Pakchikpak Raja Babu @haramiparindey

Me : “Maut aa jaye Ghalib..” She : complete the shayari Me : nahi bas maut aa jaye


It's time to photoshoot the glamourous #Brezza. Use #YourGlamBrezza with it. Stand a chance to win vouchers worth INR 5k.

Kamal Haasan with Kamaal ka lassan

Friend: weakness ho rahi hai Me:Kyu? Friend: Fasting for navratras Me: Kuchh nahi khaya? Friend: nahi Sirf chips,pakode,aloo chaat & namkeen

When Mom says, “Aaj tindey aur lauki banayi hai, aaja kha le”.

Indian spinner - Australian batsmen - Hattrick - Eden Gardens - Kolkata - Harbhajan Singh : 2001 - Kuldeep Yadav : 2017

Australian side till 6-7 years ago vs Current Australian side #INDvAUS

Kuldeep Yadav can become a magician too because he is good with hattricks.🎩

My career defined in a song.

Can anyone help? Please RT

Me : nice dress South Delhi Girl : thanks, this is Cavalli from Paris Me : I like qawaali from India

Interviewer : do you have experience in sales? Me *flashbacks to exchanging and selling Tazos and Jenga Cards to schoolmates* : umm no

[Delhi] *John Cena gets into a fight* Guy : tu dikh mat jaio yahan John Cena : lol

[Date] Lady : which actor's movies do you wait for eagerly? Me : Kangana Ranaut Lady : such a big fan? Me : no, new meme material

Me : I'm coming home next month, kya laaun aapke liye? Mom : bas tu aa ja, beta. :')

Me : dekhte dekhte 1 saal nikal gaya pata nahin chala Friend : dekhte dekhte poori zindagi nikal jayegi Me :

Shraddha Kapoor : I'm at the venue, shall I wait in the car or park it? Guy : Haseena park kar.

*Saif Ali Khan playing a doctor* :your mom had an asthma attack Son :meri maa bach to jayengi? Saif :Race saanson ki Son :tu nahi bachega

Before joining Twitter, I thought right wing and left wing were related to aeroplanes and birds.

Mumbai gets a holiday when it rains heavily. Delhi gets a holiday when it is too cold. Kashmir doesn't depend on nature for holidays.

- Proud people - Narcissists - people who write CA before their name on Facebook

This is 2017 guys, even Batman has stopped wearing Batman tshirts.

How my boss ignores me while appreciating everyone for their good work.

So confusing these messages.

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