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Those who raise their voices to get themselves noticed at work should raise the quality of their work to make things easier for them.

Going back home after leg day. https://t.co/ng6VF7OY36

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HR *calls* : your work experience? Me : 2 years HR : can you come for an interview to Gurugram? Me : Delhi se Gurgaon pahunchte pahunchte experience 2.5 saal ho jayega

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Thanks Pakistan, lets do this again next time. #IndvPak

Pakistan didn’t play against India for more than a year to cherish the CT 2017 moments for as long as possible because they knew the dream will be shattered the next time they face us.

Seeing Pandya go off on stretcher during #IndvPak https://t.co/uylaHUWGOX

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Time to say a quick prayer in front of our God. #indvpak https://t.co/38WRj2jcgB

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Virat and Anushka watching the match at home. #INDvHK #AsiaCup https://t.co/IijmFfXg11

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Friend *texts* : I’m in your city Me : wow, till when are you here Friend : next Friday tak Me : oh bas mai next Saturday free ho jaunga milne ke liye

Before knowing about Anup Jalota Boys *to girls* : wanna go clubbing, and then dinner ? After knowing about Anup Jalota and his Girlfriend Boys *to girls* : wanna go Jagrata, and then langar?

😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/lDiZpTspl9

That little aukaat test when the banker asks you to wait while he checks the maximum loan amount that can be sanctioned for you.

दिल के मोहल्ले में जश्न तो मनाओ, हम भी मसरूफियत के दफ़्तर में छुट्टी की अर्ज़ी दे देंगे ।

Me : I will use phone 📞 a friend Big B : Kise call karna chahenge aap? Me : apni ex GF ko *Computer ji calls* Me : Hello Ex GF : I don’t want to hear your voice.. Me : hi mai 25 lacs jeet chuka hu Ex GF : ..but I love you and want you

When asked “Arvind Kejriwal ne Delhi mein kya kya achha kaam karwaya hai?” https://t.co/xMwZe4vKen

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When someone says, “Life mein paisa sab kuchh nahin hota”, show this pic to that person. https://t.co/eMFDqvpELP

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*Restaurant* Waiter : Here is the bill HR : is this negotiable?

तुम ना जाओ छोड़ कर मुझे, एहसान माँगा था सिर्फ़ इतना, आज तेरे छोड़ जाने का एहसानमंद हूँ |

iPhone lovers after hearing the news of dual sim in new iPhone. https://t.co/Ox3HM6EHAw

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Michhaami Dukkadam has gone too far. https://t.co/r4oYihaZjk

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Hardcore feminists are giving Manmarziyaan a miss because they won’t have anything to do with a Man’s Marziyaan.

These challenges are getting out of hand. https://t.co/isnPfhcvLn

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Dev.D , Guide, Bazaar, Aandhi, DDLJ https://t.co/VW3d06qSID

When everyone is leaving office early on Friday and you have to stay in till late. https://t.co/ZZhlqptzdh

Me : Finally everything is good, I’m in a good mental space. My anxiety *comes running* https://t.co/yLPlsxdyln

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