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This girl is a legend 👏🏻 https://t.co/h6XGsiWL2h

She : I really love Jason He : Jason who? She : Momoa He : steam or fried?

Regular folk - Her royal highness has spoken ! https://t.co/sLFixP5T6P

Ending a relationship is not easy for anyone. If it isn’t making you happy, then break it off. But for the sake of love, please make that effort. #ItsNotThatSimple @justvoot https://t.co/voPZoFVlD0

HappyBirthday_ dear @NehaT_ 🍻_

Kuchh kaam kar le ! https://t.co/IuWrjgpkjN

Heartbroken friend : bhai uski yaad aa rahi hai, kya karun? Me : https://t.co/fkF2tXwmrE

Breaking news : Calvin Klein sues Disha Patani for posting a picture in full clothes https://t.co/4Q6HysAVNg

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

Bas kar meri maa ab tera baap Donald Trump nachayega kya https://t.co/wc6r66mShx

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

Mukesh Ambani : kal waale function mei tum, tum, aur tum dance performance dena Bollywood celebrities : https://t.co/0g1F4fbbPa

When there is a buy 3 get 1 free offer on necklaces at the jewellery store. https://t.co/NLrc0z0GUS

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

When you’re being dragged to principal’s room by the teacher and you drag your bestfriend with you https://t.co/qgc0uSylrK

When you meet your Tinder date and she doesn’t look like her pics at all. https://t.co/EmXgva3KHx

India’s first pre-owned auto awards, this was a great idea by Droom @letsdroom . Also, Harrdy Sandhu’s performance would have been the highlight of the night. #DroomAutoAwards

Bodyguards at Mukesh Ambani’s daughter’s wedding. https://t.co/SQucCaKrrj

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

This is some Avengers level Patriarchy https://t.co/HzDwbvazGd

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

When your ex wants to get back with you. https://t.co/aRnAtv2YIw

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

Mukesh Ambani *calls* : you have to dance at my daughter’s wedding Celeb : no Aise kaise Mukesh Ambani : 2 crore Celeb : Arey woh to mai Mukesh Ambani : 3 crore Celeb : Suno to Mukesh Ambani : 5 crore Celeb : https://t.co/uejx5KpDhQ

When food delivery guys care for you, they taste your food before delivering to make sure it is fine for you. https://t.co/KEFJdhnwMb

When it’s cold outside and I’m snuggled up in a blanket and someone calls on landline https://t.co/nX2iHtoFTD

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

Jab taangon pe Odomos laga li lekin machchar kaan mei orchestra baja rahe ho https://t.co/bgLBVCko3S

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

Mom : no one calls you all weekend, you don't call anyone, you don't have friends beta, do you need help? Me : arey friends hain *takes out phone* network nahin hai

Why does Abhishek look like he is just holding his pants from falling off. https://t.co/fX9X0BHIyi

The amount of effort a woman puts in a relationship vs the amount of effort a man puts in a relationship https://t.co/fX9X0BHIyi

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