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If you can get up early in the morning, you don’t have enough sleeping goals.

Ever feel like slapping someone because they are absolutely cute?

A good day is when everything falls into place.

Dreams are never too big.

Lack of knowledge causes over confidence.

“Don’t teach your knowledge, share!”

First month of break up be like: Move to recycle bin, but don’t empty it

Be the stability you want to see in the world.

Hey @HDFCBank_Cares, your services went from top to the bottom in this last year. Getting a credit card from HDFC is a total rip off, unnecessary notifications are everywhere, and the credit card statement never shows up with a lot more daily issues. WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!

I have trust issues with people who tell me that xyz tv series/movie is “FUCK AWESOME” and it turns out to be a fucking piece of shit.

Is it weird to find someone’s teeth cute? I think not!

Seeing a kid laugh can take away all the stress, for a while at least!


Yaha se gutkha daalunga, waha pe diwar laal hogi!

Saw a video on Instagram of a girl doing biceps with an empty rod and making all the beast faces one possibly can. Also, wrote a 20 lines motivation caption. *facepalm*

All i want in my life is someone who can wake me up with a back rub.

Hats off to people who wake up at 6 in the morning and go to work. 👏🏻

Start eating gutkha: the best way to keep people away from you.

Never forget this legend!

Poor is when you share your netflix subscription with someone.

Some people are born to be ignored.

Missing winter days in summers. Missing summer days in winters.

Having a vision of where you have to go can change the game completely!

If Baba Ramdev was a pole dancer.

The king of chicken gang is known as "Protein Sheikh".

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