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When i deactivated my Facebook account, my friends used to picture text me the memes. It’s not about availability, it’s about priorities.

If you stay sad for too long, it becomes a habit.

We all need someone who we can talk to in bad times, but that's not really bad times. In bad times, you tend to stay alone and silent.

Sometimes, you need a break from people, sometimes, you need a break from yourself.

They say "Don't worry, be happy". This is utter bullshit, if you are not gonna worry, you are never gonna be happy.

Q. How to check if the problem is severe? A. Eat your favourite food, if it doesn't solve it, it's severe

Breaking Bad is like your first love, you get involved with others now, but it's not the same, and you know it's never gonna be that special

“If you are not gonna open up, you are not gonna heal.”

The only thing you need to protect is your peace.

Chachi 420 with 420.

Get out of your comfort zone

my friend is planning to smoke joint for next 9 days because you are not supposed to drink alcohol *facepalm*

It’s definitely not easy, but it’s not impossible. #ICanYouCan #Nicotex

Trying to work out a relationship with trust issues is as useless as having a treadmill at home.

Lightening and stars. Two things that’ll always remain the most beautiful.

Imagine waiting all your life and falling in love with someone who works at student.

Leaving alcohol and non vegetarian food for 9 days is a good thing. But it’s valuable only if you do it by heart and not under pressure.

More often than not, we love things until we get hold of them.

Hardwork and Patience are always worth it. Sooner you realise, sooner you win.

Pigeons and squirrels, two things that shouldn't exist.

When i am expecting something good, things go completely wrong. Every time i expect bad, things go excellent. Is it just me who faces this?

If you really love someone, never get into a relationship with them, you might just spoil everything and leave a scar in your brain forever.

If she was my girlfriend, and she tells me she is cheating on me with these eyes, i’ll definitely say sorry.

The worst part of iOS11 is that it’s not gonna work until you take a screenshot and put it on Instagram and Snapchat.

When you are paid to appreciate someone and then you run out of the qualities of the person, so you make anything up.

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