fact that the next few months would be difficult and it's just the beginning.

    Still the best tweet

    Heavy on your heart. Heavy on your mind. Heavy on your feet. Heavy on your knees.


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    Gentle reminder: Hold on to it

    Can we please get over that overhyped winking kid? Thanks! 🙏🏻

    I am literally stuck between “You just got one life, don’t waste it on dieting” and “You just got one life, make sure you pop out those abs”.

    This is one place in India where i can't wait to go! #MahaShivaratri

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    Be with the one who doesn't give a fuck about Valentine's Day.

    Started from the bottom, now we are dead,

    Happy Valentine’s People!

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    Blessed to have the same valentine since last 6 years ❣️

    “Let the stars decide where we belong”.


    It’s so difficult to figure out what’s worse: Ustraa ads or Ustraa products

    Mornings are depressing until you play that first track you absolutely love.

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