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Waking up early in the morning for a workout is good, switching off the alarm and going back to sleep is better.

Don’t make sadness your comfort zone.

People don’t lie, their filters do.

Too late to sleep. Too early to wake up.

There shouldn’t be any place in your life for people who write “lolzzzz”.

A very happy birthday to the one and only Mr. @axwell. Thank you so much for all the magical music you created, all the epic shows you did. You inspire me every single day, every single time. You and #NobodyElse. All the best for Swedish House Mafia next year. See you soon ♥️🙏🏻 https://t.co/2FG7JWX3uV

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Dedddddd 😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/pjdBumaG37

Need for sleep - after 40hrs of staying up. Goodnight. 🥴😴

In a happy home, you’ll be the king and have a gold throne.

Said it last night. Saying it now. There’s nothing better than Interstellar’s theme music. It’s the deepest thing you’ll ever hear. Hans Zimmer is the real boss.

Interstellar’s main theme music can be used as a lullaby, morning alarm, tough times music, motivational music, future music, let’s-go-to-the-past music and much more. Absolutely pure legendary stuff.

Imagine finding a girl you’d do this for, and she goes on Instagram and upload pictures like this for attention. May god bless her with some maturity. https://t.co/g4g1zZLLvc

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Sex and all is cool but have you ever squeezed a hot water bottle with freezing hands?

If you keep an open mind, you can tell a lot about someone just by talking once.

Just downloaded Tinder and the first profile that popped on my face had Lord Krishna as the profile picture. I am done.

If you don’t have an answer to their “aur kya naya chal raha hai?”, leave the conversation right there.

Are we done with all the weddings now?

Saddest. May gold bless these kids. 🙏🏻 https://t.co/DP14iJv5yX

Form is permanent. Class is permanent. Performance is permanent. Aggression is permanent. Being the best is permanent. King Kohli. #IndvAus

We are not alone anymore. https://t.co/OQa6v1MYnv

Stop looking for happiness, it’ll find you on its own.

Sleep and winters are meant to be for each other.

So many new emojis but nothing can beat the BBM emojis.

You are heartless if you throw the empty perfume bottles.

Can’t decide between going to the gym and ordering a pizza.

So, what tv series are you watching right now?

Sex drugs and paneer roll.

Never treat someone like “Dead or alive” when they treat you like “Luck”.

Summers: I miss winters Winters: I miss summers

Bucket list 2019 #1: Stop being poor

That thin line between not feeling sleepy and not being able to sleep.

It’s all about the right connection, that’s it.

Nothing is more 🤮 than grown up men acting cute.

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If you hate someone, do it with all your heart.

Sometimes you can’t enjoy good times because you know they’ll end.

There’s no going back when you want to.

You always get what you don’t want.

You are winning if you got good music.

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